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Strengthening hair with nettles: use at home
Strengthening hair with nettles: use at home

In folk cosmetology, various herbs are still widely used, including the issue of improving the condition of the hair. Caring for them involves combining various recipes and selecting those components that can solve current problems.

Most often, both women and men are faced with the task of strengthening the strands and stimulating their growth. In this case, at home, nettle is simply an irreplaceable remedy.

Nettle properties

In order to appreciate nettle in terms of using it to strengthen hair, you need to understand its properties.

You can use any part of this herb, however, the most valuable and nutritious are the young leaves and stems.

  1. Vitamins. The plant is rich in vitamin A, which is vital for healthy strands. It also contains a large number of other vitamins: K, E and B.
  2. Minerals. Especially noteworthy is the content of copper, iron, magnesium and calcium in the plant.
  3. Other elements and substances. The most valuable for the strands are tannin, chlorophyll, flavanoids, phytoncides, as well as tannins and various acids of organic origin.

Thanks to such a rich composition, with the help of this plant, you can achieve amazing results even at home.

If you regularly use products with nettles, you will be able to noticeably strengthen not only the strands themselves, but also the bulbs themselves. As a result, hair loss is avoided.

In addition, the supply of nutrients stimulates the awakening of new bulbs, from which stronger, shiny and thicker rods grow. Thus, volume, elasticity is restored and the problem of brittleness and separation of the ends is eliminated. It also has a positive effect on the scalp: itching disappears, dandruff is eliminated, the problem of normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands is solved.

Application methods

To maximize the benefits on the strands, it is worth combining the various uses of this herb.

There are several basic directions of its use:

  • rinsing. This is the simplest, but nevertheless quite effective way. Its essence lies in the fact that the broth is diluted with water and the clean strands are washed with the resulting composition. Nutrients are absorbed through the skin steamed after washing and through the exposed hair scales. In addition, this broth gives shine and silkiness;
  • masks. In this case, hair nettle is used in the form of a gruel from crushed leaves, oil or infusion. A mask often has several components. It can also include an egg, cognac, burdock, onion juice and other ingredients. After the strands are thoroughly washed with shampoo and balm;
  • sprays. The essence of their application is similar to the first method. In this case, a non-concentrated broth is sprayed onto the roots and the strands themselves to strengthen them. This is a great option for daily external supplementation with vitamins;
  • enrichment of cosmetics. Also, the herb can be added to commercial shampoos, masks and balms in the form of oil or decoction.

Regardless of the chosen method of using nettle, you will definitely achieve hair strengthening. A few weeks are enough to achieve the result. Even after the first experience of carrying out such procedures, the strands will become noticeably healthier and silkier.

Finished cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations

Today, there is a trend towards emphasizing the use of various herbal ingredients in the manufacture of commercial cosmetics.

Along with nettle, plants such as chamomile, aloe, oak, burdock and other herbs can also be used. Of course, extracts and extracts will not give the same result as natural raw materials, but there is still some benefit from them.

Speaking specifically about shampoos and conditioners with nettles, such products are most often intended for weakened and damaged hair. They stimulate their growth and prevent hair loss. Thanks to extracts and auxiliary nutrients, it is possible to strengthen the strands.

Such cosmetics are often sold not only in regular stores, but also directly in pharmacies. Here you can also find ready-made raw materials for self-preparation of hair products: chopped herbs and oil. The ideal option is a combination of ready-made shampoos and masks with folk recipes. How exactly you can fix your hair with nettle at home should be considered in more detail.

Homemade recipes

The use of such a herb in cosmetology has been practiced for more than a decade. During all this time, the national piggy bank has accumulated many recipes that are suitable for all hair types without exception. It is worth noting that the components of such funds can be prepared in completely different ways. Whenever possible, it is recommended to use a fresh plant.

You can also prepare decoctions and infusions. Since during heat treatment the raw material loses its share of vitamins, it is necessary to prepare a decoction of nettle in a water bath and not exceed the temperature limits.

In this regard, infusion will be more effective, since in this case a portion of the herb is poured with hot water for several hours.

The easiest option is to prepare a rinse and spray on the strands throughout the day. Please note that this solution is prepared for a maximum of three days and stored unopened in the refrigerator. Fresh juice is rubbed into the scalp and washed off after a while.

To get rid of itching and dandruff, it is recommended to combine nettle with salt, preferably sea salt. This massage stimulates blood circulation and awakens the bulbs, eliminates excess sebum and dandruff.

For oily hair, a combination of decoction with cognac is also suitable. If the scalp reacts negatively to alcohol, you can replace the cognac with onion juice. This recipe is great for strengthening and also solves the problem of increased fat production.

When brittle and dry, a combination of a decoction of nettle herb, olive oil and egg yolk is more suitable. You can also add nettle oil to other masks for dry hair.

To strengthen the falling curls, you need to add chamomile and burdock to the base component. Hops are also a good option, namely the cones. For dark hair, oak bark is perfect, which gives it a light shade and shine.

Periodically, you can also use the pharmacy nettle extract. Just a few drops are enough to make your home or commercial mask more nutritious and beneficial. Such compounds are applied warm and kept under polyethylene for 30-60 minutes.

In fact, it doesn't matter what exactly the nettle is combined with. The main thing is that the composition used is suitable specifically for you and does not cause irritation. In this case, the body will be saturated with useful substances and the result will not be long in coming.

How to prepare raw materials

Despite the fact that you can buy ready-to-use nettle leaves at any pharmacy, some people prefer to harvest herbs on their own. With certain knowledge, you can achieve maximum preservation of the beneficial properties of the plant.

Fresh herb can be used for various hair cosmetics recipes. To do this, you need to take young leaves and stems, best of all May. Gruel is made from them or juice is squeezed out. This is the easiest way to strengthen the strands while preserving all the vitamins of the plant.

Since it is far from always possible to use fresh leaves, most often dried raw materials are harvested.

Spring nettles are suitable for this. You need to cut off the entire stem. Dry it in the shade, avoiding contact with sunlight. Every season you need to procure new drying.

It should be borne in mind that plants growing exclusively outside the city, far from enterprises, highways and other sources of pollution, are suitable for collecting and harvesting at home. Only such raw materials can be useful. Any herbs used to strengthen hair at home, in the presence of harmful impurities, can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the whole body. In this case, it is better not to risk it and buy already proven blanks at the pharmacy.

With the correct selection of components, the use of a plant will definitely have a positive effect on the health and appearance of your strands!

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