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The danger of hypervitaminosis for the body and hair
The danger of hypervitaminosis for the body and hair

If hair loss is not provoked by inept care, then it can be considered as a signal from the body about a disturbance in the work of metabolic processes or the initial stage of negative changes in organic systems.

What negative changes occur in the body, and what is missing if hair falls out?

Negative factors affecting the quality of hair

Any decrease in the immune status forces the body to fight against the cause that caused this condition, and it ceases to pay increased attention to the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Immunity depends on the state of health, the work of the hormonal system, lifestyle - a balanced diet, balanced work and rest.

Exacerbation of chronic diseases, infections, intoxication of the body, the harmful effects of the external environment and overwork - hair immediately falls out.

The most offensive thing is that often people, especially women, themselves provoke early baldness. They go on strict diets, which are very rarely balanced, and nutrients cease to enter the body. If there are not enough vitamins, the curls become dull, split, break off, and then the loss takes on a total character.

To prevent this from happening, limiting the diet, you should daily supplement the daily menu with a vitamin and mineral complex. For hair loss caused by other reasons - regardless of whether they are external or internal - vitamins should also be taken. They not only help to cope with incipient baldness, but are also included in the therapeutic regimen in the treatment of many diseases, accelerating the recovery process.

You should definitely consult your doctor about the possibility of vitamin therapy during pregnancy, lactation and when taking medications.

Vitamins for hair

What vitamins does the body lack if hair begins to fall out?

In childhood, this most often happens if there is a lack of vitamin D. Children develop rickets, one of the symptoms of which is baldness.

In adults, the lack of this substance also affects the quality of the strands, they become dull and lifeless. Without ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol - these chemicals are the constituents of vitamin D, and salon lamination will not help to cope with the problem.

But these are not the only vitamins, without which the hair follicles are weakened, and the hair takes on an unhealthy look. Negative changes occur in the body even with a lack of other nutrients.

The work of hair follicles is stimulated by retinol, nicotinic acid, vitamins of group B. They strengthen the follicles, accelerate the flow of oxygen to them, improve the structure of keratin shafts, restore color and prevent the development of early gray hair.

What vitamins are still needed by the body so as not to think about purchasing a wig or false curls?

The most important is pyridoxine-B6. Its deficiency is immediately visible on the scalp - it is prone to inflammation, conditionally pathogenic flora is activated, dandruff appears, keratin rods grow unhealthy, stratify along the length. Tocopherol is responsible for intracellular processes, phylloquinone - for water-electrolyte balance. With a lack of ascorbic acid, immunity decreases and the condition of the vessels worsens.

Their walls become brittle, tone deteriorates, peripheral blood supply is disrupted - the scalp does not receive sufficient nutrition - oxygen and nutrients, which negatively affects the appearance.

In this case, painful sensations may appear in the root zone, itching. Reflex scratching often injures delicate skin and provokes the formation of areas of inflamed skin. With vitamin deficiency, the wounds heal poorly, a purulent-inflammatory process begins.

The danger of hypervitaminosis

You should not diagnose yourself with vitamin deficiency and think about what vitamins are missing as soon as your hair begins to fall out. As is already known, other reasons also affect the condition of the hair, and an excess of nutrients can also be dangerous.

For example, excessive administration of ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol leads to intoxication, the symptoms of which are weakness, fatigue, and periodic nausea. This fat-soluble substance is very difficult to eliminate from the body.

An overdose of ascorbic acid causes skin allergic reactions - rash, irritation, redness, itching appear.

Group B - if taken unnecessarily - can provoke subcutaneous, and sometimes internal - hemorrhages, fever, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.

If it is not possible, in case of problems with hair, to visit a trichologist who will perform the necessary tests, it is better not to purposefully replenish the vitamin supply with certain useful substances, but to limit ourselves to a vitamin complex of general action.

You should also think about changing the diet - to make it more useful for the body.

Spend 30-60 minutes walking in the fresh air in daylight. When replenishing the hair with useful substances from the outside - in masks and wraps - there is no overdose.

Hair mask with vitamins

If vitamins are added to therapeutic masks, then the beneficial effect of the mixtures on the hair will increase.

The usual combinations are vitamins E and A in the form of oils, 10 drops are injected into 2-3 tablespoons of the base product, as well as complexes:

  • pyridoxine - riboflavin;
  • retinol - tocopherol - ascorbic acid;
  • folic acid - ascorbic acid.

These vitamin mixtures can enhance the therapeutic effect of special shampoos and balms, mixing immediately before use. But not all vitamins are compatible with each other.

You should not simultaneously enrich masks with such complexes:

  • cyanocobalamin B12 and pyridoxine B6;
  • B vitamins - pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin.

When preference is given to fruit masks, it is not recommended to introduce ascorbic acid into the composition of the therapeutic agent. This can cause increased fragility and dry keratin rods. Many women, instead of pharmaceutical ascorbic acid, add lemon juice to masks - it has a similar effect.

Pharmacy vitamins for hair

It is best to fortify the body with vitamin complexes of general action:

  • "Alphabet";
  • "Duovit";
  • "Supradin";
  • "Vitrum Beauty"
  • Complivit.

For masks, you can purchase vitamins in ampoules separately, or special mixtures, which are also packed in capsules and ampoules. In this form, you can buy nicotinic acid, complex B, A and E. The names of hair products - "Corin", "Biotin", "Forte".

When purchasing such funds, you should definitely know what they are used for. Various agents are used in different ways - they are added to medicinal formulations, rubbed into the scalp, and injected subcutaneously.

Hair diet

The following foods contain a large amount of vitamins for hair:

  • vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, tomatoes, eggplant;
  • fruits - apples, apricots, peaches, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, lemons;
  • rye and oat bran;
  • nuts of all kinds and seeds;
  • white chicken meat;
  • sea fish and seafood;
  • legumes and wheat germ;
  • fermented milk products - sour cream, cheese, yoghurts.

A balanced diet, a balanced daily regimen and vitamin complexes will stop hair loss if it is caused precisely by these reasons.

In other cases, special treatment is needed - masks and rational nutrition cannot get rid of alopecia caused by organic reasons.

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