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What oils are suitable for the skin around the eyes?
What oils are suitable for the skin around the eyes?

The skin around the eyes poses many tasks for women, because it is both thin and so delicate, how can you take care of it? She is the first to undergo age-related changes and reacts to the dysfunction of the body.

And that is why it requires careful maintenance. Natural oils for easy care of the skin around the eyes will help with this. We will consider the effect of both fatty (base, vegetable) and essential oils.

Fatty oils used for the eyelids

You will find them both in the composition of industrial cosmetics and in home beauty preparations.

The best products that are suitable for the eyelids are as follows:

  • jojoba;
  • olive;
  • castor;
  • almond;
  • peach;
  • shi;
  • linseed;
  • rose hips;
  • sea buckthorn.

Jojoba is most often used for the skin around the eyes. In fact, it is a plant wax with a composition that any cream will envy.

Thanks to this composition (eicosene, oleic and other acids, collagen, vitamin E), it improves cell metabolism, promotes tissue regeneration, moisturizes, nourishes, and smoothes wrinkles.

Plus, it has antioxidant properties and can also help fight skin problems (from acne to psoriasis).

Suitable for any skin, including dry, highly flaky, congenital and acquired sensitive skin. The precious product does not leave the usual shine for fats. It has a very long shelf life, so it is often used as a natural preservative for homemade oil mixtures: added to them, jojoba increases the shelf life of the product. It has a good penetrating ability, and with the addition of essential oils (for example, rose), the effect increases several times.

Olive oil is also well tolerated for any type, moisturizes and heals damage, rejuvenates, relieves inflammation. This product contains vitamins A, D, E, K, fatty acids (including Omega-3), also potassium, sodium, calcium. Has a light texture, suitable for all skin types. Olive helps well against wrinkles around the eyes.

Castor oil has a wonderful effect not only on the area around the eyes, but also on the eyebrows and eyelashes, making them silky, shiny and preventing hair loss. Oleic, linoleic and ricinoleic acids give it a dense texture, but it is easily absorbed. Well moisturizes, protects, tightens, evens out the color. Suitable for very dry, chapped, inflamed skin.

Almonds literally revitalize the skin around the eyes. Well nourishes, moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, adds elasticity. Like castor, it strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows. It contains fatty acids, vitamins A, E, F, group B, zinc, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements. Suitable for dry, flaky and irritated skin.

Peach oil for the skin around the eyes is also used very often. It is one of the most neutral, with a light consistency and gentle effect. A large amount of vitamins PP and A, as well as vitamins C, A and B, many trace elements, fatty acids - all this causes a strong emollient, moisturizing effect. As a result of such care, the skin becomes velvety, toned and hydrated. It also penetrates very well into deep layers.

Shea butter is hard in consistency, but melts easily on the body and is quickly absorbed. 4/5 consists of triglycerides, the rest is unsaponifiable fats and vitamins. Thanks to this composition, it has moisturizing, protective, intensely softening and anti-aging properties. It is used in many products.

The composition of flaxseed oil differs from others in the presence of not only vitamins and fatty acids, but also proteins. They nourish and protect weakened skin well, have a rejuvenating effect. The disadvantage of this product is the short shelf life: it quickly oxidizes in air. Store in a small, dark container, tightly closed.

Rosehip oil is the leader in the content of vitamin C. It also contains vitamins A, E, fatty acids, and trace elements. It is widely used in the fight against various skin problems and injuries: scars, burns, dermatitis, etc. This oil leaves a film, so it is used for intense hydration.

This is one of the most effective eyelid care products: it tightens, smoothes, promotes regeneration, and saturates with vitamins. Be careful: it can cause inflammation if there are scratches or other open lesions. It is better not to use it in its pure form. Best combined with hazelnuts (or other nuts).

Sea buckthorn is a "vitamin bomb", only slightly inferior to rose hips in terms of vitamin C. Vitamins of other groups, as well as 24 minerals, palmitic and other fatty acids, including unique ones, are far from the complete composition of the nutrients contained in this product.

Cannot be used in its pure form! Only dilute, and preferably photoprotective: sea buckthorn increases sensitivity to the sun. But on the other hand, it has a pronounced wound-healing effect, is used for burns, has antibacterial properties, and therefore is used for various diseases of the skin (from acne to tuberculosis). Ideal for solving age-related problems.

Fatty (base) oils can be used in blends. Complementing each other, they will have a more complex effect on the epidermis.

You can also add essential ones (about 1-2 drops per tablespoon). It is about ethers that will be discussed further.

Essential products for the skin around the eyes

Essential oils, in addition to their useful properties, have a high penetrating and transport capacity, therefore their presence makes cosmetics many times more effective. It is only important to remember that you need to use quality products from trusted manufacturers.

The following essential oils are suitable for the care of the delicate skin of the eyelids:

  • rose - perfect for the skin around the eyes, has long been used in cosmetology to care for aging, dry, sensitive skin, helps to nullify dark circles, fights rosacea;
  • geranium - has a healing effect, promotes regeneration, smoothes wrinkles;
  • myrrh - intensely rejuvenates, refreshes and tightens, makes it velvety and matte;
  • fennel - relieves puffiness, tightens, restores firmness and healthy color.
  • mint - improves blood circulation, removes the vascular pattern.

As you can imagine, this list is far from complete. Many other fatty and essential oils are also suitable in blends to give the eyelids a well-groomed and healthy look.

Information about each tool is given by the manufacturer, can be found on the Internet or in literature. Try, experiment, look for your options for the perfect cosmetics!

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