7 amazing properties of almond oil
7 amazing properties of almond oil

It is incredibly beneficial for our face, hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and the whole body. The hair becomes strong and healthy, moreover, it accelerates its growth. Actively fights dandruff and moisturizes dry hair ends. The eyelashes after it are incredibly fluffy and long, and most importantly, their fragility disappears.

It works wonders on the face, smoothes fine mimic wrinkles, eliminates oily sheen, relieves inflammation and moisturizes well:

  • Contains vitamins A and E, thanks to which hair and eyelashes are protected from ultraviolet rays and free radicals. It also contains B vitamins and vitamin F. Let's say thanks to these vitamins, because our skin becomes very elastic, without oily sheen and wrinkles. And most importantly, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent;
  • has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. Due to its properties, it is used for gastritis (with high acidity), stomach ulcers, flatulence, heartburn and constipation;
  • taken to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to take as an expectorant, for sore throat. Soothes dry cough and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for bronchial asthma;
  • its regular use will relieve diseases of the cardiovascular system and stabilize the level of cholesterol in the body. Almonds strengthen the nervous system and memory, help with problems with insomnia;
  • very useful for children, as it promotes better blood circulation and the development of the musculoskeletal system. Children's massages with its use will contribute to the better development of the musculoskeletal system. It is used for various allergic reactions on the skin, inflammation and rashes;
  • also used in the treatment of herpes, various injuries and microtraumas, eczema and dermatitis. Copes well with burns, including sunburn;
  • for muscle pain, otitis media and pain in the ligaments, it is advised to use it as a warming and pain reliever.

The use of almond oil in cosmetology

It is the basis of cosmetics that have cleansing properties. It also consists of products that eliminate dryness and fatigue of the skin. Caring and restoring products for hair and eyelashes also contain an oil component.

Cilia need care and nutrition in the same way as hair. It is best to take care of them before going to bed.

To make them grow better, you can use any oily, fortified formulations.

  • For example, a mixture of rosehip and castor oil, with the addition of carrot juice and vitamin A, will perfectly restore and allow you to grow lush eyelashes;
  • applying almond oil to the eyelashes will make them thicker and longer. It can be combined with rose oil to prevent shedding and reduce lash breakage. Rose oil prevents the aging process and fading of the skin, removes irritation and makes the skin around the eyes lighter. Castor oil helps the cilia grow better and faster, improves their structure and prevents hair loss;
  • also use almond oil for eyelash growth, to strengthen them. Mix almond with castor oil, add wheat germ and grape seed oils here (you can replace it with grape oil). Lashes are lubricated with almond ether daily, for the best effect, you can use oil mixtures. A course from two weeks to two months;
  • for preventive purposes, it is better to lubricate the cilia with burdock and peach oils. A mixture of sea buckthorn, castor and fir oils will restore and accelerate the growth of eyelashes. With the help of an oil cocktail of castor oil, chamomile and calendula oil extracts, the skin around the eyes will gain elasticity, fine wrinkles will be reduced, and cilia will grow faster. Here are the basic guidelines on how to properly use almond oil for eyelashes.

In cosmetology, it is in great demand. Great for face and body care. Excellent in hair care. The oil has a light texture and is absorbed rather quickly. It should be applied warm for better skin penetration effect. It brings great benefits to dry skin, moisturizing it, it is excellent for the care of the thin skin around the eyes.

Almonds will rejuvenate, soothe and soften problem areas of the skin, as well as moisturize dry hair ends:

  • perfectly strengthens and prevents splitting of nails, promotes rapid growth and prevents brittleness. In order to eliminate all the problems associated with marigolds, you can do oil procedures for ten days. Every evening, warm, it should be rubbed into the base of the nails and side folds of the skin. Then put on cosmetic gloves and leave overnight;
  • To get rid of acne and clear the skin, you can use a great composition of one yolk and equal parts of almonds and St. John's wort tincture. Apply to problem areas and after a quarter of an hour, rinse;
  • to make the skin of the body tightened and reduce striae (stretch marks), it is recommended to use a mixture of grated steamed carrot juice and almond ether. Every evening, apply with massage movements to problem areas;
  • An oil blend of almonds, rosemary and ylang ylang will allow your hair to grow quickly. A mixture of peach and almond will help remove oily hair. Everything is mixed in equal proportions, heated, rum or cognac is added and applied directly to the scalp;
  • a compress for eyelashes is made from petroleum jelly, the main almond component and Peruvian balsam. It is applied to cotton pads and applied to the eyelashes for 3-5 minutes;
  • its magical properties will help restore damaged hair. Mix well-heated almond oil with curdled milk and apply over the entire length of the hair. The mask is washed off after an hour, and the strands are rinsed with acidic water.

Due to the oleic acid, almonds are absorbed very quickly. After any cosmetic procedure with the addition of this component, you do not need to apply a nourishing cream to your face. If a hair mask was applied, then a balm or a nourishing mask will not be needed.

It is good for hair and eyelashes to apply pure almond ether. If the cilia are nourished several times a day, they will look much better and grow faster. Before going outside, moisten a comb with it and comb your hair, thereby protecting the strands from an aggressive environment.

The oil component is combined with essential oils in a ratio of 10 to 5. For dry ends, it is better to use orange, tangerine or sandalwood with the addition of almond.

All these mixtures can be applied several times a day and your eyelashes and hair will become shiny, healthy and long.

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