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Benefits for the skin around the eyes and recipes with avocado oil
Benefits for the skin around the eyes and recipes with avocado oil

Avocado is an exotic product that stands out for its oily consistency, which makes it possible to obtain a healing oil from it, which has a number of positive effects. It is extracted from the bone and dried pulp of the fruit. Thanks to the use of the cold pressing technique, it is possible to preserve all the nutrients.

You can buy the oil at a pharmacy or beauty store.

The thick liquid stands out for its emerald green color and pleasant aroma. If, purchasing a product, you notice any deviations from the standard, then it is better to refuse it.

Why is the composition of avocado oil beneficial?

This product has received its value as a cosmetic product quite deservedly, since its composition is truly unique. It is also worth noting that the positive effect can be seen after just a few procedures.

The beneficial properties of avocado oil are due to the presence of:

  • phytohormones that fight age-related pigmentation and slow down the aging process;
  • vitamin E, necessary for the beauty and health of the skin, and all thanks to its moisturizing effect;
  • vitamin C, which resists the negative effects of free radicals and other harmful factors;
  • linolenic acid, which has a lifting effect. This property of avocado oil for the skin around the eyes will be appreciated by the fair sex, who fight wrinkles;
  • retinol, which has anti-inflammatory effects;
  • squalene - a powerful stimulator of oxygen metabolism and blood circulation, which makes the skin elastic and beautiful.

It is important to note that the concentration of these substances, even in a few drops of oil, is quite high, which leads to an excellent effect.

Rules for using avocado oil for the skin around the eyes

In cosmetology, this product is added to various care products, for example, creams, compresses, balms, masks, etc. They can be made with your own hands, observing the existing rules. This will allow you to make really useful cosmetics.

Recommendations for use.

  1. The product purchased in a specialized store must be stored in the refrigerator, but it must be used warm. To do this, take it out for 2-3 hours before starting the procedure, and then you can heat it up a little and it is best to use a steam or water bath. Thanks to this, the substances will better penetrate the cells into the dermis, and also actively act on the course of metabolic processes;
  2. Since avocado is an exotic food, some people may be allergic to it. That is why it is necessary to apply the prepared mixture on the wrist, leave it for 15 minutes, and then look at the result. If there is no inflammation and redness, then the product can be used;
  3. For application, you can use a brush or just do it with your fingers. The composition should lie in a thin layer, and it should be distributed along the massage lines: moving from the bottom from the temple to the nose, and from above in the opposite direction;
  4. Since the skin in the eye area is very delicate, masks can be made without the use of aggressive ingredients. The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes;
  5. You need to wash off everything with warm liquid and instead of ordinary water it is better to use milk or a decoction of various herbs, which will only improve the effect;
  6. It is recommended to carry out the procedure 1-2 times every 7 days. To carry out prevention, once every 10 days is enough;
  7. Experts also advise taking short breaks so that the skin does not get used to cosmetics and the active substances continue to work.

How can you use avocado oil?

As already mentioned, this healing product can be included in the composition of various cosmetic products that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and are gentle on the eye area.

How to apply avocado oil to the eye area?

  1. The easiest way to take advantage of the properties of this product is to simply add 5 g to your regular cream and apply it morning and evening;
  2. Compresses with a rejuvenating and refreshing effect give a good effect. First, heat the product to 50 degrees, apply it to the desired area, cover with a film and leave for 15 minutes;
  3. To remove wrinkles, as well as reduce the risk of their appearance, it is necessary to mix two oils in equal proportions: avocado and olive. Add a drop of geranium or rosemary ether to the mixture. Keep for a maximum of 30 min;
  4. For eye care, mix 5 g each of our base product and grape seed oil, then add a couple of drops of peppermint or orange ester.

We hope you are convinced that avocado oil is an excellent remedy for facial skin care, and most importantly, for the area around the eyes. Be sure to try a couple of recipes to fully appreciate all the beneficial effects.

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