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Masks for wrinkles around the eyes: recipes and tips for use
Masks for wrinkles around the eyes: recipes and tips for use

The main source of irritation for every woman after 30 years is the appearance of obvious wrinkles around the eyes. The area around the eyes needs special care, this is due to its structural features. Therefore, without waiting for age-related changes, we will begin to take care of the most problematic area of the face.

The most problematic area

This is indeed the case. The skin around the eyes is so thin that some people notice the appearance of wrinkles at a fairly early age. And constant and energetic facial expressions exacerbate problems.

From the age of 30, the area around the eyes needs constant and targeted care. Women who have not used any means suddenly notice the appearance of wrinkles, dryness, and dark circles.

To maintain this area in the desired condition, without causing the appearance of new wrinkles, you must regularly use products for your age category with retinol and collagen, as well as apply anti-wrinkle masks around the eyes based on natural ingredients.

Improper use of creams or oils, and eye masks can aggravate the problem, causing deepening of wrinkles, the appearance of new ones, and swelling around the eyes. Most likely, such a reaction is caused by the fact that you apply too much funds to the periorbital zone. Reduce the amount and get excellent results in a few uses, unless you are allergic to the ingredients.

Masks for wrinkles around the eyes are a unique remedy, it performs the functions of an emergency rescuer and is not used constantly, but as needed. The best mode of use is 2-3 times a week. Natural plant extracts, honey, protein, sour cream have a good effect on this area.

Natural oils

Using a mixture of natural oils as an eye aid can solve many problems: relieve swelling (yes, oddly enough), lighten dark spots under the eyes, moisturize and nourish the problem area.

The use of oils is a good prevention of aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

  1. Blackcurrant seed oil is quite heavy and is used as a nutrient. It is indispensable for dry, irritated and aging skin;
  2. Primrose oil - brightens the skin around the eyes, smoothes, enhances the metabolic process in the tissues;
  3. Avocado - restores the lipid barrier of the facial skin, moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates;
  4. Grape seed oil - is one of the best antioxidants, has nourishing and moisturizing properties;
  5. Sasanqua oil - perfectly moisturizes, brightens, increases elasticity and regenerates, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Included in anti-aging cream recipes;
  6. Unrefined olive oil - excellently moisturizes, regenerates and tones, thanks to the huge content of vitamin E. However, it can be replaced with good quality corn oil, in terms of vitamin E it is not inferior to olive oil. Among other advantages, it is great as a base for recipes for making oil masks for the eyes.

Honey - this natural product is a natural antibiotic, it actively inhibits the development of various putrefactive bacteria. Its structure is such that nutrients easily penetrate the lipid barrier of the skin, relieving inflammation, increasing elasticity, moisturizing and nourishing it.

Gelatin is another natural ingredient based on pure collagen. It enhances the regeneration process, providing a lifting effect and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Starch is also able to smooth out wrinkles, significantly improves the appearance of the skin, increases elasticity and firmness.

Aloe - The natural aloe pulp is a good moisturizer, tonic and anti-inflammation agent. It stimulates the processes of regeneration of the skin's own cells.

Sour cream - perfectly nourishes, tones and whitens due to the content of lactic acid. And since lactic acid is an excellent moisturizer, sour cream also moisturizes.

Vitamins A, E - these oily vitamins are sold in pharmacies. By adding 2-3 drops to any composition for the eyes, you will enhance the effect by spurring the regeneration.

Basic eye masks

The basic formulation of eye products is given. Every woman who studies the problem throughout her life can additionally add any ingredient or exclude it. This applies to the individual reaction of the body to the components. For some, grape seed oil will dry out the problem area, while others will moisturize it.

From the pulp of aloe


  • aloe pulp;
  • yolk;
  • honey.

Mix the ingredients in equal proportions in a ceramic bowl, apply around the eyes with a special brush, leave for 15-20 minutes, renewing as it dries.

Aloe pulp can be used if you add a few drops of vitamins A and E to it, it moisturizes and tones well, smoothing wrinkles.

From sour cream


  • sour cream;
  • a few drops of lemon juice;
  • a few drops of vitamin A or E.

Mix thoroughly so as not to cause stratification of sour cream with lemon juice. Apply with a brush to the area around the eyes, being careful not to get into the eyes. Leave for 10-20 minutes, then wash off with warm water. The mask perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and brightens dark circles before the eyes, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.



  • gelatin (sachet);
  • milk (a few tablespoons);
  • olive oil (1 teaspoon);
  • a few drops of vitamin A or E.

The gelatin is dissolved in milk to achieve a uniform consistency that must be liquid enough to spread without effort. Apply warm gelatin with a brush, leave for 15-20 minutes. Don't let it dry! Wash off with water. Has a long-lasting lifting effect.

Starchy with botox effect


  • starch;
  • milk or liquid sour whey;
  • a few drops of vitamin E.

Dilute the starch with milk or whey (in the second case, there will be a lightening effect), apply to the area with a soft flat brush, not allowing it to dry. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. This composition perfectly tightens, smoothes and refreshes;

With butter


  • almond oil or grape seed extract (5-6 drops);
  • avocado pulp (teaspoon).

Grind until smooth. Apply around the eyes for 7-12 minutes. Wash off. The composition has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, tones and strengthens.

How to cook properly

Masks based on natural ingredients cannot be stored for a long time. Better not to store at all. Cook just enough so that you have enough for one meal.

Use ceramic utensils to mix ingredients, avoid using metal spoons to mix ingredients.

In the case of oil formulations, stick to the recipe, do not add a tablespoon instead of 6 drops, this will not enhance the effect of the ingredients, but may cause an individual reaction in the form of redness. This is especially true for essential oils, which are very active ingredients.

If there is a need to warm up the product, a water bath is at your service, in no case do not heat the composition over an open fire.

How to use the mask correctly

The mask and cream are applied so that the composition nourishes the periorbital zone. This area is around the eyes at the border of the bone. These places must be nourished without applying the product directly under the eyes, otherwise you can achieve a different result - edema.

Apply the masks carefully to avoid getting into the eye, as you may cause an unwanted reaction. Some liquid and pourable formulations can be applied to a cotton gauze swab or cotton patch and then applied to the problem area.

During the procedure, you should lie on your back, face up, not grimacing or smiling. Drying of the applied composition must not be allowed. Dry ingredients cease to work and begin to shrink and deform the surface. Such a dried film has to be washed off with some effort, which is strongly discouraged.

The products are washed off with water without soap and detergents.

Nourishing the skin around the eyes will be very effective with regular use of eye care products. Moisturizing and nourishing masks should be done in this order: apply three different formulations three times a week. Apply a moisturizer or other facial treatment after use.

What not to do

Some natural ingredients can cause an individual reaction of the body - allergies. For some, it manifests itself as a reddening of the face, for others - more serious problems.

Honey often causes an allergic reaction, since it has a very complex multicomponent composition. An individual reaction to essential oils is possible, which are added dropwise to the composition to enhance the effect of the composition.

Do not apply the mask to an uncleaned surface, there will be no effect, but conjunctivitis or irritation of the facial skin may result.

Do not overdo it, 10-15 minutes is enough time for the active ingredients to take effect.

Do not add chemical ingredients like alcohol to the composition. You may have read somewhere that your skin type needs to be dried. However, this does not apply to the area around the eyes. It does not contain a large number of sebaceous glands, and treatment with alcohol compounds will dry it completely.

Results will appear …

Are you using our advice, but the results are not visible? Take it easy. This is also an individual reaction of the body - not immediately, but gradually, step by step, improvements will come. The regeneration process is slow, but one day you will wake up and, looking in the mirror, you will be pleased with yourself - not a single new wrinkle!

True, some effective masks have an express effect - for example, a composition with gelatin or starch. However, this is not a reason to use it on a daily basis.

Regular and daily care of the area around the eyes will preserve youth and beauty. In such care, the code words are regularity, consistency and natural ingredients.

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