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Secrets of using olive oil to care for eyelashes and eyebrows
Secrets of using olive oil to care for eyelashes and eyebrows

Thick and long eyelashes make the eyes more expressive, which is why many girls queue up to see an extension specialist. Glue the bundles, of course, is easy, but this is all temporary and harmful. There is a more effective and correct solution - to improve the condition of your own eyelashes using folk recipes.

Olive oil is not only a healthy food product, but also an effective cosmetic product that can be used to nourish eyelashes and eyebrows. Many beauticians and therapists advise their clients to use home treatments in order to achieve good results.

Benefits of using olive oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

It is important to say that you need to use a cold-pressed product, since it contains the most useful substances. It contains many unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances. All this has a positive effect not only on the external, but also on the internal state.

Potential effects of regular treatments:

  • improves the nutrition of the hair follicle, and also stimulates the blood circulation process. All this leads to the fact that strengthening occurs, which means that hairs will fall out less. At the same time, growth improves, and, consequently, the volume increases;
  • this product directly affects the hair shaft. Thanks to this, it becomes not so loose and empty. Hair becomes thicker and longer;
  • numerous useful substances perfectly nourish the roots, giving brightness and beautiful color to the hairs. In addition, they become smooth, firm, elastic, curled and shiny.

We can summarize and say that the oil restores hairs from the inside, making them healthy and beautiful.

Rules for using olive oil for eyelash growth

To make it convenient to apply the finished product, you need a brush. Today you can buy special tools in the store, but a simpler and more affordable option is a brush from an old mascara. It needs to be thoroughly washed and dried.

To do this, you can use regular soap or oil for children, which is available at the pharmacy and is inexpensive. It is important to thoroughly rinse everything in running water. If you don't have an old mascara brush, you can use a cotton swab and a toothbrush, but the process will be a little more complicated.

Olive oil for eyelashes is best applied in the evening so that the beneficial substances act at night without the influence of wind, sun and other natural factors. To begin with, it is worthwhile to warm it up a little by lowering the container in hot water for a couple of seconds, since, in this way, nutrients will better penetrate the structure of the hairs.

Oil should be applied in an amount of no more than one drop to a brush, and only then spread over the entire length of the eyelashes, moving with a brush, as when using mascara. Treat both the lower and upper eyelids. It is necessary to leave everything for half an hour, and then remove the unabsorbed product with a napkin. If there is no discomfort, then you can leave everything overnight. To achieve good results, it is necessary to apply the product in a course of at least 6 weeks.

Other recipes for masks.

  1. For shine and smoothness. In order for the hairs to be curled and smooth, combine olive oil (hereinafter the base) in the amount of 0.5 tsp and add 5 ml of vitamin E in an ampoule. If you want, you can add a couple more drops of lavender ether to the recipe;
  2. For pomp. To prepare the medicinal mixture, mix one part of burdock, almond, castor and two parts of base oil. Put a capsule of fish oil and vitamin E to the resulting composition. It is recommended to apply such a mask in courses lasting a month, and then you should take a break;
  3. For density. Mix two types of oil: olive and burdock, keeping a ratio of 1: 3;
  4. For growth. Mix 1 teaspoon base and calendula and chamomile oil extracts. Combine and heat slightly in a water bath. Spread over the hairs and keep on for 10 minutes. Remove excess with a cotton swab;
  5. For food. The following recipe is suitable for eyebrows and eyelashes: combine the base, a decoction of medicinal herbs and petroleum jelly in the same parts. Bring to uniformity and can be used;
  6. For strengthening. You need to mix 4 teaspoons of the base and 1 teaspoon of lime juice. The mask should be applied in the morning and in the evening and kept for 20 minutes. Rinse off with a little warm water;
  7. The remaining product after the first procedure should be poured into a glass container and stored in the refrigerator. After 72 hours, the remainder of the mask should be discarded and a new composition prepared.

All of the above rules and recipes with olive oil are also suitable for eyebrows. Many ladies suffer from the fact that the eyebrows are too thin and almost invisible on the face. The course of these procedures will be able to cope with all these problems.

Remember that using oil will only achieve results if used correctly and regularly. Be sure to take a couple of courses to forever forget about the desire to grow eyelashes or make eyebrow tattoo.

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