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In what cases should you apply and how to properly make eye lotions?
In what cases should you apply and how to properly make eye lotions?

The impact of such negative factors as fatigue, lack of sleep, poor ecology, lack of proper, balanced nutrition, and much more do not go unnoticed. They are reflected both in the work of the body and on the skin, including under the eyes. To eliminate these manifestations, you can use lotions for the eyes, which in a short time will help to tidy up the appearance.

Today, the counters of shops selling decorative cosmetics are filled with various means that mask phenomena such as bags, puffiness, bruises under the eyes, but they cannot eradicate the problem, and therefore one should resort to other methods.

What are lotions used for?

As a rule, these procedures have a complex effect.

Here are the problems they can get rid of:

  • Puffiness, which can be both a consequence of fatigue and the result of excessive fluid intake at night. By the way, the cause of puffiness may also lie in the malfunctioning of the kidneys;
  • Lotions for the eyes, which are prepared, including from tea, allow you to get rid of blue circles under the eyes, and they can form from lack of sleep, overwork. The phenomenon can also be caused by a violation of the work of internal organs;
  • Rejuvenating ingredients are commonly used for treatments. Therefore, with their help, you can get rid of wrinkles, give the skin hydration and nutrition.

With hard work and fatigue, the eyes themselves often suffer, and the lotions help relieve fatigue, inflammation, eye irritation, and redness.

How are lotions made correctly?

A useful procedure must be carried out in accordance with some rules.

  • First of all, you need to find out how the compress differs from the lotion. The former is usually applied warm and used as directed by a physician. The second is a kind of compress, but it is applied cold or warm (we are talking about room temperature). A cold version of the compress should be applied to the eyes so as not to cause inflammation and irritation. Both procedures involve wetting a clean cloth, gauze or cotton swab in liquid and applying to a specific area;
  • To create a thermal effect without heating the active substance to high temperatures, you can cover a cold compress for the eyes, including one made from tea, with a towel;
  • Relax while performing the procedure. This will help not only relieve fatigue, put in order the emotional state, but also allow the applied agent to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin, due to which it will act from the inside. This approach is also useful for the facial muscles;
  • Do not forget that these manipulations must be performed regularly, otherwise you will not be able to achieve a lasting result;
  • To get the effect of removing puffiness and eliminating skin fatigue, you can apply cold compresses, in particular, from tea for the skin of the entire face. Such procedures will tone the dermis, moisturize it, which will give it firmness, elasticity;
  • If you apply a lotion with a thermal effect, the result of the procedure will be even more significant if you rinse your eyes with cold water afterwards. The contrast will have a tonic effect, help to tighten the skin, give it elasticity.

As a rule, washing your face after lotions is not required, unless the opposite recommendations are given in the recipe.

The most effective remedies for lotions

In folk cosmetology, a lot of substances are used with the use of which these procedures are performed. Tea is known for its properties, because it is perhaps the most accessible, inexpensive and very effective remedy.

Recipe number 1

The simplest way to use this product is to apply tea bags that have been steamed in water to the eyes. It should be borne in mind that the raw materials must be of high quality, otherwise a good result may not be achieved.

Recipe number 2

There is another way to use this product. For him, you will not need bags, but brewed tea. It is advisable to use large-leaf raw materials, the quality of which is high.

Here's how to use custard tea:

  1. Brew 2 tsp in a glass of water. substances, let the mixture brew until it cools, covering the vessel with a lid;
  2. We decant the cooled composition, moisten cotton or gauze discs in it, apply it to the eyes.

Recipe number 3

You can use this remedy in combination with another beneficial herb, chamomile.

  1. Combine both ingredients in dry form in equal amounts (1 tsp each);
  2. We brew the mixture with 1 glass of boiling water, insist, let it cool;
  3. We apply the liquid after decanting the infusion for a cold compress.

You can use not only black, but also green tea for procedures. Moreover, it is believed that it contains more useful elements than black varieties of the product. You can brew green tea in the same way as black tea. They are used for lotions and sachets with this substance.

Recipe number 4

It has a lot of useful properties and calendula. It contains resins, proteins, carotene, organic acids, essential oils, phytoncides. These components contribute to the elimination of bruises, bags, puffiness under the eyes.

Moreover, this plant helps to get rid of wrinkles.

  1. Brew 1 tsp. calendula with a glass of boiling water, let it brew and cool;
  2. Now moisten two tampons in the expressed infusion, apply them to your eyes.

Recipe number 5

Potato lotions will be of great benefit.

Peel raw potatoes, grind them with a grater;

  • We wrap the resulting mass in a clean cloth (you can use gauze), apply the product on the eyes;
  • After 10 minutes, remove the lotion, wash with cool water. It is not worth keeping the substance longer, as irritation may occur.

By the way, if you have sensitive skin, potatoes should be used boiled in the same way.

Recipe number 6

Fresh cucumber puree will also relieve puffiness, bags, bruises under the eyes. It is used in the same way as raw potatoes, but you can apply it for a third of an hour.

Recipe number 7

You can also use green tea for the eyes in order to eliminate unpleasant manifestations.

  1. Brew 1 tsp. ingredient with a glass of boiling water, let it brew until the mixture cools down;
  2. We strain the composition, apply the tea leaves to the eyes, having previously wrapped it in gauze.

To enhance the effect, cake can be combined with cucumber puree.

Recipe number 8

Clover infusion will help not only get rid of bags and bruises under the eyes, but also relieve fatigue, soothe them.

  1. We brew 1 tbsp. l. dry clover in a glass of boiling water, let the composition brew for a third of an hour;
  2. We decant the mixture, use it for lotions. To do this, moisten 2 cotton swabs in the resulting liquid, apply to the desired area for about a quarter of an hour.

Recipe number 9

An excellent effect can be achieved by applying marshmallow root.

  1. Fill in 2 tbsp. l. raw materials with cold water in the amount of 1 glass, let the composition brew for 8 hours;
  2. We strain the mixture, use the liquid for lotions.

Recipe number 10

The use of lily of the valley will help get rid of bags, puffiness, as well as eliminate itching, inflammation of the eyes.

  1. Grind the color and leaves of the plant, take 1 tsp. raw materials, fill it with boiling water in the amount of 1 cup;
  2. After half an hour (during this time, the mixture should be infused), drain the composition, then moisten cotton or gauze pads in liquid, apply on the desired area for a third of an hour.

Lotions are usually applied to the eyes for a quarter of an hour, but this time can vary depending on the recipe you use.

Thanks to these procedures, you can not only disguise bags, bruises under the eyes, but eliminate them, and at the same time provide care for your skin.

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