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Stretch marks on the legs: why they appear and how to get rid of them
Stretch marks on the legs: why they appear and how to get rid of them

Any woman has a desire to look no worse, and sometimes even better, than the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite. And, to be honest, few men would give up looking like Apollo. But, unfortunately, modern realities create some difficulties in creating an ideal body, and stretch on the legs is one of the most frequent such problems.

What are stretch marks on the legs

The appearance of such "stripes" on the hips causes certain complexes in women. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many of the fair sex, in an attempt to hide these defects from prying eyes, begin to wear long skirts, thereby making themselves less attractive. But if this is still tolerable in the winter season, then in the summer one begins an active search for an answer to the question: "How to remove stretch marks on the legs and buttocks?"

So, in search of the necessary information, a huge amount of different literature is read, "proven" methods obtained from friends are used, but, most often, they do not bring the desired result, and unfortunately, it is impossible to remove stretch marks on the legs or the priest.

And the point here is not that the proposed methods were ineffective, but in the individuality of each of the women. Therefore, in order to get rid of these annoying red and blue stripes, you first need to figure out what are the reasons for their appearance, what the stretch marks on the legs look like and, of course, what treatment can be prescribed.

Stretch marks, or, as they can also be called, striae, outwardly look like cracked skin with ragged edges, patched up by connective tissue. Fresh stretch marks are usually slightly raised and have a reddish tint with a further transition to white.

It is worth noting that it is pointless to hope that tanning in the sun, you can hide these stripes, although they look less noticeable than before sunbathing. This is due to the fact that in the area of stretch marks there was a rupture of the skin, where the process of melanin production is no longer taking place.

In addition, such destruction of skin pores can appear almost anywhere in the human body, but, most often, stretch marks are diagnosed on the legs, butt or back. They are also formed, as a rule, not singly, but in groups. To recognize them will not be difficult.

So, not only do they have an oblong shape and look like scars, but if you slide your finger over them, you get the impression that it falls into a shallow groove.

What causes stretch marks on the legs

It is widely believed that skinny girls have stretch marks much more often than curvy girls. They associate this with the fact that striae are formed as a result of sharp jumps in weight, when the deposited adipose tissue under the skin does not have time to stretch under the growing volumes of the body, which leads to its rupture.

But one should not exclude other reasons that cause the appearance of these stripes both on the legs and on the pope.

So, they include:

  1. Pregnancy. Most often, it is she who leads to the fact that a woman has stretch marks on her legs. The causes of this pathology are excess weight, swelling and hormonal changes that relax the femoral ligaments during the prenatal period.
  2. Puberty. As a rule, it is during this period that various changes occur with the human body, and quite often this is expressed in a sharp increase, as a result of which stretch marks appear on the legs, back, buttocks in both men and girls.
  3. The use of certain medications. Stretch marks also appear after using some corticosteroid ointments, creams, or pills designed to treat eczema.
  4. Hereditary predisposition. Sometimes striae are transmitted at the genetic level. And, unfortunately, it is women who are most susceptible to this.

Stretch marks on the legs of adolescents

As mentioned above, such stripes can form in both men and women. But if for them it is of a protracted nature, then in adolescence these stripes still do not look like a sentence.

Most often, it goes away after a few years or even months. But although many doctors say that this is not entirely dangerous, you should not sit back, waiting for the stretch marks to pass, but think about how to get rid of stretch marks on the legs of adolescents.

The reasons for their appearance are in many ways similar to those that lead to the formation of similar skin tears in adults. So, it can be either a sedentary lifestyle, rapid weight gain, or a sharp growth spurt.

But it is worth noting that if such a pathology is noticed on the body of a teenager, then it is recommended to check his hormonal background in order to exclude the development of various diseases of internal organs. You also need to pay attention and emphasize that after stretch marks on the legs of adolescents are found, their treatment can take a rather long period of time.

So, the most common methods of dealing with striae in adolescents include:

  • mesotherapy;
  • laser resurfacing;
  • cosmetology products.

If we briefly consider each of the above methods, then the most effective way to remove stretch marks both on the legs and on the pope in adolescents is mesotherapy, which consists in introducing a special medicine into the striae using a very thin needle. The drug several times activates the recovery processes in the skin of adolescents.

As for laser resurfacing, its disadvantages include a rather high cost, duration and a slight burning sensation during the entire period when the treatment will take place.

The popularity of cosmetic products is primarily due to their low cost and the ability to treat stretch marks on the legs, bottom or back in adults or adolescents at home.

How to remove stretch marks on legs and butt

Unfortunately, there is still no 100% remedy capable of removing stretch marks on the legs, buttocks or other parts of the body overnight. But this does not mean that you need to accept. So, for example, treatment for stretch marks can include several methods that have already received positive feedback from many women and even men over the years.

So, they include:

  • Mesotherapy. As mentioned above, this method is gaining more and more popularity due to its high security and short duration. As a rule, the treatment takes place in just a few sessions. As a result, a barely noticeable strip of white remains at the site of the stretch on the legs or priest.
  • Gel or cream for stretch marks on the legs. A huge number of such products can be seen by going to any pharmacy. But, despite their availability, it should be noted that the cream will help get rid of stretch marks on the legs or butt only if they were formed not so long ago.
  • Cosmetic surgery. Treatment with this method is recommended only if absolutely necessary and if it is not possible to get rid of stretch marks by other methods.

Treating stretch marks at home

Not every person can afford treatment for stretch marks with modern methods of laser therapy or purchase an effective cream. And therefore, for many people, the question naturally arises by itself, but how to remove stretch marks on the legs without performing treatment in special clinics? In this case, natural-based products come to the rescue, for example, from essential oil.

So, for its preparation, it is necessary to place 10 drops of juice from lemon, orange, jasmine oil, lavender, rosemary and jojoba in a free container. After that, you need to mix everything thoroughly and leave to infuse for 24 hours. Further, all subsequent treatment consists in gently rubbing the resulting product into problem areas of the skin.

Prevention of stretch marks

Quite often you can hear from a woman who has found stretch marks on her legs: “I feel like a freak” or “I am ashamed to go out to people”.

That is why, so that such situations do not arise and then you would not have to think about how to remove stretch marks on your legs, the best way out would be to carry out some preventive measures daily:

  • For example, a daily contrast shower has proven itself very well.
  • In addition, it is categorically not recommended to wear a regular bra in the last trimester of pregnancy, it is better to choose a special one for expectant mothers.
  • Regular massages are also ideal.

Remember that not only its smoothness, but also its beauty largely depends on the respect for the skin.

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