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How to get rid of deep wrinkles?
How to get rid of deep wrinkles?

Even if manufacturers of cosmetic products promise to smooth deep wrinkles after applying the cream, you should not trust them. Only expensive cosmetic surgeries will help get rid of age-related changes in a pronounced stage.

Cosmetics - regardless of whether they are produced by a well-known concern or by a woman in the kitchen from improvised means - help keep the skin in order, but they will not be able to restore collagen production. Therefore, using formulations against deep wrinkles around the eyes or on the skin of the face, do not count on quick success. But delicate velvety skin with mild age-related changes is already a serious claim for “eternal youth”. If you take care of your face regularly, do not dehydrate the skin, then minus 10 years is a very real result, and you can achieve it at home.

Face masks for deep wrinkles

A very simple mask that can act like an ambulance. It is recommended to do it before a responsible meeting - a pronounced lifting effect lasts 4-5 hours.

The composition is very simple - starch, milk (with increased dryness, yogurt or sour cream) and honey are mixed in equal amounts. Apply for 15 minutes, wash off with cold water. It is advisable to supplement the procedure by rubbing the area around the eyes with an ice cube.

Another fast acting remedy. First, a thick layer of olive oil is applied to the face, and then a cloth soaked in wax or paraffin is applied. The fabric is removed when it hardens. A prerequisite is to cut holes around the eyes and around the lips.

A hot compress will only worsen the condition of the thin and delicate skin.

The following composition not only fights wrinkles, but also removes age spots. The procedure should be done regularly - every other day for 2 months.

Mix liquid honey and starch - a teaspoon each. Stir for a long time until the substance becomes homogeneous. Then sea salt is added to the mask. If the dryness is increased, the product is additionally diluted with milk - half a teaspoon.

This substance is applied in several layers, each of them must dry. Areas around the lips and eyes are avoided. It should be kept for 25 minutes, washed off according to the above method.

Home remedies for wrinkles should generally be rinsed off with cool water and then wiped off with a piece of ice. This has a tightening effect and helps to close the pores tightly.

At home, you can make not only masks - a self-made cream has an effective effect.


  • "Solcoseryl", an ointment is purchased at a pharmacy - 2 teaspoons are enough;
  • vitamin E - 1 teaspoon.

The cream is stored in the refrigerator, used as a night cream. If used instead of a mask, then it is necessary to apply in a thick layer, pre-heating slightly above room temperature.

Another effective home mask made from pharmaceutical cosmetics. Those who have tried it are surprised how effective the composition is - it acts like Botox, though not for very long.

In a pharmacy they buy Curiosin gel and mix it with Argireline in liquid form. "Argireline" is a synthetic protein peptide containing 6 amino acids. It can be purchased at a beauty salon or online. The proportions of the mixture are 1/10.

If you can't get Argireline, you can replace it with a mixture of essential oils of orange and mint, or mint and eucalyptus.

Do not apply this powerful home remedy to clean skin - first protect your face with a night cream, which is used daily.

Hold for 10-15 minutes, rinse off according to the method already described.

Not applicable to the eye area, although the possibility of nourishing this area with olive oil should not be avoided.

The course of treatment is 1 time in 2-3 days for 2 months.

Do not use the following recipe for very dry skin.

To apply the composition, you should use the following scheme:

  • 1 month - 2 times a week;
  • 2 months - once a week;
  • 3 month - 2 times a week.

Then a month break and repeat the deep wrinkle treatment again.

The composition of the mask is 3 aspirin tablets diluted with boiled water to a puree-like consistency. Then liquid honey is added to the mixture so that the substance does not drain.

Another homemade mask that helps to get rid of pronounced age-related changes. Mix in equal amounts of Aevit vitamins, extracting them from capsules, and ascorbic acid.

How to apply this mask:

  • the mixture is drawn into a syringe without a needle;
  • lie on their backs;
  • pour a viscous substance into the wrinkles.

Then the face is lightly massaged along the massage lines.

It is advisable to do such sessions before bedtime, then in the morning the wrinkles will be less pronounced.

A very simple and cheap corn flour mask. It works thanks to the starch in the flour. Mix with flour and honey until puree, apply on the face, wait until it dries completely and a feeling of tightness appears. It is washed off first with warm, then cool water. After the procedure, you must apply a moisturizer.

Prevention of deep wrinkles

At home, the following methods can be used to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

  1. Facial care - daily and regular. In the morning you need to "wake up" the skin, before going to bed - cleanse, remove household dirt and cosmetics. It is best to use frozen herbal infusion cubes to wake up the skin. Mint, linden, coniferous infusions have a softening effect. To cleanse the face, use tonics - with increased dryness, and lotions - if the secretion of sebum is excessive.
  2. If the dryness is increased, 3-4 times a week it is necessary to use masks with moisturizing and nourishing components, increased sebum secretion - 2-3 procedures with homemade scrubs a week and - after the exfoliation procedure - mandatory moisturizing.
  3. Sleeping on your back is recommended - so as not to press your face with a pillow.
  4. It is necessary to reduce the amount of time spent in the sun, or use protective equipment with an SPF filter of 30 or more.
  5. Dark glasses, which should be worn not only on a sunny summer day, but also in winter, will help prevent the rapid appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.
  6. It is advisable to give up bad habits - smoking negatively affects the condition of the skin, and alcohol has a diuretic effect - that is, it dehydrates the body.
  7. You should not torture yourself with rigid diets - the most harmful of which are mono-diets. The body must necessarily receive useful substances - vitamins A, E, C, group B, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium … And this means that in the daily menu there should be a place for red meat, seafood, vegetable oils, nuts, cereals, fruits and vegetables.
  8. Metabolic processes should be normalized. If toxins accumulate in the intestines, the complexion fades, the skin looks lifeless and dull.
  9. The drinking regime needs to be expanded - but not much. 2 liters per day of green tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water. But you should not drink too much - we are talking about deep wrinkles, and you should not experiment at the age of …, the kidneys do not work like clockwork.

There is one more factor that must be taken into account. The modern person is constantly haunted by stress.

In the fight against wrinkles, emotional stability and a positive mood are great. If you constantly wrinkle your forehead and suffer, it is impossible to get rid of pronounced age-related changes.

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