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Yolk, honey and cognac masks - what are their benefits for hair?
Yolk, honey and cognac masks - what are their benefits for hair?

It has long been known that some food products can delight us not only with their wonderful taste. Connoisseurs of folk recipes have opened for us a huge world of home cosmetology, which sometimes is absolutely not inferior to salon procedures with fabulous prices. But everything you need for an effective home mask is at our fingertips.

Products that are found in almost every home - honey, cognac and chicken eggs - have become especially popular in hair care.

These products are successfully used in various combinations with each other, vegetable and essential oils, cosmetic clay, herbal decoctions, fermented milk products and many others. Each favorite home cosmetologist's remedy has its own spectrum of actions, thanks to which they perfectly complement each other.

So, mixtures with cognac are successfully used against hair loss, because they improve blood flow to the scalp, helping to improve the nutrition of the follicles. Cognac is also effective for hair growth, but a mask that also includes egg yolk will be especially effective. And the beekeeping product is famous as one of the richest in vitamins and biologically active substances. Not only does it moisturize the scalp, it can also help fight dandruff and even loss of follicles.

How and for what to apply masks with honey and yolk?

It is no secret that eggs are well absorbed by the body and contain a lot of nutrients, including lecithin, amino acids and a variety of vitamins. Eggs go well with any ingredient, and their spectrum of action covers almost all trichological troubles, such as dandruff, increased fat content, fragility, stem loss, slow growth and lack of shine. A hair mask that combines yolk and cognac is often used to strengthen oily hair. The combination with vegetable oils has a beneficial effect on dry curls.

As for honey, this product simply amazes with the list of useful properties. Honey and all its derivatives have been used in medicine and cosmetology since ancient times. He is able to give hair a truly thick and silky texture, enriching the structure of hairs and roots with calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, iodine, folic acid and a lot of incredibly useful substances.

The combination of egg and honey is an incomparable remedy for hair loss and double growth boosting benefits. The simplest recipe involves two eggs and two tablespoons of honey.

To prepare such a mask, beat the eggs, then pour the honey warmed up in a water bath to them. A couple of tablespoons of olive oil is also often added to the mixture, which complements the moisturizing effect. After mixing all the components, apply them over the entire length of the curls for about 1 hour.

When using masks with eggs and honey, there are several nuances to consider:

  • buy only natural honey;
  • if honey has crystallized, melt it before use to a liquid state;
  • it is advisable to buy rustic eggs for homemade masks;
  • melted honey needs to be cooled a little so that the egg does not boil in it;
  • the prepared mixtures are first rubbed into the scalp, and then distributed over the remaining length;
  • it is desirable to create a greenhouse effect on the head with cellophane and a warm scarf;
  • masks are usually kept on the hair for about 40 minutes, after which they are washed off with warm water;
  • for a normal effect, it is necessary to take a course of 7-10 masks, which are advisable to do once a week.

Features of the use of cognac on hair

A noble drink with a pleasant aroma decorates not only a festive feast, but also some homemade hair recipes. Due to the alcohol contained in the drink, this product has a pronounced stimulating effect. That is why cognac is often used as part of remedies for the loss of hair follicles, bordering on baldness.

A simple firming mask can be made with cognac alone. To do this, take about 2 teaspoons of the product and gently rub into the scalp with massage movements. Keep the product on your head for at least 15 minutes.

Yolk and honey are often added to hair masks with cognac. The combination of these products gives the home mix an unprecedented spectrum of health benefits. We already know about the exceptional properties of eggs and honey. However, a recipe combining cognac, yolk and honey in one hair mask can work wonders.

Such a mask will not only relieve the hair from increased fat content, but will also help the curls grow faster. To prepare the mixture, take 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon each of brandy and honey. After mixing the components until smooth, proceed to applying the product to the roots, and then along the entire length.

If you are confused by the smell of any of the ingredients in homemade masks, rinse your hair with water and a few drops of rosemary essential oil after washing. It is also worth remembering that strong cognac is suitable for oily hair, but for dry hair it is better to stock up on weak ones.

The benefits of masks with cognac and yolk for hair growth and strengthening will become apparent after a month of use.

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