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Hair loss treatment with folk remedies. How to prepare effective kefir masks?
Hair loss treatment with folk remedies. How to prepare effective kefir masks?

Such a popular fermented milk drink as kefir is a favorite product of many men and women. It not only has a pleasant refreshing taste, but also contains a huge variety of useful substances that, if desired, can be used to treat and heal strands and scalp at home.

Useful properties of kefir for hair

This fermented milk product has a unique composition. It contains protein and calcium, lactic acid sticks, yeast, as well as vitamins B and E, which are necessary for normal hair growth.

Regular use of kefir in pure form or as part of any cosmetics perfectly nourishes the strands from roots to ends, effectively strengthens and restores their structure.

Kefir masks are suitable for owners of any type of curls, but in most cases they are preferred by women with dry hair and scalp. Cosmetics based on kefir allow you to soften and moisturize dry strands in a short time, prevent fragility and split, as well as stop hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

The use of kefir for hair care

In most cases, kefir is used to get rid of excessive hair loss. The most primitive method is to liberally grease the scalp with this drink, distribute it along the entire length of the strands, wrap your head with a piece of plastic wrap and warm terry cloth, and after about an hour wash yourself using any gentle shampoo. Regularly carrying out such a procedure stops the loss of strands, makes them obedient and silky, and also relieves dandruff.

In addition, some girls and women use kefir instead of detergent. With this method of application, all the beneficial properties of the fermented milk drink are also manifested in full, however, it can only be used by owners of dry hair and scalp. If your curls are prone to oily, this procedure will make them heavier and more quickly dirty.

Nevertheless, in all cases it is better to give preference to kefir masks for hair loss, which can be easily prepared at home. Such cosmetics combine the healing properties of several natural ingredients at once, for example, mustard, brewer's yeast, essential oils, and so on. Often, egg yolk, honey, brandy, various oils, pepper tincture, decoctions of medicinal plants and other components are also added to the composition of such masks.

Regardless of whether you use kefir in its pure form or make a mask or balm on its basis, it should be borne in mind that this fermented milk product is capable of washing out the coloring pigment from the hair. It is this property of the drink that in some cases is used to lighten the hair. Of course, you should not hope that after one session of the kefir mask you will become a dazzling blonde, but still girls with colored curls should be careful when using cosmetics based on this product.

Recipes for making kefir masks for hair loss

There are quite a few ways to protect your hair from excessive hair loss. Masks prepared on the basis of kefir are incredibly effective and, at the same time, affordable means for this.

In particular, the following formulations are suitable for treating your curls and combating their loss:

  • For owners of oily scalp, it is best to choose the following recipe - dissolve 10 grams of dry mustard in powder form in 150 ml of slightly warmed kefir, add 1 egg yolk, 10 ml of liquid honey and the same amount of burdock, castor or almond oil to the same container. To add a delicious aroma and enrich the mask with useful substances, drip 3-4 drops of essential oil of orange, lemon, bergamot or rosemary. In the usual way, distribute the resulting composition over your hair, put on a warming cap or use polyethylene and a terry cloth instead, and after half an hour wash yourself in the shower using a mild detergent;
  • for girls and women with dry strands, this option is suitable - combine 3 tablespoons of kefir with egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of any oil, for example, castor, burdock, peach or almond oil. You can also use ordinary olive oil, a bottle of which can be found in the kitchen in almost every family. Distribute the resulting mixture over your curls, create a thermal effect using plastic wrap and warm terry cloth, and after an hour remove the composition with warm water and your favorite shampoo;
  • a universal mask of kefir and onions at home against hair loss is suitable for all types of curls. Squeeze natural juice from one medium onion and combine it with a glass of one-day fermented milk drink. To achieve the best effect, 5 ml of burdock oil or castor oil and 1 egg yolk should also be added to this composition. Apply the prepared mass to your hair, warm your head and wait about an hour, then wash your curls with warm clean water and soap. If a strong onion smell comes from your head as a result of this procedure, you can add a couple of drops of any essential scent to the detergent. Nevertheless, in a kefir mask, this smell is practically not felt in most cases;
  • The following recipe for a kefir mask is better suited for owners of oily and normal hair, but by and large it can be used by all girls - take a tablespoon of cosmetic clay (blue or green), pour it in 100 ml of kefir, stir well and rub the resulting composition into the hair follicles. In this case, the thermal effect does not need to be created. After about half an hour, wash your hair in the usual way. This mask perfectly nourishes the curls along the entire length, gives them vitality and natural shine. As a rule, after 2-3 months of using this cosmetic product, the hair stops falling out, and the hairstyle acquires an unprecedented density and volume;
  • a simple and effective kefir mask can be prepared in this way - pour 100 ml of kefir into a glass, add 15-20 ml of vegetable or olive oil to this container and put a little pulp of black bread there. Stir all the ingredients, you should get a homogeneous gruel. Apply the prepared mass to your hair and leave for about 20 minutes, and then wash with soap;
  • Finally, the last method of preparing an effective balm combines the beneficial properties of kefir and well-known medicinal plants. Prepare a decoction with nettle leaves, birch buds, or burdock root. Let it cool to a suitable temperature and strain. Take a small amount of the resulting liquid and mix it with kefir in equal proportions. Massage the product prepared in this way into the hair follicles and apply generously to the strands. After about an hour, wash off with water and any shampoo. This balm not only stops hair loss in a short time, but also enhances hair growth, and also relieves dandruff and other rashes.

To get the best effect from using kefir masks or this product in its pure form, you must apply these funds to your hair at least 2 times a week.

If you regularly carry out such procedures at home, in a couple of months the situation will change radically - your curls will stop falling out, and their appearance will significantly improve.

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