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Kefir masks for hair loss: features, preparation, application
Kefir masks for hair loss: features, preparation, application

The first impression of a woman is from her haircut, the condition of her hands, and clothes. If the hair is healthy, has a great appearance, then this is how a woman will look. Thus, you should properly care for your hair.

Kefir belongs to fermented milk drinks, its homeland is the Caucasus. Even in the Caucasus, the secret of kefir sourdough was passed down from generation to generation.

It was only in the 20th century that Russian milkmen were able to learn the nuances of making a drink, and also began to produce it.

Kefir is a real miracle, because it is drunk for weight loss, so that the microflora of the stomach normalizes, to replenish the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. But beauty experts drew attention to the fact that this drink can be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in the process of caring for curls. This note is not at all surprising, because active microorganisms live in the microflora of the fungus of the product. When they get on the scalp, they have a rather beneficial effect on them. Therefore, kefir is a miracle that is used for hair loss.

Beneficial features

Today, qualified beauty specialists cannot fully study the kefir fungus. They strive to artificially create such bacteria. But all attempts have so far been unsuccessful.

Thus, no matter how great the beauty product in the store is, it can never be compared to an ordinary drink that just miraculously affects the hairs.

  1. Copes well with the fat content of the strands. The strands do not become dirty so quickly, grease goes away. Thanks to the organic acids contained in the product, oily sheen is removed.
  2. Protection function. The strands are protected from all kinds of stressful situations, local immunity increases, they become resistant to sunlight, frost, precipitation. In addition, any "aggressive" procedure in a hairdressing salon is easier to tolerate. This applies to perms and dyeing. If the hairs are severely weakened, then fermented milk masks will truly protect them, since they contain riboflavin.
  3. Hair growth is improved. Thanks to the fermented milk product, metabolic processes are improved in the scalp, so the hairs "live" longer. The occurrence of gray hair is prevented. Nicotinic acid contributes to all this.
  4. Hair loss is reduced. The drink promotes good blood circulation, because vitamin B12, which it contains, is involved in the formation of red blood cells. Consequently, after such compositions, the curls grow quickly, the hairs fall out less.
  5. Get rid of dandruff. Kefir helps to remove dandruff, as well as to heal the ends of the hair if they split.
  6. Hair loss treatment. The strands become strong, the damage is restored.
  7. Nutritional function. As the blood circulation improves, the hair follicles are therefore better supplied with oxygen and nutrients.
  8. Additional volume. As the hair grows better, the hairstyle becomes thicker and fuller. This is all thanks to calcium. Therefore, using these formulations, you can achieve the desired density.
  9. Moisturizing. The level of moisture is increased, as a result of which the cells of the skin and hairs are saturated with moisture. As a result, the hair does not split or break. Potassium plays a leading role in this situation.
  10. Extra shine. The phosphorus contained in the drink helps to make the hairs shine, strong, elastic. After all, he envelops the hair with a film that is invisible to the naked eye, hence the wonderful shine.
  11. Strengthening. The iodine contained in the product helps to strengthen the hair follicles.

Indeed, kefir has a huge number of useful properties that have been proven by research in laboratories. Thus, a large number of manufacturers of cosmetics for the care of hair are currently looking for methods through which it would be possible to prolong the vital activity of the kefir fungus.

You can take care of your curls for the purpose of treatment or prevention. Everyone chooses for himself the current direction.

By doing the procedures on a regular basis, you can both noticeably improve your hairs, and add density, shine and beauty to your hairstyle!

Features of useful formulations

Mixtures based on a fermented milk product differ from each other and everyone can choose the composition for themselves individually. It is recommended to make fermented milk formulations from fatty kefir (more than 2%), as well as rather fatty yogurt. Vitamin A, which they contain, contributes to the rapid absorption of fats.

For treatment, kefir masks are used twice every 7 days, and if prophylaxis is carried out, then two times every 30 days is enough. As a result, the hairs become stronger, break less and the ends stop splitting. The hair has a healthy and rich color, it looks lush.

If we talk about oily curls, then a kefir mask will also help neutralize the fat that is secreted by the glands. As a result, the balance of metabolic processes is restored, the skin is cleansed. The hair follicles, which were "dozing" before, begin to wake up, the hairs thicken, increase in volume, they are quite healthy.

And fermented milk mixtures help to cope with such a problem as dandruff. Since it is in most cases formed with fungal infections of the scalp. The beneficial bacteria contained in the product successfully suppress pathogenic microflora.

Thus, kefir masks are suitable for all hair types with various problems.

Today, a large number of beauty salons and pharmacies provide a wide range of sessions using fermented milk products. If a woman prefers comfort, quality service and the cost of such procedures is affordable for her, then it is recommended to visit the salon.

Benefits of a kefir mask:

  • easy to cook;
  • does not limit in time;
  • components are inexpensive;
  • there are no harmful additives;
  • can be used in a sauna.

The best fermented milk compositions

There are many recipes based on kefir for strands.

Below are the best ones, tested by many owners of chic hair.

  • Kefir mask recipe for hair loss. This recipe helps to eliminate the brittleness and fragility of hairs. To do this, the egg yolk is mixed with kefir (3-4 tbsp. L.) You should get a homogeneous mixture. Divide the hair into strands before applying. The mask is rubbed in and distributed over all the strands. It is advisable to cover your head with a hat to create a greenhouse effect. We keep it for 30 minutes, after which we thoroughly rinse the hair with water.
  • Kefir mask with mustard. Thanks to such a mask, you can remove oily shine for a long time. Good for oily hair. Pour mustard powder in the amount of one tablespoon into kefir (3-4 tbsp. L.), Squeeze the juice from any citrus fruit (1-2 tbsp. L.). Mix and apply everything. Gently rub in and distribute over all strands. Keep for 30-40 minutes. Rinse head with plenty of water.
  • Note! It is not recommended to wash off the mask with hot water. Perform a sensitivity test before proceeding. Apply the mixture behind the ears for 30 minutes and if there is no strong tingling, itching of redness, then feel free to use the composition.
  • Mask with kefir and yeast for thickening hair. Kefir-yeast masks help against hair loss. Heat the yeast a little in a water bath, it should be soft. Then add a little kefir (proportion 1: 3) and put in a warm place. When the mixture starts to foam, it can be hammered into the strands. Movement should be in the form of claps. Hair should be wrapped up and left for 30 minutes. Then rinse with water and shampoo. After that, you can still use a conditioner balm.
  • Kefir mask recipe for shine hair. Dull curls acquire a shine and healthy, well-groomed look. To do this, slightly warm honey (1 tbsp. L.) And mix with high-fat kefir (4 tbsp. L.). The mass should be homogeneous. The mixture is distributed over the curls, you do not need to cover your head. It is recommended to walk with a mask for about 40 minutes.

Knowing her wonderful recipe for a kefir mask, each will make her curls thick, healthy, and, therefore, look and feel accordingly!

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