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Milk and egg mask - how to help your hair regain its former strength?
Milk and egg mask - how to help your hair regain its former strength?

The milk mask has been using polarity since ancient times, as the main ingredient helps to restore weak strands, gives them strength and strength. It is also interesting that there is not much difference in what kind of milk will be used - cow, goat or even coconut.

This product works well with other substances such as eggs, vodka or lemon juice. Depending on what the problem is, you can use one or another recipe. The main advantage of home care is the availability of all materials and their low cost. Therefore, many modern girls are interested in recipes for hair masks.

What is the use of a milk mask?

Milk is a natural product that is rich in protein and B vitamins. The first substance helps to eliminate damage to the hair structure, and the second helps to create a protective film on each stem, so that negative environmental factors will no longer have such a destructive effect on the curls.

BUT! Each type of strand has its own structure, so it is worth choosing milk according to this criterion. For example, for a fatty type, you should use only milk with a low percentage of fat, and the best option would be a coconut product. But for dry curls, on the contrary, the fatter, the better.

Milk masks for curls are good because they help with the following problems:

  • solve the issue of shine, brittleness and dryness of the strands;
  • help fight dandruff and itching;
  • perfectly regenerate the structure after chemical exposure;
  • makes curls obedient, thereby eliminating styling problems of any complexity;
  • the hairs become healthy, which significantly affects their appearance.

To achieve all these results, it is worth remembering that milk masks have a number of recommendations for implementation.

And they are as follows:

  • the maximum effect is given by homemade milk, and not purchased, since it is natural;
  • before using such an ingredient, it must be preheated to room temperature;
  • the head is not washed before applying the composition;
  • to achieve the result, after the mask is applied to the curls, they should be covered with a plastic cap;
  • any hair mask, be it just with milk or also with an egg, should not last more than 60 minutes;
  • to remove the product, rinse your hair first with warm water, then rinse with shampoo, give preference to natural!

All these moments will help restore the former beauty of the hair.

Homemade beauty recipes

There are a lot of milk-based recipes, so every woman can choose the most effective method for herself.

Let's consider the most effective ones.

  1. Milk-based egg mask. Ingredients: 1 chicken egg (if the strands are long, then 2), 100 g of milk. The components are kneaded until smooth. The product is applied to the roots, gradually reaching the tips. The head must be wrapped in polyethylene, since the consistency is quite liquid, so the mask can drain. Carrying out time - 30 minutes. This milk-based egg hair mask helps keep strands soft and shiny. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the follicles, due to which the hair begins to grow better, which means that the hairstyle will become thicker;
  2. Milk and bread. Ingredients: 150 grams of milk, rye bread crumb, 1 tbsp. l. castor oil. The liquid components are mixed until a homogeneous consistency, after which bread is added there. The mask can be applied when the bread softens well - about 15-20 minutes. The focus is on the roots. Carrying out time - 30-40 minutes;
  3. Eliminate fat content. If there are problems with oily hair, then a mask of the following components is suitable - 100 g of milk, protein, 20 g of cognac and aloe oil. For this tool, you will need a mixer with which the mass is well beaten. Carrying out time - 40 minutes;
  4. Milk and honey. This hair recipe nourishes brittle strands well. Ingredients: 100 g milk, 1 tbsp. l. honey and 2 slices of white bread without a crust. All components mix well and the product remains infused for 15-20 minutes so that the bread can soften. Application starts from the roots. Carrying out time - 60 minutes;
  5. Goat milk. Such a tool should be used by owners of dry hair, as it helps to saturate with grease and cure split ends. Ingredients: 300-400 ml of goat milk. It will be used for rinsing, so it needs to be heated over an open fire or in a water bath to 38-40 degrees. After the hair is wet, it is covered with polyethylene. Carrying out time - 60 minutes. The only thing worth saying is that it is good to use not just shampoo, but beaten egg yolk to rinse goat milk;
  6. Spoiled milk. This recipe will help restore the beauty of hair that has become brittle and unruly. Ingredients: 100 ml of sour milk, 2 yolks, vitamin E capsules (2 pcs.), 1 tsp. lemon juice. Everything is mixed in a container until a homogeneous mass, after which a strand is applied over the entire length. Carrying out time - 30 minutes;
  7. Milk and yeast. This tool perfectly helps to cope with the problem of hair growth (if they do not grow or very badly), while it is suitable for absolutely any strand. Ingredients: 150 ml of preheated milk, 1 bag of yeast (powder), chicken egg and sunflower oil (1 tsp). First, milk and gelatin are mixed and allowed to swell. Further, other components are added and kneaded with a whisk. The mixture is intended for the entire hair length. Carrying out time - 60 minutes.

As you can see from the above, there are a lot of hair care recipes. Therefore, choosing something for yourself is quite simple, the main thing is to make sure in advance that there are no allergies to the components used. Therefore, when preparing any mixture, initially it is worth applying a small amount to yourself on the inside of the elbow or wrist. If after 15-20 minutes no reaction occurs (rash, swelling, redness), then you can safely apply the mask to your hair.

Use useful formulations with pleasure and the result, after a month of regular use, will pleasantly surprise you!

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