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How to plump lips with exercise and essential oil at home?
How to plump lips with exercise and essential oil at home?

The humorous phrase "size matters" made many insecure men worry. But for women, this expression is also relevant. The phrase refers not only to the size of the bust, but also to the lips. Girls with full lips have always been considered more sensual, sexy and, oddly enough, prolific than thin-lipped beauties.

Men admit that they cannot remain indifferent when they see an alluring female mouth and plump lips. Therefore, the fair sex goes to any tricks to be closer to the ideal.

What's the secret?

To achieve good results, girls need to understand how to plump lips at home. To do this, you need to constantly stimulate blood flow to the mouth area, accelerate blood circulation. Of course, you will have to devote time to your lips every day.

So, we make beautiful lips.

The set of activities looks like this:

  • Peeling, exfoliation;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Stimulation of blood circulation;
  • Exercises.

Exfoliation is a very important process. After the procedure, the skin is refreshed and ready to receive beneficial elements and nutrients. Candied honey can be used as a scrub. Apply a small amount to the cover, massage gently. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off.

Massage with a toothbrush is effective. Only the bristles should be soft so as not to injure.

A few drops of vegetable oil can be applied to it. The massage should be done for at least 30 seconds to increase blood flow. Then apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream. After the massage, the lips will not only become plump, but their contour will also improve and become clearer.

Girls should pay attention to menthol care products. The extract enhances blood flow, which may be accompanied by a slight tingling sensation or tingling sensation. This is a normal reaction to vasodilation. Therefore, the cosmetic bag should always contain menthol hygienic lipstick.

Oils not only nourish, care, but also make your mouth sexy. For these purposes, you can use almond or olive oil, apricot, peach, jojoba. They must be applied in a heated form. Vitamin E is also suitable - it accelerates regeneration, softens, improves blood circulation. Soak a cotton ball in the oil and massage the mouth for a few minutes. First, the tampon must be heated in hot water.

"Magic" exercises

In ancient Rome, women mixed snake venom with oil to make their lips more voluminous and applied to their lips. Now girls are unlikely to dare to conduct such experiments. Moreover, cosmetologists offer various salon methods for lip augmentation. But these procedures are expensive and not always safe, so they are not suitable for everyone. To meet the ideal, girls try to make their lips plump at home with exercises and masks.

Our mouths clench and unclench, take shape thanks to the work of the muscles. If you perform certain exercises, then they can be "pumped up". But classes should be regular - only then will there be an effect.


To get bigger and fuller lips, choose any melody and whistle it for 5 minutes. After a couple of days, change it to a new song to warm up all the muscles in your mouth.


Remember when we used to love to tease each other by sticking out our tongue when we were kids? This gesture can be used to add volume to the lips. Open your mouth slightly, stick out your tongue as far as possible. Hold it in this position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times.


Imagine that you have a white dandelion in front of you. Blow hard as if you are trying to dispel it. The lips should be completely relaxed. Repeat 5-7 times.

Smile of a Fish

Fold your lips into a tube, try to smile. There should be 15 reps.


For 15 minutes, simulate the howl of a wolf in different ways. Pull each sound for a long time, sing along.


Close your lips tightly and make circles with them in one direction and the other, five times. Then take a break for a couple of minutes and repeat the exercise again. In total, you need to do 10 approaches.


Bite your tongue lightly so that there is no pain. This will speed up blood circulation and increase blood flow. Do this exercise every day for 3-5 minutes, and you will have plump lips.

Lip augmentation masks recipes

At home, you can "pump" your lips with the help of warming compounds. This scrub mask solves several problems at once. It not only enhances blood flow, but also nourishes, exfoliates, moisturizes. Mix a little candied butter with the same amount of cocoa butter. It can be replaced with any vegetable oil. Stir the mixture well, add a couple of drops of peppermint oil and a pinch of ground coffee. Apply warm homogeneous mixture with massaging movements on lips and face skin around mouth, leave for a few minutes. When you wash off the composition, the lips will become tender, juicy and gain additional volume.

Cinnamon has a warming effect and stimulates blood circulation. Therefore, it can also be added to formulations. Mix a teaspoon of petroleum jelly with a few drops of cinnamon ether or 3 mg of cinnamon powder. Mix well and apply the mixture when you need to add the desired volume, for example, before a party or an important meeting.

A very strong rush of blood to the mouth area causes such a balm. Melt 20 grams of cocoa butter and 10 grams of beeswax, add a little more teaspoon of almond oil, 3-4 drops of cinnamon, ginger and mint essential oils.

Mix thoroughly and refrigerate. When it gets cool, you can apply it with a light massage. The lips will become soft, plump, juicy, with a clear outline.

Combine 5 ml of melted honey with a teaspoon of ground red pepper. Add some peach oil and stir the ingredients. Lubricate your lips with a mixture, lightly massage. Leave it on for an hour and then remove the residue with a cotton swab.

Mix 3-4 mg menthol oil with the same amount of cocoa, stir. Apply and leave for a quarter of an hour. You may feel a tingling sensation or chill during the procedure. After such a compress, the mouth will noticeably increase.

Competent makeup

With its help it is easy to "draw" a sexy mouth. Apply a care balm that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. A light corrector should be applied along the contour - it will visually add volume. With a light pencil, draw a line just above the outline. Raise the corners, bringing the outer edges of the mouth to the center of the upper lip.

Apply a darker sheen on the outside and a lighter one in the middle. Use a glossy, wet lip gloss. The more shimmery particles, the juicier the lips will appear.

It is better to refuse dark matte shades.

It is important to remember that the skin on the lips is very thin, sensitive, so all care manipulations must be carried out very carefully so as not to injure it.

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