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Slimming mask with honey and mustard: sweetly burn extra pounds
Slimming mask with honey and mustard: sweetly burn extra pounds

The problem of excess weight, perhaps, occupies a leading place in the field of beauty. To have a beautiful healthy body is the dream of almost every woman overweight. Sagging sides, loose belly, massive hips often become the cause of complexes, despite the outward cheerful disposition of the so-called dummies.

Meanwhile, getting rid of this problem is very difficult.

Exhausting diets, hours of exercise in the gym bring neither joy nor pleasure, while life passes by. Manufacturers of all kinds of weight loss products skillfully play on the feelings of their potential buyers, predicting getting rid of kilograms in just a month.

Spa salons, for their part, also offer a cosmetic solution to this issue. But the price is not as rosy and attractive as a dream figure, while some procedures can be carried out at home without high costs.

Classic slimming mask with honey and mustard

Among home remedies, mustard-honey mask for weight loss has shown itself well. Of course, if you need to get rid of 10 or more extra pounds, then you cannot do without sports and diet, but as a corrective procedure, it proved to be excellent, removing several centimeters of unnecessary volume from problem areas.

In addition to its low cost, such a mask is famous for the fact that it does not contain components incomprehensible to the common man. Everything is natural and natural. Mustard powder can be purchased both at the pharmacy and at your local supermarket. It is better to be careful with honey, as this product is faked. Buy it only in trusted locations.

For the procedure of a mask with honey and mustard to get rid of extra pounds, you will need:

  • a glass of dry mustard powder or slightly less, depending on the area of application of the mask;
  • two tablespoons of honey;
  • cling film or plastic bag;
  • warm clothes: sweater, pants;
  • Body Scrub;
  • towel.

That's all.

First you need to prepare your body. To do this, take a hot shower, or rather a bath, scrub the skin, paying special attention to your problem parts.

Next, prepare the very mask for the abdomen and thighs with honey and mustard. This is very easy to do. Dissolve the yellow powder with hot water until the consistency of sour cream. The candied honey must first be melted in a water bath and only then added to the mustard.

Liquid honey does not require preparation. Mix everything thoroughly and apply with massage movements. Wrap everything with cling film, and wear pants or a sweater depending on the area of application. You should be warm.

Now dance!

Or go charging, or maybe it's time to dust off the top of the cabinets. In a word, it is strictly forbidden to depict a seal, otherwise the effect will not be so noticeable! After an hour, the mask must be washed off with warm water. Most likely, the skin will turn red, this is not scary. Mustard contains special substances that activate the flow of oxygen to the surface. As a result, the metabolism is accelerated and the temperature rises.

Honey also helps warmth. In addition, it nourishes the skin well, makes it more toned. Isn't that what we want?

It should be noted that one procedure is not enough. It is necessary to take a course of five to ten applications to see the result. Honey-mustard wrap should be done twice a week, not more often.

Attention! If you come across mustard for the first time in the matter of cosmetology, then you must first take an allergy test. To do this, apply a small drop to the inner fold of your elbow. If after a few minutes, the skin turns red and begins to itch, unfortunately you will have to refuse this mask. Don't be sad, there are many other options. Also, it cannot be used for those who suffer from varicose veins or gynecological problems if you want to correct the tummy. It is also best not to use mustard wrap during pregnancy.

Mustard and honey slimming mask recipe options

This slimming mask can be slightly expanded, made more interesting and useful by adding other components, because honey and mustard are not the only substances that can burn the sides.

Slimming honey mustard mask for belly and thighs for sensitive skin. If you are not allergic to the main component of the wrap, but your skin is dry and sensitive enough, then you can use the following recipe. Take half a cup of mustard powder and half a cup of oatmeal, two tablespoons of honey.

The procedure is carried out in the same way. Thus, we will reduce the effect of mustard, the skin will not bake so much. Of course, weight loss will not go away so quickly, however, and oatmeal will not "sit idly".

This product is widespread in cosmetology. It smoothes and tightens the skin, making it unusually soft and tender. Try it and you will be satisfied.

Recipe for honey mustard mask with olive oil. Olive oil is very valuable. Greek beauties used it and are still using it not only in food, but also as cosmetics. For example, it is enough to wipe dry skin of the face with this product to make it more beautiful. Also olive oil can be used as a body lotion.

The result is gorgeous!

In this case, add a tablespoon of oil to the classic composition of the mask. First, the skin will become velvety, and secondly, it will reduce the body's reaction to mustard.

The honey-mustard mask will delight you with its result. However, remember that without proper nutrition and an active life, it will not be so obvious. Only an integrated approach will help you get a beautiful figure.

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