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How to moisturize the skin of the body at home: advice from cosmetologists and folk recipes
How to moisturize the skin of the body at home: advice from cosmetologists and folk recipes

If your skin is hydrated enough, it looks healthy and radiant. If it lacks moisture, then premature wrinkles may begin to appear.

Moisturizing the skin after sunburn

The sun, although beneficial to humans, can dry out through prolonged exposure. Therefore, moisturizing the dermis is essential. One of the best remedies recommended after sunburn is coconut oil.

It should be applied to the skin before going outside. It is an excellent moisturizer and natural UV filter. After tanning, it must be applied in its pure form, only first melt a little in a water bath and mix with honey or rose water.

Lotion can be made.

To do this, mix 200 milliliters of mineral water with 50 milliliters of cucumber juice and chamomile infusion. Add 3 drops of orange and rose essential oils there. The resulting product should be used to wipe the body after sunburn, so you moisturize it and prevent moisture loss.

Moisturizing body skin at home - effective remedies

The cleaned layers of the epidermis breathe better. At the same time, moisturizers and water are absorbed, making them softer. After taking a bath, it is better not to dry off with a towel, but wait until it dries naturally.

Preparing a moisturizing toner

You can make a homemade tonic with milk to wipe your face and hands. Take any fruit or berries, grind them into porridge and pour a glass of hot milk. Add a teaspoon of glycerin to the mixture. Let it cool and strain. Apply the composition to the body 2 times a day.

There is another remedy that can help oily skin stay hydrated.

Moisturizing mask

To do this, you will need:

  • 1 avocado
  • 1 banana;
  • half a cup of heavy cream;
  • 100 g butter;
  • a couple of drops of rose oil.

Chop the fruit and puree. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. It is good to treat the steamed body with this mixture, then wrap with a towel and wait 15 minutes. Then you should take a shower and rinse off the remnants of the product.

Skin moisturizing oils

  • Olive oil is an indispensable product for moisturizing and nourishing. It is especially useful to use it in those places where dryness manifests itself fastest - these are hands, elbows, face, chest. To prepare a healthy cream, heat a little oil in a water bath, add the yolk there. Mix everything well and apply the resulting mass with massage movements on the neck, face and other parts of the body. After 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water.
  • Homemade moisturizing coconut oil scrub. The thickened honey and coconut oil must be mixed in equal proportions and brought to a homogeneous state. The finished product is applied to areas of the body so that dead cell particles can be exfoliated. Massage your skin for 5-10 minutes, then shower.
  • Shea butter cream for sensitive skin. Shea butter and almond butter must be mixed in equal proportions. The mixture is heated in a water bath, and then allowed to cool and applied to a dry face and body.

8 rules for moisturizing body skin at home

  1. Moisturizing cream. Everyone knows to always use moisturizers. But it should be borne in mind that they differ in their principle of action. Some creams contain substances that form a film on the surface of the body and prevent moisture evaporation. Others themselves penetrate deep into the epidermis and moisturize it. You need to choose a product for your skin type;
  2. Thermal water. Before applying any cream, you need to moisten your face with thermal water, then the skin will not stretch when applying the cream. In addition, the microelements contained in this water are absorbed by the epidermis and add even a positive effect;
  3. Moisturizing masks. They need to be done periodically. Products such as cucumber, carrots, herbs, yolk, yogurt, berries and fruits are the basis for the preparation of such masks. When you prepare it, apply on the face, free from cosmetics and impurities, then rinse with water;
  4. Tan without fanaticism. The sun's rays dry out and sunburn causes wrinkles to appear. Tanning has a particularly negative effect on areas with a thin and sensitive epidermis. This is the neckline and around the eyes. Use a UV protected moisturizer or sunbathe under an umbrella;
  5. Baths with oils. Take a regular bath with aromatic oils. It not only has a moisturizing effect, but also helps to relax after a hard day. Use shea butter, coconut, macadamia butter;
  6. Hot water is harmful. Try to wash your face with cool water and avoid very hot water. It disrupts the hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis. After the bath, do not dry yourself with a towel, as you injure the epidermis. It is best not to wipe off at all, but apply moisturizing milk directly to the wet body;
  7. Drinking regime. You can moisturize not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It is with water that moisture enters the epidermis, which is necessary for regeneration and normal life. Soda, tea or coffee will not replace regular water, which should be drunk in a volume of about 2 liters per day;
  8. Air humidification. Home heating and air conditioning greatly affect the drying of indoor air. And your skin suffers from it. Try to use household humidifiers. Or you can just put an open container of clean water, which will be located near the battery.

There is nothing difficult in keeping the skin hydrated. Just remember to be regular and treat your body with love. Then it will answer you in kind.

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