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Black clay against cellulite: how to use
Black clay against cellulite: how to use

Cellulite is a modern scourge of almost every woman. Scientifically, lipodystrophy, which spares almost no one. If you think that a young slender girl can sleep well and not worry about it, then you are deeply mistaken, since cellulite may well "live" on her slender thighs.

Where did cellulite come from and what to do about it

Female hormones are the cause of this problem. Some experts believe that this is a feature of the female body, while others are sure that some serious disease is hidden underneath. As it turned out, both are absolutely right.

Cellulite has four stages. At the first stage, it is visually invisible, however, as soon as the skin is squeezed a little, nasty irregularities appear. At the fourth stage, the skin, not only is covered with tubercles, it also hurts. It is worth knowing that the first two stages can be attributed to a cosmetic problem, while the other two can hide something more serious in themselves, for example, diabetes mellitus. Further we will focus on the cosmetic type.

It is impossible to get rid of lipodystrophy by external influence!

That is, no massage, cream or lotion will help without diet and exercise! Therefore, if you decide to get rid of the hated bumps once and for all, you must first revise your menu and lifestyle. Only a complex external and internal attack can make the skin smooth and beautiful. Another very important condition is the large use of pure non-carbonated water.

Drink at least two liters a day! Water cleanses the body, actively affects fat cells, thereby helping to get rid of cellulite.

Black clay from cellulite: mechanism of action

Black clay has similar properties. It actively removes water, so do not forget to drink more during your black clay treatment. In addition, this substance is rich in trace elements, which also actively affect the skin. These are magnesium, potassium, iron. Also, black clay from cellulite can have a positive effect on the sebaceous glands and tighten pores.

After using it, the skin becomes matte and toned. By the way, they knew about such healing properties of this somewhat unpleasant-looking substance even in ancient Egypt. Therefore, it is not surprising that now black, like white and blue clay, is actively used in face masks, gels and shampoos.

Using black clay against cellulite: recipes

This product is already good in itself against lipodystrophy, however, it can be slightly improved by adding additional components. Let's start with a classic application.

The classic recipe for a mask with black clay against cellulite. Take half a glass of dry matter and dilute with warm water.

The amount of the substance can be increased or decreased depending on the area of application. Apply the resulting gruel to the body with massage movements. Rinse off after 20 minutes with warm water.

To enhance the effect of black clay, exfoliate and steam the skin before the procedure. It is also recommended to leave the mixture on the body, having previously wrapped everything with cling film for another half hour.

Remember to wear something warm, such as insulated pants. This sauna effect will additionally affect the result.

Black clay and coffee mask recipe: scrubbing effect. The procedure of a mask or wrapping of clay with coffee is especially widespread. This means, of course, ground coffee, not instant coffee. In this case, it acts as a peeling, which has a positive effect on the "orange" peel. It is necessary to apply this mask in the same way as in the classic version.

Oil and Clay Mask Recipe: Use black clay for dry skin against cellulite. Many types of essential oils are known to work well against cellulite. This refers to rosemary oil, mint, orange. It is enough to add one drop of oil per teaspoon of the finished batch to get the best result.

In addition, this procedure will be much more pleasant, because no one has canceled aromatherapy. For those who like "fatter", you can add regular oil to the mask. Olive or mustard is best, but regular sunflower will work as well. This remedy is especially good for dry, flaky skin.

Recipe with "spicy". As you know, the volume of the body can be reduced with mustard, red pepper, honey. All these substances have a warming factor, from them subcutaneous fat seems to melt, therefore this recipe has the most effective slimming ability. Mix clay with mustard powder in a ratio of two parts clay, one part mustard, add a tablespoon of honey and use as directed.

The main thing is to remember! Such masks must be completed by the course. Black clay from cellulite only with regular and systematic use will give a good result.

Of course, subject to the following conditions:

  • the right menu, which includes a large amount of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • playing sports, dancing or at least walking;
  • drinking plenty of fluids;
  • full sleep.

Be sure that not only cellulite, but also extra pounds will wave your pen! And that is great!

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