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Acne on the neck: topical ways to deal with the problem
Acne on the neck: topical ways to deal with the problem

Pimples on the neck do not appear as often as on the face, back, or chest. The reasons for their appearance are manifold, and, alas, most of them are attributed to internal health problems. How to get rid of neck acne? After all, the skin on this part of the body is too thin and tender to squeeze them out and get rid of them using more aggressive methods …

Specificity of cervical comedones

Ideally, acne and skin inflammation should be treated in conjunction with a physician, after a verdict has been issued regarding the cause of the disorder. Remember that the causes of this phenomenon in men and women are almost always associated with endogenous (internal) factors, that is, the state of the body as a whole.

Only 1% of all cases of acne are associated with negligent care and inadequate hygiene. For the rest, there are other, more serious provoking factors.

So what are the real reasons for the appearance of small acne on the neck, and what can they be fraught with for you?

Causes of acne on the neck

The mechanism of the appearance of subcutaneous inflammation in this part of the body is banal - the glands and sebaceous ducts are clogged with plugs, and the skin around them is irritated.

But, given the fact that there are not so many active sebaceous glands here, and the pores are not enlarged, a fair question arises - why is this happening?

Usually, internal health problems are a provoking factor for the formation and development of such phenomena, no matter how sad it may sound. This is especially true of the causes of acne on the neck under the jaw. Inflammation in this area can occur against the background of a serious hormonal imbalance, which is unpleasant and fraught with consequences in its essence. Therefore, if you are faced with the appearance of unpleasant tubercles right under the jaw, you should visit a practicing endocrinologist and gynecologist-endocrinologist.

If inflammatory elements appear from behind, this may signal the presence of allergic reactions.

Another common cause of back pimples is wearing clothing made from rough fabrics or synthetics. You have to think not only about the rules of hygiene in their standard form, but also about what you constantly wear on yourself. Remember that synthetics affect the skin in the most negative way, and therefore refuse to wear it whenever possible.

Why else do acne on the neck appear in women?

Among other reasons, it is worth highlighting:

  • Hormonal imbalances are generally a fairly common cause of skin problems. Moreover, both the balance of sex and the balance of thyroid-stimulating hormones can be disturbed. Therefore, you should contact a qualified endocrinologist and gynecologist-endocrinologist to find out specific diseases and disorders. The doctor will probably refer you to a special test, called a hormonal panel, to accurately determine the deficiency or excess of any substance in the blood, as well as to recognize abnormalities in the functioning of the hypothalamus, adrenal cortex and thyroid gland;
  • Chronic pathologies of internal organs cannot but affect your appearance in a negative way. Most people make a big mistake, starting to treat the inflammation itself and not attaching importance to the diagnosis of pathologies that could cause them. In fact, it happens that the patient's liver, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs of the body may be overloaded. The insidiousness of chronic diseases lies in the fact that they are all difficult to identify on their own, and have vague symptoms. Since people often do not pay attention to the implicit signs of the disease, it itself is given fertile ground for further progression and evolution;
  • Long-term and advanced disease of the gastrointestinal tract is another leader among the many causes of subcutaneous acne on the neck, body and face. Why? Because with insufficient or incorrect digestion of food, many toxins and decay products remain in the body. And since poisons simply cannot be disposed of from the body in a timely manner, they literally begin to poison the blood. Most of the inflammatory processes and dermatological problems are born from here;
  • Pore clogging is a reason to pay special attention to the male sex. In representatives of the stronger sex, the glands that produce sebum work more actively than in women. Therefore, clogged pores are a common cause of acne on the neck in men. Even notorious cleansers sometimes do not attach due importance to intensive washing of this part of the body, but instead they get sebaceous plugs, inflammation, and even whiteheads, which often transform into boils;
  • Low quality clothing. Perhaps this factor should also be included in the list of the most common reasons for the formation of rashes on the neck. If you prefer to wear synthetics, it's no surprise that they irritate your skin. And in the summer, when you are actively sweating, this moment provokes a real violent protest in her. Often in this regard, a person develops allergic reactions, prickly heat and other unpleasant disorders begin. If you associate your problem with wearing cheap and low-quality fabrics, give preference to linen, cotton and other natural materials.

This is a list of the most common causes for the problem. However, it does not list the only causes of neck acne formation. Therefore, you should take into account your individual characteristics of the body and seek differential diagnosis from a doctor. If you already know what the problem is (that is, you have a specific diagnosis), but the inflammation appeared only now, contact a specialist in order to adjust the current treatment.

Pimples in the area of the lymph nodes

If your rashes are localized mainly in the area of the lymph nodes, this may indicate that a protracted infectious process is taking place in your body, which the lymphatic system can no longer cope with.

Also, if acne is localized in the jaw area, this may indicate constant intoxication and inflammation inside the body (often in the small intestine), so this factor should be paid close attention to.

See your healthcare practitioner to establish a causal relationship between acne and internal problems.

How to get rid of acne on your own

The disappointing news is that getting rid of acne on the neck is quite difficult. But if this is not done, they can become inflamed even more, and even transform into abscessing elements. Therefore, you will have to put some effort into treating the rash in this area. Please be patient - the whole process can take a lot of your time and effort.

To remove inflammation from the neck area, you need:

  • Observe the rules and regulations of personal hygiene. Taking a shower is important daily, without any indulgences. Even if you are sick, or you have other reasons to refuse water treatments, try to do them anyway. And pay attention to the neck - it also needs to be washed and rubbed with a washcloth, like all other parts of the body;
  • Wipe your neck with medicinal substances. Especially relevant in this regard are infusions of calendula or salicylic acid solutions. Every day, after taking an evening shower, you need to moisten a cotton pad in the chosen product and gently wipe the entire neck, including its healthy areas;
  • Use tar soap. This tool perfectly copes with drying inflammatory elements and stops their spread. Every day, while taking a shower, wash the neck and décolleté area with this soap;
  • Lubricate inflammation with antibiotic ointment. An antibiotic ointment can help you quickly eliminate inflammation and stop infection. It is necessary to lubricate it only with inflamed areas (pointwise);
  • Refuse to squeeze out acne. Even if you are tired of the inflammatory elements, and your hands are trying to remove them mechanically, refrain from this method. The skin of the neck is too thin and delicate, and you run the risk of severe damage to it. In addition, after squeezing blackheads in this area, the formation of age spots is almost inevitable.

We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor with your current problem. Remember that the cause may be much more serious than you think. Be healthy!

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