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What is the best treatment to correct cervical erosion?
What is the best treatment to correct cervical erosion?

An ulcerative defect in the vaginal mucosa of the cervix is called erosion. The normal mucous membrane is replaced by a cylindrical epithelium - the cervical canal is covered with cells of a similar structure. The replacement process is considered benign, and rarely leads to the development of cancer.

Should cervical erosion be treated?

Now there is a popular theory, according to one of which it is not necessary to treat cervical erosion in nulliparous or pregnant women, since treatment in the future will interfere with normal labor.

But most doctors adhere to a different postulate: erosive defects must be eliminated in any case.

How to treat erosion of the cervix, how to behave in a woman who was given this diagnosis?

Defects of the cervical mucosa are of several types:

  • inflammatory - cervicitis;
  • ectropion;
  • true erosion;
  • ectopia of columnar epithelium.

The need for treatment largely depends on the type of disease and the type of pathogen that caused it. This is revealed by colposcopy and by evaluating the result of a vaginal smear. If the erosion is nonspecific - no pathogenic flora has been identified, there are no atypical cells - then treatment at this stage is most often not required for a woman. The process only needs to be watched. In this case, the likelihood of self-healing is possible.

Even if the erosion is delayed until atypical cells are detected in the smear, it does not need to be treated - it does not pose a danger in itself.

Ectopia in nulliparous women, pregnant women and immediately after childbirth is not considered a pathology. If the replacement of the normal mucosa by the cylindrical epithelium is detected in women aged 30-35, then they should donate blood for the presence and content of hormones. After adjusting the hormonal background, erosion - if it is true - will go away on its own within a month.

When a secondary infection joins the erosion or the inflammatory process is caused

the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms, then nulliparous women are recommended first to use conservative therapeutic methods. If at the preliminary stage of treatment of erosion diagnosed against the background of infectious inflammatory processes, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents were used, and then the normal microflora was restored, then in 85-90% of situations the mucous membrane is restored.

But even when after treatment the erosive effects remained, it is worth waiting up to six months before using radical methods - cryodestruction, diathermocoagulation, laser therapy or excision.

That is, a treatment strategy: find out the cause of the development of erosion and take an observant position. In order to help self-regeneration of the mucous membrane, agents without an antibacterial component are used.

Suppositories for the treatment of cervical erosion

Suppositories are very convenient to treat. It is not necessary to measure the dose of the drug, the effect is local, a minimum amount of the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Suppositories for the treatment of nonspecific erosion are made from natural ingredients, their main property is to suppress inflammatory processes in the epithelial cells of the mucous membrane of the cervix and vagina.

First of all, to solve the problem of how to treat cervical erosion, suppositories with sea buckthorn oil are prescribed. These are the cheapest suppositories, they work effectively, practically do not cause side effects. They can be used for pregnant and lactating women, young women planning a pregnancy.

Also candles "Hexicon" have no contraindications, which not only have an anti-inflammatory effect, but also normalize the microflora and stimulate the regeneration of the epithelium.

Candles "Depantol" have a wide spectrum of action. They not only heal erosion of the mucous membrane of the cervix, but also eliminate inflammation in the vulva and vagina. Metabolic processes in the upper layers of the epithelium are accelerated, ulcerative defects are delayed within 7-20 days.

But patients should be warned - perfumery means neutralize the therapeutic effect of the active ingredient "Depantol".

Nowadays, suppositories "Suporon" are gaining popularity - if I can say so about a medicinal product. They include propolis, ginseng and Tambukan mud.

They eliminate vulvovaginitis, thrush, and activate the reproduction of beneficial vaginal flora. It is very convenient that for treatment it is enough to use 1 suppository for 10 days.

When treating with topical agents, you need to analyze your own condition - if any ingredient of the suppository does not fit, local allergic reactions appear.

How to treat erosion of the cervix with folk remedies?

Many women prefer to treat uterine erosion with folk remedies - they do not trust pharmaceutical companies and believe that even the "safest" medicines contain preservatives that have a negative effect on health. Lactating and pregnant women are especially suspicious.

How is cervical erosion after childbirth treated, or when there is simply no possibility of purchasing "pharmacy" drugs? The most popular way to eliminate irritation is sea buckthorn oil. It is used in its pure form, or other natural ingredients are mixed with sea buckthorn oil.

Tampons are made simply from sea buckthorn oil, grated blue onions are mixed with it, the mummy is dissolved in water and sea buckthorn oil is also added. Violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane should be eliminated in 21 days, during treatment it is recommended

sexual rest.

When using medotherapy, ointments for tampons are made up according to the following recipes:

  • Treatment with tampons soaked in pure honey and pure sea buckthorn oil is alternated - 7 days 3 times.
  • Mix aloe juice and honey in a 2/1 ratio. Before installing the tampon and after - in the morning - douching with calendula tincture is performed. The course of treatment is 15 days.
  • The tampon is impregnated with a mixture of fish oil and honey - the components are taken in equal amounts. To be treated for 3 weeks.
  • Tampons of 2 parts of Kalanchoe juice - the product should be purchased from the pharmacy network - and 1 part of honey is injected into the vagina for 1 hour in the morning and in the evening for a week.
  • Ointment for a tampon is made up according to the following algorithm: 1 part honey, 1 part castor oil, 2 parts aloe juice. Mix just before use, soak a tampon and inject overnight. In the morning, the vagina is treated with sea buckthorn oil. The course of treatment is a week.

Some healers advise cutting off the thorns from the aloe leaf, exposing the pulp, and inserting the whole leaf into the vagina. The method is dangerous - a burn may remain on the mucous membrane.

You can make your own ointment to treat erosion. To do this, grind fresh rose hips in a meat grinder, add the same amount of vegetable oil, and flour to make a dough. The mixture is heated for 3 hours in a water bath.

Then she is impregnated with a tampon and treated for 2 weeks.

To eliminate damage to the mucous membrane, pumpkin is used. They make mashed potatoes from it, squeeze it a little - so as not to stain the linen too much - wrap it in gauze and inject it into the vagina at night.

The therapy is carried out as follows: 3 days with a pumpkin tampon, 3 days with linseed oil, 3 days with sea buckthorn oil for 40 days. Wash with calendula infusion only.

To eliminate erosion of the cervix, tampons are also used, which are inserted into the anus.

To make the ointment, the following ingredients are mixed:

  • some flour;
  • dry celandine, powdered;
  • boric petroleum jelly.

They are treated within 7 days.

There are many more popular methods of treating erosion: eucalyptus oil, calamus oil, raw potatoes, mashed fresh nettle, sage infusion, soda baths …

The use of traditional medicine is required with caution, consulting a doctor about the possibility of using it. If the medication does not work, the side effect will be an increase in the erosion defect.

Women, take care of your health, trust official medicine!

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