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Argon plasma coagulation as an effective method for treating diseases of pathologies of the cervix uteri
Argon plasma coagulation as an effective method for treating diseases of pathologies of the cervix uteri

Today, various diseases of the cervix are one of the most pressing problems in the field of gynecology. The frequency of detecting inflammation of the genital organs and pathways, the spread of the papilloma virus with oncogenic properties is increasing. A common gynecological disease is cervical erosion.

Cervical pathologies can give various complications in the form of inflammatory processes, which turn into a chronic state, as well as benign and malignant neoplasms.

Therefore, the introduction of new, modern methods of treating the pathologies of this female organ remains relevant. Such methods are aimed at eliminating the pathological process, preserving the functional and anatomical features of the penis after invasive procedures.

The principle of the method

Today, modern medicine offers several effective methods of treating diseases of the uterus.

These include:

  • laser, radio wave radiation;
  • diathermocoagulation;
  • cryodestruction;
  • surgical method;
  • argon plasma coagulation.

Of the above methods, argon plasma coagulation is considered the most effective. The recovery period after such a procedure lasts several months.

What is this method, what is the principle of its action, what are the advantages of this method of treatment? Let's dwell on these issues in more detail.

The method of argon plasma coagulation of the cervix is a new, modern method of high-frequency surgery used in the treatment of gynecological diseases, in particular, erosion, cervical leukoplakia, and dysplasia. With its help, you can stop bleeding, do a biopsy of the cervix, remove papillomas, condylomas.

The principle of operation is simple. It consists in the fact that the affected tissue areas are affected by the generated energy, which is produced by ionized argon gas. When exposed to tissue, it is locally heated, dried, and coagulation occurs. The depth does not reach 3 mm and depends on the duration of exposure, power and mode of the apparatus used.

The main feature of argon plasma is the ability to deflect to areas that have not yet been treated, due to which the coagulation of the damaged tissue area is uniform. Before carrying out such an operation, an ultrasound of the genitals and other examinations are done.

This operation does not imply any touching or the use of tools. There is no smoke during this process, and the burnt tissues are not charred. The recovery period is only 2 months. The first time after the operation, you cannot have sexual intercourse, there may be discharge, but all this quickly passes. You can plan a pregnancy 6 months after the operation.

The advantages of the APC method

Among the advantages of this method are the following:

  • during the operation, the doctor clearly sees the area of exposure to argon;
  • short duration of the procedure;
  • non-contact and painless method;
  • control of the depth of coagulation of organ tissues (up to 3 mm);
  • wound healing occurs quickly, rough scars do not remain;
  • the amount of discharge after surgery is less compared to the method of diathermocoagulation and cryodestruction;
  • effective removal of pathologically damaged tissue areas;
  • there are no negative consequences in the form of complications;
  • the method is suitable for both giving birth and not.

For those women who have not yet given birth, this method is the most optimal. Since there is no scar on the tissue after it, which can interfere with the normal process of bearing a child.

The use of argon plasma coagulation of the cervix in dysplasia

Dysplasia is a pathological formation on the surface or in the cervical canal. With the development of such a disease, the structure of the uterine mucosa is disrupted. This condition is precancerous, i.e. there is a high risk of malignant formation.

Coagulation with ionized argon is considered to be the most effective and safe method of treating dysplasia. After the procedure, no scars remain on the tissues, healing occurs quickly.

Argon plasma coagulation for cesarean section

With this operation, a skin incision is made in the transverse direction along the lower abdominal fold. The length of the incision is 15-18 cm. Today, with a cesarean section, the suture on the uterus is often treated using the method of argon plasma coagulation.

The APC method provides faster wound healing, because deep tissue heating occurs, collagen fibers are reduced due to heat treatment.

The use of the APC method for cesarean section allows to reduce blood loss during surgery, to improve the course of the postoperative period due to the fact that pain is reduced. The antibacterial effect directly allows you to abandon the antibacterial therapy, which is prescribed by the course. In addition, this method allows the wound to heal faster, reduces the risk of developing inflammation with pus.

Use of argon plasma coagulation for tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is an operation that removes the tonsils. It is done if tonsillitis often develops, accompanied by toxic-allergic reactions, as a result of which there is a high risk of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, rheumatism, biliary tract, thyroid gland, skin, central nervous system.

If there is sleep apnea syndrome, a violation of the process of swallowing and breathing as a result of a strong increase in the tonsils. If there are purulent complications (abscess, phlegmon).

Today, argon treatment and removal of tonsils is considered to be quite effective. The flow of argon plasma has a softer effect on the affected tissues. Rough scars on the tonsils are not formed. An argon plasma scalpel coagulator is used when an incision is made along the posterior edge of the anterior palatine arch.

Due to this, blood loss is insignificant, and the view of the operating field is much better, wider. The amygdala is cut off at the lower pole by an electrical loop with an insulated housing. Due to this, it is possible to simultaneously coagulate the wound surface.

Many women are interested in the question, what are the consequences after argon plasma coagulation of the cervix? There will be no negative consequences for sure. The method is painless, effective, does not leave behind rough scars.

The wound heals faster, the tissues are not charred, there is no unpleasant odor during the procedure. This method is also suitable for women who have not given birth, too. Thus, the method has a high effect in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

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