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Can Virgins Use Tampons?
Can Virgins Use Tampons?

Tampons are an effective and popular tool for keeping you active regardless of the phase of your menstrual cycle. Can a virgin use tampons - this question is relevant both for parents and for future consumers of a hygiene accessory. The correct choice of brand of tampon and skillful use will help not to damage the hymen.

The structure of the hymen is fibrous connective tissue with a small number of nerve fibers and thin blood vessels, the location is at the entrance to the vagina closer to the cervix, the indentation is 1-3 cm. Thanks to the hymen, the probability of penetration of pathogenic flora is reduced by 2-3 times.

For the release of menstrual blood and the supply of oxygen in the hymen, holes are provided that differ in shape and location - the vagina is not sterile. The size of the central hole is 15-20 mm in diameter. The hymen is also elastic, allowing free movement. The quality characteristics are determined by the female personality.

Is it possible to lose virginity with tampons

Growing up is accompanied by hormonal changes in the body, which are assessed visually. This process affects the state of internal organs, the work of organic systems changes, and metabolism slows down. The quality of the hymen also changes - the elasticity increases.

All these changes take time, the body adapts to a new status within a year. So much is needed to normalize the menstrual cycle, the girl gets used to the changes, learns to take care of herself. It is advisable to visit a gynecologist at this stage.

The correct choice of tampon eliminates self-defloration and allows you to maintain vital activity.

5 myths from tampons

Teenagers fear due to biases arising from insufficient information:

  1. Damage to the hymen. The information that has already been cited above completely refutes this opinion, against the background of hormonal changes, the elasticity of the hymen increases, the number of holes and sizes increase.
  2. It interferes with normal movement and is painful. If the product is inserted correctly, ensuring complete immobility, there will be no discomfort. Because of this, problems arise - they forget to change tampons on time. The danger of forgetfulness will be noted later.
  3. With active movements, the hygiene product falls out. The muscles of the vagina are developed at a young age, the elasticity is not compromised, the hygiene item is held securely. Correct installation is the key to reliability.
  4. Outsiders can see the "attachment". There is no need to worry about this, this cannot be. Even if inserted incorrectly, only the lace is visible from the outside, the user feels the inconvenience.
  5. The tampon will be lost, stuck, you will have to seek the help of official medicine to remove it. Laces are torn off low-quality products - even if this happens, fingers will help to cope with the problem that has arisen.

All fears are groundless if you master the rules for handling hygiene products.

Removal is carried out according to a similar algorithm:

  • Wash the hands;
  • sit in the position in which the tampon was inserted;
  • gently and smoothly pull the lace.

The product comes out. Washing and cleaning is not permitted. The hygiene product is intended for single use only.

Choosing your first tampons

The choice of hygiene products is huge, represented by products of different brands and sizes, artificial and natural materials are used in the manufacture - it is possible to evaluate convenience and quality only on our own experience. It is not worth trusting the opinion of others and advertising in a matter that affects your own health, the same material can cause allergic reactions in consumers.

You should start with small hygienic products - the packaging is marked "mini", purchase the product at the pharmacy.

Special teenage models have been developed with a delicate coating, increased porosity for absorbing secretions, and a convenient applicator. This helps newbies master the hygiene product.

For virgins, the sizes "mini" and "norm" are offered - the marking is indicated on the package.

"Norm" adsorbs 20 ml of blood by volume, the size is 15-20 mm in length. The hymen recedes from the entrance to the vagina by 15-30 mm, the probability of rupture is minimal.

Popular brands:

  1. ОВ - the surface is smooth, during manufacture the material is laid in the form of a spiral, which facilitates the introduction. The absorbent effect is increased, the size is compact.
  2. Original appearance - they open like lipstick, the shell stops the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Elastic, flexible, easy to use.
  3. The size is compact, the coating is smooth, the ease of insertion is ensured by the design.
  4. Popularity is provided by properties: parameters and sizes are presented in a wide range, hypoallergenic effect, smooth surface.

Rules for using tampons for virgins

  • Recommended for virgins in the first days of the menstrual cycle with increased blood flow. In the future, they switch to gaskets, they will cope with the task. Exceptions: training, swimming, the need to be present during events related to the dress code.
  • The constant presence of a tampon in the vagina increases the likelihood of developing inflammatory processes. The statement is not unfounded - the material of the hygienic product has high absorbent properties. This eliminates natural secretions, reduces local immunity, and disrupts the acid-base balance of the vagina.
  • Therefore, it is required to alternate the use of comfortable hygiene products with pads and replace the first every 3-4 hours.
  • It is better to install gaskets at night. Waking up every 3 hours for a shift is irrational.
  • Virgins are advised to purchase products marked a drop less than the discharge. It is better to change more often than to expose the body to the danger of a decrease in immunity.

Danger of use

When using hygiene products, toxic shock syndrome can develop - a deadly condition that poses a threat to life and health.

Reasons for the development of toxic shock:

  1. poor-quality material of a hygienic product;
  2. the introduction of pathogenic flora - Staphylococcus aureus;
  3. accumulation of vaginal discharge and impaired outflow.

Toxic shock symptoms:

  • the temperature rises sharply;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • fever and chills;
  • convulsions;
  • dizziness;
  • disorder of consciousness;
  • rash on the palms and feet.

All symptoms develop within a short time, the patient loses consciousness after 15 minutes. If assistance is not provided, a lethal outcome is an irreversible consequence. It is urgent to remove the tampon and call an ambulance.

Tampon intolerance is indicated by discomfort after insertion. There is no pain in the vagina, but dizziness appears, pressure decreases. There is no hope that the body will get used to the hygiene product. In this case, only gaskets are used.

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