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Can lower back pain during menstruation in women, and why?
Can lower back pain during menstruation in women, and why?

Almost every girl experiences many uncomfortable sensations during her menstrual cycle. One of the most popular ailments is pain in the lower back and lower abdomen. Such symptoms can be noted both during menstruation, and before and after them. In this article, we will tell you about the possible causes of this pathology.

Why does the lower back often hurt during menstruation?

The most common reason why the lower back sometimes hurts during menstruation is a change in the ratio between the amount of a woman's sex hormones. The natural process of egg formation and maturation before menstruation increases their release. During the period of menstruation, the balance of progesterone is disturbed and the content of prostaglandins increases, as a result of which pain occurs.

In addition, other factors can be the cause of pain during menstruation, for example:

  1. The individual structure of the uterus, in which the main female organ is slightly deflected back. In such a situation, the uterus can exert significant pressure on the nerve endings, thereby causing a sensation in which the lower back hurts and pulls the lower abdomen;
  2. If a woman has too low a pain threshold, she may experience discomfort caused by the natural contractions of the uterus during menstruation;
  3. Endometriosis;
  4. Inflammatory process of the urinary tract;
  5. The presence of an intrauterine device.

Can the lower back hurt before menstruation?

The lower back can hurt not only during menstruation, but also before and after it.

The causes of this malaise in most cases are also associated with changes in hormonal levels. Meanwhile, if severe pain and discomfort does not stop throughout the entire menstrual cycle, this should be the reason for an immediate visit to the doctor

Find out where the nearest women's consultation is located, and make an appointment with a gynecologist-endocrinologist. Most likely, you have problems with the thyroid gland, as a result of which it cannot cope with fluctuations in hormonal levels during the menstrual cycle.

A qualified doctor will definitely conduct all the necessary examinations, including a blood test for hormones, and prescribe appropriate medications that can help your body perform its functions.

In addition, if you have lower back pain before your period, it is possible that the reasons lie in a violation of the water-salt balance. With this pathology, an insufficient amount of fluid is excreted from the body, as a result of which tissue edema occurs

In such a situation, it is recommended to drink a course of diuretics. Folk remedies can also help, for example, a decoction of lingonberry leaves or burdock root.

Why after menstruation pulls the lower back and lower abdomen?

Pain and discomfort after menstrual bleeding are rare.

They can also be associated with changes in the hormonal background and poor functioning of the thyroid gland, but in most cases, such malaise indicates serious diseases of the female genital area - endometriosis, adnexitis, as well as the presence of a cyst or malignant neoplasm of the genital organs.

In the case of prolonged and rather severe pulling pain in the back and lower abdomen, you should contact your gynecologist as soon as possible for a thorough examination, in particular, ultrasound diagnostics of the pelvic organs.

Depending on the cause of the discomfort, you will be prescribed appropriate conservative or surgical treatment.

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