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Yoga for menstruation: to practice or not?
Yoga for menstruation: to practice or not?

Yoga is an ideal and dosed load for the human body, which not only strengthens the muscles, but also helps to open all the necessary energy chakras. Women who practice yoga look great and are in optimal emotional balance. But novice girls often wonder how safe these spiritual-bodily practices are during menstruation.

It's no secret that during menstruation, women are not recommended intense physical activity. It is unlikely that you already know how to hold positions like a headstand, but still, you are probably wondering how yoga can affect the course of your critical days.

  1. Yoga during menstruation is perfectly acceptable, but only if you focus on doing the "right" asanas that will not shake your hormones and will not lead you to emotional decline.
  2. All positions should be chosen so as not to disrupt the flow of menstruation.
  3. In addition, we recommend that you give preference to asanas that are aimed at strengthening women's health.

The practice of yoga is a complex and responsible process that should be pursued purposefully and responsibly. It is worth doing it regularly in order to discover all its charms and feel them on your own body. The period of menstruation in this regard is no exception. Yoga complexes during menstruation should be slightly different from the standard ones.

However, there is no need to cancel classes at all, and in this case it is pointless to fear for your health. It should be understood that menstruation is not a disease at all, but a completely natural physiological state of the female body.

During this period, particles of the endometrium, the layer lining the inner surface of the organ, are rejected from the uterus. This phenomenon can be accompanied by pains of varying intensity in the lower abdomen, and yoga will be an excellent assistant in relieving them.

What asanas should be excluded during menstruation?

During menstruation, asanas should be restrained and safe for your body, or more precisely, directly for the "female" organs. Training during menstruation should strictly exclude the so-called "anti-gravity" postures, i.e. asanas, which imply a reversal of the position of the body.

Yoga in one form is unacceptable for every physiological cycle in the female body. If you use anti-gravity positions, you run the risk of disrupting your period and provoking back blood flow. This, in turn, is fraught with various complications from gynecology - cysts, endometriosis, the development of fibroids, and even oncology.

So, we have already learned that it is possible, and even necessary, to do yoga during critical days. But let's study the "forbidden" positions that should be included for you in a certain "black list" before the complete end of menstruation.

The following asanas are not allowed during menstruation:

  • Sarvangasana;
  • Halasana;
  • Adho-mukha vrishkasana;
  • Viparita-karani mudra;
  • Pincha Mayurasana;
  • Shirshasana;
  • Vrishchikasana;
  • Bakasan.

If your personal set of yoga positions includes other positions that imply a stand on the hands, forearms or head, they should also be excluded for the critical days, until the uterine bleeding is complete.

The prohibition should also be imposed on postures that put excessive pressure on the peritoneum or squeeze the abdomen. The most dangerous in this respect is Jathara Parivartanasana, known to many practices, which is translated as "twisting of the womb."Women should understand that such manipulations with their own bodies during menstruation can lead to truly fatal consequences.

Similar positions also include:

  1. Navasana;
  2. Mayurasana;
  3. Shalabhasana.

During menstruation, you should avoid difficult asanas, which almost literally "tie" your body into a kind of knot.

Among them:

  • Pada Shirshasana;
  • Nidrasana;
  • Padma-parivritta asana.

You should also not practice asanas that involve significant body deflection. These include:

  1. Ardha Chakrasana (we habitually call this position "the bridge");
  2. Kapotasana.

If you begin to avoid these positions and begin to approach the classes with all responsibility, the practice will bring you extremely good. We should not neglect our recommendations in the name of enthusiasm - this can lead to irreparable consequences. For example, some women, against all warnings, practice anti-gravity postures out of pure curiosity.

They notice that the bleeding stops abruptly and unexpectedly. If you do this constantly, you can provoke numerous problems with "women's" health.

Asanas that are safe during menstruation

Is it possible to do full-fledged yoga during menstruation? Of course, yes! Moreover, some asanas are able to instantly normalize your well-being during this difficult period for the beautiful half of humanity. They are especially suitable for those who feel constant pain in the sacrum and lower abdomen, and also feel broken during the period of critical days.

With the right approach to yoga, your uterine bleeding will become regular (if there have been disruptions in the cycle before), periodic pains will disappear, and your health will return to normal. Almost all women talk about eliminating premenstrual syndrome and relieving symptoms of depression during menstruation through yoga.

When practicing, practice the following positions:

  • Vrikshasana;
  • Uttanasana;
  • Uttita trikonasana;
  • Shavasana;
  • Baddha Konasana;
  • Balasana;
  • Arha Chandrasana;
  • Jana Shirshasana;
  • Adho Mukha Sukhasana;
  • Adho Mukha Virasana;
  • Marichiasana;
  • Upavistha Konasana.

Do not forget about all the other nuances of the correct yoga technique: breathe deeply and relax, do not emphasize the fact that today you feel a little worse than usual.

With excruciating spasms in the lower abdominal region, the following positions will "save" you:

  1. Vajarasana;
  2. Virasana;
  3. Sukhasana;
  4. Padmasana;
  5. Gomukhasana.

If you notice an increase in pain or bleeding during exercise, stop immediately. Most likely, you are not doing the exercises quite correctly, or you already have related problems related to gynecology.

How can yoga for your period help you?

If the practices are performed by you correctly, and you comply with all the conditions listed above, you can only count on the beneficial effect of classes during critical days.

Yoga will help you:

  • Normalize and stabilize the amount of separated blood (especially important for those who suffer from heavy and painful menstruation);
  • "Calm" the stomach (neutralize cramps and heaviness in the lower part of it);
  • Optimize the emotional state (eliminate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, neutralize the manifestations of aggression, apathy and loss of strength during menstruation);
  • Eliminate spasms of the back and sacral region during bleeding;
  • Prevent various diseases of the female reproductive system of hormonal and non-hormonal nature, as well as contribute to their early recovery.

Some women believe that it was yoga practices that were able to save them from infertility and habitual miscarriage (often repeated spontaneous miscarriages). Indeed, this ancient "gymnastics of body and soul" is able to heal every person, provided it is correctly applied and all the advice of experienced practitioners is followed.

If you have problems with women's health, we recommend that you consult with your doctor about the possibility and appropriateness of classes. In the presence of absolute contraindications or specific risks, it is better to refuse active practices until complete recovery.

Yoga is an excellent tool for healing and purifying the soul and body. If you are seriously carried away by it, try to discover more and more new aspects of it. And do not forget that any medicine must be used in dosage quantities.

Follow our guidelines and your activities will bring you true benefit. Be healthy!

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