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Masks with cognac and yolk: properties and recipe variations
Masks with cognac and yolk: properties and recipe variations

Dull and brittle hair, oily deposits on the scalp and other problems can be eliminated by conducting a cosmetic course of homemade masks. One of the most popular is a mask based on such a noble drink as cognac.

To adapt the mixture to a specific situation, various auxiliary ingredients are used, so almost everyone can try this miracle cure on themselves, without fear of causing more harm than good.

Properties of the main ingredients

The power of action of cognac masks is primarily due to the excellent penetrating properties of the main ingredient. That is why it is important to pay attention to the quality of the cognac used.

What are the properties of such a base?

Such masks allow you to eliminate such problems:

  • fragility and weakness of hair;
  • split ends;
  • lack of shine, faded color;
  • dandruff;
  • lack of volume and density;
  • naughty curls;
  • disruption of the sebaceous glands.

Various formulations help to eliminate such violations.

A cognac supplement is also necessary to accelerate hair growth, since the substances contained in such mixtures directly nourish the bulbs, accelerate the flow of blood and oxygen into the cells, and stimulate the awakening of new follicles.

Hair becomes fuller and shinier, stronger and silky.

To enhance the effect, a raw egg is often added to such masks. A two-component hair mask with egg yolk and cognac is considered one of the basic ones in folk cosmetology. Thanks to the addition of yolk, the effect of softening the strands and their nutrition is enhanced. This is a great remedy for weak, dry strands. But the presence of protein allows you to achieve a drying effect, which is indispensable for increased sebum secretion. What other types of masks are most commonly used to this day?

Universal masks based on cognac

Among all the recipes for hair masks, it is the composition of yolk and cognac that belongs to the main one. To prepare it, you need to take only one tablespoon of the amber drink and one yolk. All this is thoroughly whipped to achieve uniformity and is applied to the roots, rubbed into the skin. The remains are distributed over the strands to the very ends.

If you want to restore shine and soften rough strands, then you can use pure cognac. This is especially useful for the problem of oily roots and dry ends. In this case, only the root part of the strands is processed, and the rest is susceptible to vapors.

A very bold recipe is the addition of mustard. It is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, but helps others to achieve lush hair by instantly activating growth processes. Mustard has a pungent property that speeds up blood circulation, while alcohol enhances this effect. However, if you have wounds, you should not risk it, because this can cause irritation and terrible itching.

Also, honey-oil mixtures can be attributed to universal compositions. Honey has no analogues in its properties. Only use a non-sugar liquid product. In order not to dry the hair, a little oil is added to the mask. Castor or almond is best for them.

For brown-haired women and brunettes, you can use coffee. For this, only a natural ground product is suitable. Usually, the remnants of the used grounds are added to the mask, but you can take the liquid itself. In addition to cognac, an egg is often added here to balance the properties of the composition. You can also add a couple drops of essential oils like rose or lavender.

In order for any such mask to have the maximum effect, you need to know the rules for its application. First of all, it should be borne in mind that you need to use natural products, heated to 30-40 degrees. At this temperature, the beneficial substances are preserved, and the nutritional properties increase, since the pleasant warm composition better penetrates the pores and scales. It is best to use a steam bath for heating, not a microwave.

In order to enhance the effect, the mask is applied with intensive massaging movements to damp hair. For egg mixtures, this is done on a washed head, and for honey and oil mixtures, as well as hot pepper and mustard - on a dirty one. Then you need to wrap your hair under a film and a terry towel or woolen scarf to create the effect of a thermal bag. So the useful properties of the mask are revealed even more. After half an hour, you can wash it off.

Greasy hair

There are also special recipes for owners of oily hair. Special components have absorbent properties and absorb excess sebum. In addition, the cognac itself is an excellent degreaser. At the same time, it is important to avoid overdrying, as this can cause irritation, flaking of the skin and brittle hair.

The simplest, but incredibly effective recipe, especially if you have oily dandruff, is salt with cognac. First you need to take a small handful of sea salt and grind it in a coffee grinder to get fine crumbs. Then 1-2 tablespoons of the drink are added to it. It is necessary to massage the scalp with such a scrub and leave for 15-20 minutes.

If the salt makes you uncomfortable, you can massage your head with the help of brewed coffee grounds. Add honey here to enhance the effect and be sure to slightly heat the mass. For a comprehensive care, use a tricky trick: divide the egg and add protein to the bulk. After you rinse the strands, smear them again. This time the mask should contain the yolk and only a few drops of cognac. This will help remove fat and soften your curls.

Dry strands and sensitive skin

In the opposite case, when the strands are dry and lifeless, and the scalp reacts sharply to any aggressive components and allergens, it is necessary to carefully monitor what is included in the mask.

Here you need to take into account ingredients such as oils:

  • olive;
  • castor;
  • jojoba;
  • coconut;
  • grape seeds;
  • burdock.

A hair mask with yolk, cognac, olive oil and honey is perfect for nourishing weakened curls. In doing so, you need to make sure that the honey does not cause allergies or irritation.

Also, for dry hair, a mask of coffee, brandy and eggs is recommended. In this case, the strands and skin receive a large portion of vitamins, and alcohol and caffeine, as well as B vitamins, stimulate their growth and thickening of the stem. It is worth remembering that coffee gives a reddish tint, so this mask is perfect for dark-haired girls, but for blondes it is better to refuse it.

For a light tint effect, fair-haired beauties can use another recipe - an onion-cognac mixture. Onion skins must be boiled or covered with hot water for several hours. This composition is good for the health of dry hair.

You can also use henna and oils in combination with cognac. It is better to take natural colorless henna, but you can also tint it red.

The powder is pre-brewed into a slurry and mixed with selected oils. Then the yolk and a spoonful of brandy are introduced there. Only 5-10 procedures with an interval of 5-8 days and you will not recognize your hair: it will become strong and silky.

Compositions similar in action

Masks with cognac, in fact, do not have complete analogues, since it is impossible to repeat the composition of such a mixture due to the specifics of the drink itself. However, in the absence of cognac, you can try experimenting with other alcohol. The easiest option is vodka. It is used to tackle the problem of quick stains and greasiness, and to soften and add shine. Yolk and other components can also be mixed with it.

The composition of wine and honey is also very interesting. Natural red dry wine is mainly used. And when you add ground coffee to the mass, you will saturate your strands with a pleasant aroma, which, even after rinsing, will remain for at least several hours.

If you need to enhance hair growth, you can use standard mustard or pepper masks instead of brandy rub. However, without this drink, the composition will still not have the properties that are expected of it.

Be sure to try the original recipe and find the one that works best for your case.

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