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Sea salt for hair: top 5 most effective masks against hair loss
Sea salt for hair: top 5 most effective masks against hair loss

Even in the times of Hippocrates and Herodotus, the healing properties of sea salt and other sea products were noticed. Baths with its addition were used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, to restore the body. Today it is actively used in the creation of skin scrubs, to restore the hair shaft and stimulate its growth.

Sea salt for hair strengthening and growth

Many women are wary of its medicinal and stimulating properties, and simply do not understand exactly how it works. Many have noticed that after a sea vacation, the hair burns out and can become dull, usually this is associated with the action of sea water and its composition, which is not entirely true.

Sea salt is primarily a scalp scrub. It exfoliates the stratum corneum of the skin, facilitating better access of nutrients and oxygen to the roots.

Due to the irritating and mechanical action, the growth of hair follicles is stimulated, the production of sebum is normalized. These actions provide prevention of loss.

In addition, it is an excellent antiseptic that will help get rid of excess sebum production, remove fungus and act as a treatment for dandruff and even seborrhea. It is also a rich source of trace elements: zinc, selenium, iodine, iron, calcium and magnesium. These elements will have "miraculous" properties.

But, despite all the benefits and literally "magical" properties, it may not suit everyone. The fact that the loss increases at the very beginning is a normal phenomenon, but literally after a few procedures, it stops. If this does not happen, then it is better to refuse such procedures - they are not suitable, and you will have to look for another way to deal with the loss. In addition, the presence of fresh damage to the scalp - wounds, cuts, irritations - will be contraindications. You cannot use such mixtures in the presence of a section or increased dryness of the skin.

For the best effect and benefit, you need to choose the right main ingredient. In principle, any one that will be enriched with minerals and iodine, and not coarsely ground, will do. The coarser the grind, the stronger its effect as a scrub, in the end, you can simply damage the scalp. Do not give preference to representatives with various flavors and dyes.

How to make a sea salt hair mask?

Depending on the ingredients, mixtures with sea salt can solve many problems, from excessive oily hair to hair loss. To get rid of dandruff and excess fat, it is used as a peeling.

For oily skin, it is better to repeat the procedures at least once a week, with a normal type every 2 - 4 days, with a dry type of scalp, such procedures are generally contraindicated. For a sensitive one, it is additionally necessary to add yogurt or kefir to the mask. These ingredients will make the scrub softer and make the procedure itself more gentle. After the procedure, the hair must be thoroughly washed and rinsed with a decoction of medicinal herbs.

There are quite a few recipes for sea salt hair masks, and each of them will be recommended for a specific type of scalp, to solve a specific problem. But any mixture gives an excellent effect. First of all, masks will act as a prevention of hair loss, strengthen the structure of the hair shaft, make it strong, elastic and shiny.

For normal to oily scalp type, the mixture is prepared using the basic recipe: an egg, a tablespoon of brandy, 100 ml.milk (not fat, or not fat at all) and juice from a whole lemon, at the end, add a teaspoon of sea salt to the mixture. It is applied to damp hair with massage movements, washed off after 10 - 20 minutes.

For dry hair and restoring its structure, an egg-kefir mask is suitable. To prepare it, mix the yolk, 50 ml of yogurt, 2 teaspoons of sea salt. The mixture is applied to clean hair for 10 - 20 minutes, washed off without using shampoos - by multiple rinsing.

To stimulate growth, mix 5 tablespoons of honey (preferably thick) and 1 - 1, 5 sea salt. The mask is applied to the head, immediately after washing, wrapped in plastic and a towel.

How to make a scalp salt scrub

It is necessary to use the scrub several times a week, and the amount of ingredients is not strict and rigid, and you can vary them for your convenience. To stimulate growth, mix 4 tablespoons of salt and a glass of kefir with a high percentage of fat. In the end, you should get a small portion, as the mask must be prepared before each use. You can wash off immediately, after 10 - 15 minutes rubbing in, or leave it for half an hour - an hour, which is more acceptable.

Cognac and salt will stimulate the growth of hair, make it more shiny and silky. For cooking, mix 2 tablespoons of the listed ingredients and a spoonful of honey.

Hair growth masks with sea salt

In order to grow hair faster, literally a few centimeters per month, you can use the main ingredients that stimulate hair growth, in combination with other stimulants, such as mustard.

For each type of hair, its own schedule of use is recommended:

  • for dry: no more than once every 10 days;
  • normal: once a week;
  • fatty: every 5 days.

To prepare a mask, you need to mix 2 tablespoons of mustard, burdock or castor oil, 2 teaspoons of sugar, which is added to the mask in order to enhance the action of mustard, this is a kind of catalyst, the more sugar, the more active mustard will be.

To achieve optimal consistency and soften the action of the main components, dilute the mixture with two tablespoons of hot water.

The mask is applied to a dirty head, and only on the scalp, the main stimulating points are located there.

After that, the head is covered with a film and a towel. On the head, the mixture should be 20 - 45 minutes. Wash off using shampoo.

Various vegetable oils, which are applied to dry hair, also have stimulating effects for the growth of hair. The mixture is prepared according to the following recipe: half a glass of burdock oil is heated to a comfortable temperature and a tablespoon of sea salt is added. After application, wrap with polyethylene and a towel. Rinse off with shampoo.

How to use sea salt masks correctly?

Before using the mixture, you need to make sure that there are no allergic and irritating reactions. For different types of scalp, the frequency of using a mask or scrub is different. To enhance the beneficial effect, it is necessary to apply to moist and clean hair, with massage movements, for 10 minutes.

When washing off masks or scrubs, it is necessary to use a large amount of water, and if there were vegetable oils in the composition, then you can use shampoo, but at the same time, apply it specifically to the hair shaft, and not the scalp. Balms and conditioners do not need to be used. It is better to dry your hair without using a hair dryer - in a natural way.

If there are problems with hair, masks can be used quite a lot, but the therapeutic and long-awaited effect is achieved only after at least 8-10 procedures.

After this course, your hair needs to rest for a couple of months. But at the same time, you must follow a strict and recommended schedule of use, depending on their type.

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