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Fibroids of the breast
Fibroids of the breast

The diagnosis of breast fibroids is not a sentence, it is a benign formation, which consists of connective tissue and does not cause pain to a woman. Such a seal can be diagnosed even in men, although much less often.

Forewarned is forearmed

If you follow a few rules, then the neoplasm will not grow.

To prevent the tumor from growing, the following requirements must be met:

  • You can not sunbathe and stay in the sun for a long time in open clothes;
  • It is forbidden to get involved in hot baths and saunas;
  • Avoid massage your breasts.

You also need to try to avoid stressful situations and trauma to the mammary glands.

The causes of the appearance of the tumor

In the initial stage, diagnosis is difficult, since the fibroid begins to manifest itself only when it reaches sizes up to 2-3 cm in diameter. In this case, before the menstrual cycle, aching pains may occur, resembling the sensations of bursting. Itching may occur, which is difficult to get rid of, as unpleasant tingling sensations are felt under the surface of the skin.

Palpation reveals a movable seal in the chest, the maximum size of which does not exceed the size of a large plum - up to 5 cm. Normally, there are multiple neoplasms, therefore, when a large tumor is found, it is necessary to carefully probe the surrounding areas - several small nodules may already form in them - more often in the armpits.

In contrast to neoplasms of various configurations that degenerate into malignant, fibroid nodes have a spherical shape and germination in depth at the nodes is different. There are two types of localization of seals - internal and submucous. In the second case, the nodes are visible above the skin surface. The cause of the appearance of fibroids is most often the involution of the mammary glands - a syndrome in which changes in the glandular tissue occur in the breast.

This concept - involution of the mammary glands - combines internal and external factors that provoke this rebirth:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • menopause;
  • hormonal changes caused by surgical interventions - most often, changes in glandular tissue are caused by gynecological operations associated with abortion.

There are additional factors that affect the incidence of tumor formation.

These include:

  • chronic inflammatory processes of gynecological organs;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • diseases of the liver and bile ducts;
  • obesity or underweight.

Among the diseases of the mammary glands, fibroids is in the first place and is found quite often, therefore it is very important for its recognition that a woman does self-examination after every monthly - she probes her breasts in front of a mirror.

Diagnosis and treatment of breast fibroids

Fibroids are easily palpated on palpation, visualized during ultrasound, and in the same study, the structure of the tumor is determined, and the size is accurately identified. Immediately during the ultrasound examination, a biopsy is performed to identify malignant cells.

With mammography, neoplasms are also clearly visible - especially if they are saturated with calcium salts. The longer the fibroid is in the breast, the more it is calcified.

Fibroids are reborn into malignant forms in isolated cases, but if growth does not stop, then they can deform a woman's bust. Multiple knots cause significant discomfort.

Treatment of education can be conservative - if the size of the nodes does not exceed 1 cm in diameter, but most often surgery is prescribed.

The opinions of mammologists differ on conservative treatment. Some consider the appointment of hormonal agents inappropriate and are limited to monitoring in dynamics - a woman is obliged to come for examinations 4 times a year, the doctor will note the change in the seals.

The use of hormonal and non-hormonal drugs stops the growth of compaction, but neoplasms are rarely absorbed - in isolated cases, the disappearance of fibroids of the mammary glands was observed when a woman entered menopause.

Operations for fibroids of the mammary gland are carried out with an increase in the tumor. Most often, an operation called enucleation is performed - during it only the tumor is removed without touching the surrounding tissues - since the risk of degeneration is minimal.

The incisions are made directly above the nodes, the functionality of the mammary gland and the aesthetic appearance are preserved. Most often, an operation to remove fibroids is advised before planning a pregnancy.

Prevention of fibroid formation

Hormonal problems in a woman are largely associated with lifestyle, and fibroids develop with hormonal changes.

To prevent the formation of nodes in the mammary glands, it is important to follow these instructions:

  • lead an active life, is not in one position for many hours, especially if the mammary glands are squeezed;
  • you should maintain a balance of work and rest, get enough sleep, do not neglect walks in the fresh air;
  • avoid stress and scandals - they directly affect the hormonal state of a woman, which means they cause the growth of fibroids in gynecological organs and breasts;
  • eat properly and in a balanced way, preferring healthy food to food with chemical fillers.

Self-examination of the breast is carried out according to the following algorithm.

After the end of the monthly cycle, you need to stand in front of the mirror and raise your arms up, crossing them behind your head. Of course, you need to strip to the waist.

You should pay attention to any changes in the mammary glands:

  • the condition of the nipple - it is retracted or convex;
  • change in the shape or size of the breast;
  • the presence of discharge from the nipple.

Feeling is carried out in 2 positions - standing and lying.

Each mammary gland is probed with gentle pressure with the opposite hand, grabbing the skin little by little. The lymph nodes under the armpits are necessarily felt.

The health of a woman is in the full sense in her hands, and if all the recommendations are followed, it is possible to identify the degeneration of the tissues of the mammary glands at the very beginning.

This allows with the help of modern medicines to stop the further growth of neoplasms and avoid surgery.

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