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Curd discharge in women: causes and treatment
Curd discharge in women: causes and treatment

Vaginal discharge is a common phenomenon for any healthy woman. Throughout their life, their color and consistency changes repeatedly under the influence of many factors, such as sexual activity or the state of health of a lady. This is not surprising, since the main function of mucus is to cleanse the genital tract and their natural defense against all kinds of infections.

Under normal conditions, the discharge has a shade close to white or yellowish. They are not abundant and do not exude any odor. But white curd discharge in women, accompanied by itching and other signs of discomfort, is a reason for an immediate visit to the doctor.

Most likely, the cause of the pathology is vaginal candidiasis, better known as thrush. What are the causes of the development of the disease and how to treat curd discharge in women?

Signs and symptoms

So, the main reason for the unusual white discharge is the infection of the genital microflora with Candida fungi, which cause thrush. It is this diagnosis that causes complaints of more than 75% of the gynecologist's patients. The disease causes serious discomfort to a woman and it is quite difficult not to notice it. What are the main symptoms of an infection?

  1. White curd discharge from a woman's vagina.
  2. Painful sensations during sexual intercourse.
  3. Discomfort when going to the toilet.
  4. Itching and burning in the external genital area.
  5. Pungent, sour smell.

Depending on the cause of the development of candidiasis, indirect symptoms may be added to its main manifestations - fatigue, emotional stress, drowsiness.

The color of the mucus may not always remain white. Sometimes the discharge turns pinkish or light brown, which indicates the presence of bleeding inside the genitals. This happens in cases where thrush is triggered by erosion in the uterus or hormonal changes.

Yellow curd discharge in women are signs of a completely different pathology, different from thrush. They talk about the acute course of the inflammatory process, provoked by the causative agents of gonorrhea, trichomoniasis. Then, in addition to mucus, the woman is worried about the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Temperature increase.
  • Burning and itching in the vagina and labia.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Redness in the perineum.
  • General malaise.

If the infectious disease is in the chronic phase, then, in addition to the yellow curd mucus with a pungent odor, no symptoms are observed. But white curd discharge in odorless women can sometimes be a side effect of a pleasant state - pregnancy.

White and yellow curd discharge in women: causes

To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor does not take into account the color of the discharge or its consistency at all. Also, the presence of odor or additional symptoms does not play a role, since with an advanced disease, except for mucus, a woman does not bother with anything. The task of the gynecologist is to conduct a series of studies and establish a connection between the presence of secretions and the woman's lifestyle. There may be several reasons for the development of genital pathology:

  1. Frequent change of sexual partners, unprotected intercourse.
  2. Use of synthetic underwear.
  3. Frequent use of antibacterial drugs.
  4. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of personal hygiene.
  5. Some procedures - douching, suppositories, tampons.
  6. Frequent hypothermia, stress, physical exhaustion.
  7. Some somatic diseases or exacerbation of their chronic course.
  8. Pregnancy or other factors of hormonal changes.

Curd discharge in women: treatment with folk remedies and methods of modern medicine

The main condition for quick and effective getting rid of unpleasant symptoms is a timely appeal to a specialist for the correct diagnosis. The sooner the gynecologist conducts the necessary research and determines the cause of the discharge, the sooner he will prescribe treatment.

White curd discharge in women caused by fungal infections is easily amenable to local treatment with antifungal drugs (antimycotics).

  • The use of vaginal suppositories, as well as creams and ointments, is common. Local treatment is effective only with a mild and acute course of candidiasis, but if the disease has passed into a chronic stage, it becomes much more difficult to get rid of it. In such cases, the doctor prescribes tableted antimycotics, sometimes combining them with local drugs.
  • It is worth noting that white cheesy discharge does not always indicate the presence of a fungal disease. Sometimes scanty mucus of an off-white or grayish color with a curd consistency is possible with genital bacterial sexually transmitted diseases. Then the specialist prescribes antibacterial drugs in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy.
  • For pain in the abdomen, antispasmodics are additionally used. Similar methods of therapy are used for inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages, in which yellow curd discharge is observed.
  • In women with signs of trichomoniasis or gonorrhea, it becomes necessary to visit a venereologist together with her sexual partner. Ailments accompanied by yellow curd discharge, burning sensation and a pungent odor are dangerous with serious and irreversible complications. In such cases, the woman and her partner need urgent therapy with antibiotics and a complete cessation of sexual intercourse for a certain period.
  • In addition to the main therapy, the gynecologist prescribes symptomatic treatment. So, the patient can be prescribed drugs against itching and burning in the vagina. Before treating curd discharge in women, caused by a decrease in immunity or stress, the doctor will prescribe immunomodulators and vitamin complexes, sedatives to the patient.

Is it acceptable to treat white or yellow curd discharge with folk recipes?

In the old days, a lot of improvised means were used to treat curd discharge. Women doused with soda and tanning broths, irrigated the vaginal area with solutions of garlic and vinegar, took baths with chamomile or, more often, steamed in a bath. In fact, it is better to refrain from using folk recipes, as this provokes complications and difficulties when making a diagnosis by a doctor

Disease prevention

It is not difficult to prevent the appearance of diseases that cause itching and curd discharge in women. The main methods of prevention are reduced to strengthening the body's immune system and adherence to personal hygiene standards. It is necessary to pay attention to the state of your health in time and immediately contact a specialist if white or yellow discharge appears, as well as if there is discomfort in the perineal region.

To rule out a recurrence of a fungal or bacterial infection, it is important to follow some general guidelines:

  1. Use barrier contraception during intercourse (vaginal caps, condoms, spermicides).
  2. Exclude casual sex.
  3. Conduct an examination of the genitourinary system and cure all detected diseases.
  4. Establish the cause of decreased immunity and eliminate it.

Also, the doctor can prescribe an individual program of preventive measures. In this matter, as in the treatment, one should not rely on folk recipes and advice from "knowledgeable" people, since the important point is to determine the cause of the appearance of white or yellow cheesy discharge.

For example, with the fungal nature of white curd mucus, the recommendations are as follows:

  • When choosing underwear and underwear, give preference only to natural fabrics.
  • Eliminate the use of perfumes for intimate places - scented soaps, deodorants. Do not use perfumed pads, tampons.
  • Use douching only as directed by your doctor.
  • Follow a diet.
  • Give up bad habits - smoking, alcohol abuse.
  • Give preference to food without dyes and preservatives.

White curd discharge in women caused by thrush does not pose a danger to her life. However, it is important to promptly exclude the presence of bacterial infections that provoked the appearance of candidiasis and pathological mucus. It is also worth considering that the discharge itself causes a lot of discomfort, interfering with sexual activity and normal rest.

White or yellowish spots remain on underwear and on the bed, which is also not a pleasant phenomenon. In addition, pathological discharge indirectly contributes to the appearance of harmful mental states.

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