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How and why virgins have thrush
How and why virgins have thrush

Vaginal candidiasis, also called thrush, occurs in females of different ages. At the same time, girls who have not yet begun to have a sex life, including children, also suffer from the disease. The causes of such a pathology as thrush are many in virgins and their identification is important for further treatment and prevention of complications.

How does thrush develop?

In society, it is believed that thrush is an infectious disease that is transmitted through sexual contact with a carrier. However, this is not the only option for the development of the disease, therefore, the absence of a sexual partner does not mean that a girl cannot have candidiasis. On the contrary, gynecologists regularly note that this pathology also occurs in young patients who are not sexually active.

Infection of children occurs through the birth canal, if the mother did not undergo preventive sanitation in the last weeks of pregnancy. In newborns, the oral cavity most often suffers from this disease, but in girls, pathological processes also affect the vaginal area.

In addition, microscopic, conditionally pathogenic fungi such as Candida are present in the vaginal microflora and normally coexist with other microorganisms. As a rule, their numbers are limited by the presence of lactobacilli. If there is a malfunction of the immune system or hormonal disorders, then the acid-base balance in the microflora is disturbed. Fungi begin to multiply along the vaginal epithelium, and their waste products lead to symptoms typical of the disease. Such phenomena also develop in virgins.

Causes of thrush in virgins

The growth of candida-type fungi in the genital microflora occurs both as an independent and as a secondary infection. The reasons for this phenomenon are divided into the following groups:


  • Insufficient adherence to personal hygiene standards;
  • Rarely changing pads during menstruation;
  • Wearing synthetic underwear;
  • The use of unsuitable cosmetics and detergents for the intimate area;
  • Using panty liners, especially those with perfumery fragrances;
  • Sugar abuse.


  1. Decreased immunity, which is possible due to previous diseases, regular stress and overwork;
  2. Changes in hormonal levels that occur during puberty;
  3. Undergoing a course of treatment with drugs that provoke a decline in the body's defenses and the growth of opportunistic organisms in the microflora;
  4. Accession of infection against the background of a venereal disease, obtained by household.

Often in the development of candidiasis in virgins, several provoking factors are noted, which are present in a greater or lesser proportion.

The clinical picture of thrush

Symptoms of pathology in girls who are not sexually active are the same as in women who have a sexual partner. The following symptoms are among the main ones:

  • Itching in the vaginal area. The intensity depends on the degree of development of the pathology and the general health of the patient;
  • Abundant, light, cheesy discharge with a sour odor. They are present on the walls of the genitals and on underwear or padding;
  • Swelling and redness of the labia;
  • Soreness when urinating;
  • Displacement of the cycle of menstruation.

Such symptoms are familiar to adult women, since they have thrush from time to time. However, in the case of adolescents, it is difficult to identify the disease, since girls hide their discomfort and do not voice their complaints to their parents. Regular preventive visits to the gynecologist help to identify the disease and stop its development.

Diagnosis of the disease

While it is not easy to bring young girls to see a doctor, it is important to do so. A full-time examination will help to diagnose and identify the causes of the development of thrush, during which the doctor can already determine the presence of the disease. However, a number of clinical studies are required to determine the provoking factors and the severity of the case. First of all, this is a bacterial culture of a smear from the walls of the vagina on a nutrient medium and a microscopic examination of the biomaterial, as well as ultrasound of the small pelvis.

In addition, consultations of other doctors are required: an allergist, a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. Each of them, if necessary, will recommend additional diagnostic measures:

  1. blood glucose test;
  2. Ultrasound of the thyroid gland;
  3. analysis of feces for dysbiosis.

Such an examination of the girl gives the doctors a complete clinical picture and allows them to prescribe adequate therapy.

Candidiasis is not such a harmless disease, and it is not allowed to take its course. Symptoms of candidiasis become more or less pronounced depending on whether it occurs in an acute or chronic vase. Sometimes the pain, itching and pain in the genital area become unbearable and then the girl needs urgent help. In this case, safe and common drugs come to the rescue.

First aid for thrush

Young girls and girls who suffer from thrush are recommended to use douching and washing with antibacterial and antimicrobial drugs of a wide spectrum of action: Miramistin or Chlorhexidine:

  • For deep processing of the walls and folds of the vagina, sterilized syringes or Esmarch's mugs are used, in which 10-15 ml of the drug is placed;
  • Douching is carried out in a supine position;
  • You can sit in the bathroom with your feet on its edges;
  • After the administration of the drug, the patient should lie down for 15 minutes so that the active substance has time to act;
  • Such manipulations are carried out in the morning, immediately after waking up, and before bedtime;
  • In addition, these drugs are used to treat the affected area with a cotton pad;
  • A few drops of the drug are applied to a swab dipped in warm water. This solution is used to wipe the vagina after carrying out hygiene measures.

The use of Miromistin and Chlorhexidine quickly relieves painful sensations, however, with prolonged use, they disrupt the balance of microorganisms in the microflora of the genital organs. Because of this feature, as well as for more effective treatment, specialized drugs are required.

Medicines for thrush

The question of how to treat virgins for candidiasis is complicated by the fact that the funds must be used with caution so as not to damage the hymen.

For this reason, the following drugs are prescribed for young patients:

  1. Diflucan is a flucomazole-based medicine. It comes in the form of an oral tablet. To get rid of vaginal candidiasis, one Diflucan tablet with a dosage of 150 mg of the main substance is enough. The drug is considered safe, therefore it is prescribed for both children and adults;
  2. Pimafucin is an antifungal agent based on the active ingredient of the same name. In pharmacies, there are candles, tablets and Pimafucin cream. For the treatment of thrush, these forms can be used both independently and in combination to fight fungi more effectively. Typically, cream and candles are applied at night after showering;
  3. Clotrimazole - broad-spectrum antifungal suppositories. The active substance is clotrimazole. Candles are used once a day after hygiene measures, preferably before bedtime, for 6-10 days;
  4. Terzhinan - vaginal suppositories, the main active ingredients of which are ternidazole, nystatin, neomycin sulfate and prednisolone. This broad-spectrum drug normalizes the intimate microflora. It is recommended to put candles daily before bedtime. The treatment period is up to 10 days;
  5. Livarol is an effective and safe medicine for thrush. It is based on ketokenosol. The procedure for using these suppositories does not differ from similar drugs. However, to achieve a stable therapeutic effect, 3-5 days of using the drug are enough.

Girls who have not yet begun to have sex should not be afraid of vaginal suppositories. For their use, there are special applicators that regulate the depth of injection of the drug, so when correctly inserted, the hymen remains intact.

Folk remedies for thrush

Since vaginal candidiasis is a fairly common condition, alternative medicine also has some helpful tips to help manage its symptoms. The recipes are based on the properties of medicinal herbs.

Here are the main ones:

  • A decoction of oak bark, which is prepared from 2 tbsp. tablespoons of dried raw materials and 300 ml of water. The herbal ingredient is placed in an enamel bowl and boiled for 10-15 minutes. A slightly cooled and strained broth is used to treat the vagina after hygiene measures. Such a remedy quickly and effectively relieves itching and burning, since it contains tannins;
  • Chamomile decoction is a product that is prepared in the same way, but has different properties. Pharmacy chamomile has an antibacterial and soothing effect, therefore, a decoction is prescribed in the complex therapy of thrush;
  • The decoction of the string is known as a sedative and antimicrobial agent. Its use for washing or douching the intimate area makes it easier to transfer the disease and get rid of discomfort. Prepared according to the previously given scheme;
  • Soda solution is a remedy used for sitz baths. For one procedure, take 5 tbsp. tablespoons of soda for 3 liters of water. The mixture is placed in a basin and soaked for at least 15 minutes;
  • Honey baths are an old proven recipe that works because of the antibacterial properties of bee products. 100 grams of honey is dissolved in 1 liter of water at a temperature of 70-80 degrees. Then this solution is poured into a bowl of cool water. The final temperature will be about 40 degrees. This bath is used for 15 minutes 2-3 times a day.

Despite the fact that traditional methods of treatment have been used for many years and have proven themselves well, a lasting therapeutic effect is achieved only with the use of certified drugs.

Predictions and consequences

Without treatment, vaginal candidiasis in virgins heals and goes from acute to chronic. This leads to the fact that the symptoms of the disease are aggravated 3-4 times a year.

In addition, the violation of the acid-base balance and the constant inflammatory process in the vagina spreads to other parts of the reproductive system. Among the complications of untreated thrush are urethritis, pyelocystitis, weakening of local immunity, and in advanced cases - infertility.

Such serious complications are a weighty argument in order not to let the disease take its course and promptly consult a gynecologist when characteristic symptoms appear. If you quickly identify the disease and follow the doctor's prescriptions, then no serious consequences for the health of the genital area and the whole body will arise.

Prevention of thrush

Thrush is an unpleasant disease that affects female representatives. However, simple preventive measures help to avoid it. The basis is made up of hygiene measures: daily washing and changing of underwear, as well as regular replacement of bedding. In addition, doctors advise sticking to a diet and not overusing sweets.

It is important that there is a trusting relationship between daughters and mothers. Then, when the first symptoms of candidiasis appear, the girl will share her worrisome concerns and agree to visit a doctor. In this case, the problem will be solved quickly and without negative consequences.

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