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Hand scrubs: cook at home
Hand scrubs: cook at home

Every woman who cares about her own attractiveness should have her hands in perfect condition. The skin of the hands is quite thin, which is why it is much more susceptible to aging. Moreover, it is this area that is most often exposed to negative external influences, in particular, contact with water.

It is believed that one glance at the skin of the hands is sometimes enough to determine the true age of another beauty.

Indeed, the need for facial care seems to us to be something familiar and obvious. But sometimes we just forget about the problem of thin and dry skin of our brushes. In fact, such care does not require much time or any special effort. It includes respect, the use of a variety of creams, masks and, of course, scrubs. Moreover, the latter are very easy and convenient to cook at home.

Such hand scrubs are notable for the fact that, unlike store products, they significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions, and will also cost you much less. At-home exfoliation leaves the skin soft and smooth, prevents premature aging and gives the handles a pleasant appearance.

What are hand scrubs for?

Self-made products include two components - the main and the abrasive. For the abrasive part, products are used that can create a massage and exfoliating effect. This can be coffee grounds, blue clay, eggshells, soda, sugar, and other foods. But the base is necessary to give the home remedy a comfortable consistency and soft effect. The main part can be prepared from sour cream, liquid soap or cream. By mixing both ingredients, you can make a brush skin scrub.

Scrubbing is designed to cleanse the upper stratum corneum of the skin from dead cells, due to which cells are renewed faster, and regenerative processes are started. In addition, cleansed skin is much better absorbed by a variety of nutrients and masks.

You can find a wide variety of similar products in any beauty store. Professional and semi-professional cosmetics for hand skin care usually include natural ingredients, in particular, base oils. The advantage of such products also lies in their long shelf life and convenient packaging.

Otherwise, homemade hand scrubs, the number of recipes for which is huge, are not inferior to store and salon counterparts. These are natural remedies based on simple products familiar to us from everyday life.

Scrubbing hands: rules and recommendations

In order for the procedure for applying a hand scrub to the skin to have an excellent result, it is worth remembering some points:

  • scrub only on clean hands, preferably warmed up under warm water;
  • abrasive particles will better cleanse the skin if you add a little liquid soap and soda to the water;
  • apply the product with massage movements, kneading the surface of the skin in parallel;
  • after massaging, leave the scrub for 6-7 minutes, then wash your hands, dry and lubricate with a moisturizer;
  • frequent use of scrubbing is useless - it is enough to use a home remedy once a week so as not to dry out the skin;
  • alternate the procedure using masks and baths.

DIY home scrubs - recipes

Making homemade mixtures is not difficult - you just need to combine the two main leaving agents. By mixing the abrasive part with the base, you will get a thick mixture in the form of a gruel. The great thing about these recipes is that you don't have to follow the exact dosage of the ingredients. The most important cooking rule is that abrasive particles must not disintegrate.

The most popular home scrub is made with coffee grounds. Mix the grounds with liquid soap or hand gel, then boldly apply to your brushes. This mixture perfectly tones the skin and stimulates blood flow. This recipe also uses fresh ground coffee as an abrasive.

An excellent product is obtained by mixing fine sea salt with sugar, lemon juice and olive oil. This composition not only perfectly cleanses the skin, but also provides them with nutrition. And if you mix sea salt with sour cream, you get an excellent nutritional mixture with anti-inflammatory effect. This remedy can be used several times a week.

A very unusual remedy can be prepared using sea sand. If you live near the sea or are going on vacation, take some sand with you along with souvenirs. Mix it with sour cream for an excellent homemade scrub.

To create a nourishing and softening exfoliation for the skin of your brushes, add a little honey and olive oil to the ground oatmeal. Then boldly massage the handles with the resulting mixture for 5 minutes.

Sugar is also a great ingredient in homemade peels.

When mixed with sour cream or cream, it will create an effective, nourishing cleanser. You can also mix sugar with olive oil for a moisturizing scrubbing procedure.

There are a lot of recipes for home peeling mixtures. Thanks to the availability of ingredients, you can prepare powerful formulations right in the kitchen using the available ingredients.

After some time after using the scrubs you have prepared, you will feel that the skin has become renewed, well-groomed and truly attractive.

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