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Red pepper nail mask: secrets of preparation and use
Red pepper nail mask: secrets of preparation and use

To keep your nails healthy, you should treat your own hands with care. Do not neglect care products, do not abuse manicure procedures - after removing one layer of varnish, give rest to the nail plates, wear gloves when in contact with household chemicals.

But even if all the requirements are met, you may face the fact that the growth of nails will be slowed down, and their quality will not be perfect. This happens with vitamin deficiency after a long winter, after pregnancy or during lactation, if you have to recover from infectious diseases.

Masks for nail growth with red pepper will help eliminate the problem - they will stimulate the growth zone and improve the blood supply to the matrix.

Special properties of red pepper

Hot red pepper contains many vitamins - A, C, B, carotene, various minerals, but cosmetology appreciates it for another component - capsaicin.

It is to this alkaloid that the vegetable owes its burning taste and irritating properties. When it comes into contact with the tissues of the human body, capsaicin is irritating, increasing the blood supply to the affected area.

If used as a seasoning, intestinal tone is stimulated, metabolism is accelerated. When using pepper nail and hair masks, capsaicin improves blood flow in the root zone, at the border with the skin, due to which the vessels increase the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles or matrix. Nails and hair, thanks to the rich "assortment" of the vitamin and mineral complex, grow healthy.

In addition, pepper has properties:

  • disinfectant;
  • healing;
  • regenerating.

That is why various masks for stimulating nail growth with red pepper are deservedly popular.

Red pepper nail mask: recipes and cooking nuances

The pepper mask accelerates the blood supply to the matrix and stimulates its growth zone, but its effect on the nail plates - overdrying - does not allow it to be used too often. As part of the remedy, it is necessary - in addition to the main component, there must be a greasy base - otherwise the nail plates will lose their shine and become fragile. Therefore, before preparing the pepper mixture, you must definitely make sure that you have a fat cream or vegetable oils at hand - burdock or castor.

Olive oils or sunflower oils, which are sure to be found in any kitchen, will not work. They are too light in structure.

In case of inflammation of the nail fold, sea buckthorn or rosehip oil can be used, but it is better to wait until the irritation of the skin surrounding the nail bed can be eliminated. A side effect of pepper is itching and burning. On contact with irritated skin, they become unbearable.

For nail growth

Recipe number 1


  • 3 tablespoons of warm greasy hand cream;
  • the same number of spoons, but teaspoons, of ground red hot pepper;
  • a teaspoon of boiled water.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency, the mixture is applied to the nail plates and rubbed into them. Fingertips are put on top, and then gloves or mittens for insulation. The product should be kept on the tips of the fingers for about 15 minutes, but if the burning sensation is intolerable, then the procedure should be stopped immediately, and hands should be washed with warm water and soap.

Recipe number 2

This pepper tincture and cream nail mask is gentle and does not burn. Ten drops of tincture are added to a spoonful of warm cream, and the mixture is rubbed into the nail plates. They are insulated in the usual way - fingertips or medical gloves, with ordinary gloves on top.

Washed off with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

To strengthen the nail plate

Recipe number 1

Castor oil is mixed in a water bath - a tablespoon, 2 teaspoons of pepper, half a teaspoon of citric acid or a tablespoon of lemon juice, heated for 10 minutes, but not brought to a boil. You can use burdock or fatty cream instead of castor oil - it does not matter.

They are applied to the nail plates, insulated, kept for a quarter of an hour, washed off with warm water.

Recipe number 2

The burning powder is mixed with the same volume of mineral water, and only then cream or oil is added, constantly stirring in a water bath. It is convenient to apply the mixture with a brush.

It is possible to insulate it after lining the nail, but sometimes another method is used - drying layers are constantly added, increasing the effect of contact with the tissue surrounding the nail bed.

Wash off after 20-25 minutes with warm water. The course of treatment of the nail plate is 2 times a month until new keratinized tissue grows, for prevention, 1 procedure is done per month.

Application rules and contraindications for the use of masks with pepper

In order for pepper masks to be effective and not worsen the condition of the nails, the following rules for applying a stimulant must be observed.

It is advisable to remove the varnish before the procedure - if there is one, and to carry out preparation that strengthens the nail structure - to make a bath.

To do this, you can prepare a saturated saline solution - 1 tablespoon of sea salt in half a glass of water, or use lemon.

Strengthening nails with lemon is very convenient. Cut the citrus in half, crush the pulp a little to give juice, pour sea salt into it - a teaspoon in each half - and let it brew. Before immersing the fingertips in the halves, 7-10 drops of iodine are dripped.

If the varnish is not removed, then the product is applied only to the living area, at the base of the nail bed, where the light sector is visible. Do not expose the nail plate to increased stress and rub it into the surface with varnish.

After removing the growth stimulant, vegetable oils are necessarily rubbed into the nail plates to prevent overdrying. In this case, you can use oils: burdock, nettle, sea buckthorn, jojoba, hemp, linseed - if the procedure was done before bedtime. In the light, linseed oil is oxidized.

It is customary to add essential oils to nail nutrition products to activate beneficial properties - in this case, their use should be abandoned.

It is impossible to restore the beauty of a manicure only with the help of pepper. With a deficiency of calcium and vitamins A, groups B, E and PP, nails will grow slowly.

This means that the diet should include:

  • fermented milk dishes;
  • broccoli cabbage;
  • greens;
  • seeds;
  • apples;
  • nuts;
  • dried fruits and legumes.

Rational nutrition, hand care and pepper masks are the secret of well-groomed hands!

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