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Hand masks: effective homemade recipes
Hand masks: effective homemade recipes

The skin of the hands requires constant and even more thorough care than the skin of the face. This is because the dermis on the hands is most vulnerable to the negative effects of environmental factors. Cold wind, hot sun, frost - these are just a small percentage of external factors that can make the skin of your handles dehydrated and dry, rough and chapped, cracks and inflammation can appear on the delicate dermis.

Therefore, you need to take care of your hands in a complex way - use special creams, make baths, treat with oils. A hand mask will also help keep your skin soft and velvety. Let's find out how to make caring masks for the skin of the hands and nails at home and also talk about the features of their use.

Hand mask at home: cooking secrets

In order for the mask formulations to have a magical effect on your pens, a number of conditions must be met during the procedures:

  • Procedures for healing, softening and improving the condition of the skin on the hands are best done in courses - then their result will be more pronounced and lasting;
  • Some mask mixtures are applied at night, because then the useful components are fully penetrated and absorbed into the deep layers of the epithelium. If you apply the composition for a long time, do not forget to put cotton gloves on the handles;
  • Before applying the cosmetic composition, it is advisable to thoroughly wash the limbs and wipe them with a paper towel. It will also be nice if you give a little massage to your hands, the massage improves blood circulation, which means that useful vitamins and minerals will better penetrate the cells of the dermis;
  • The mixture is washed off the dermis with warm water and then treated with nourishing and moisturizing creams.

How to make the mixture at home, and which hand and nail mask is the best - look for answers to these questions in the following sections.

Nourishing and soothing homemade masks

In hand care, you can use ready-made professional masks to solve various problems of the skin, but as practice shows: at home, you can prepare effective cosmetic compositions that will make the skin of your hands soft, velvety, tender.

The best homemade nourishing and softening hand mask is a mixture of parsley juice and fish oil. You can make this cosmetic composition according to this recipe: grind parsley in a blender and squeeze the juice, for the recipe you need a little juice - just one teaspoon.

Pour the parsley juice into a bowl and add half a teaspoon of fish oil there and add three teaspoons of fat cottage cheese. Mix the products into a homogeneous mass and treat the dermis with it. The mask is kept on the dermis for no more than 15-20 minutes.

Hand mask for the night

If the skin of your palms and hands is excessively dry, rough and often irritated and peeling on its surface, honey-based mask mixtures can help you. You can prepare a softening mixture as follows: pour one raw chicken egg yolk into a deep ceramic or plastic bowl, add a full tablespoon of olive oil to it and add fresh honey (one tablespoon is enough).

Mix the ingredients thoroughly with each other and add a few drops of ether or fresh lemon juice to the mass. Spread the mask over the dermis of the palms and hands, put on cloth gloves on top. A honey-egg mask for the skin of the hands is left overnight.

Hand rejuvenation masks

Everyone knows that nothing betrays a lady's age the way her hands do it, and therefore rejuvenating masks periodically need to be done for pens. The best result in rejuvenation is a mixture of mint potatoes with butter and milk.

You can prepare it separately for cosmetic procedures, or you can simply take the regular mashed potatoes that you prepare for dinner for your family. Spread the warm puree like a cream on your palms and brushes and hold for 20-25 minutes. A rejuvenating formula can also be prepared from a mixture of yolk, honey, and oatmeal. Melt a tablespoon of flower honey in a water bath until liquid, and then beat one egg yolk into the honey.

Stir and add the oatmeal, ground into flour. It is recommended to keep the mixture on the dermis for 7-8 hours, and therefore it is better to carry out the procedure immediately before bedtime.

You can also "calculate" the age of a woman by the ugly age spots that appear on the back of her hands after 45-50 years, and sometimes even earlier. A simple lemon juice-based mask composition will help get rid of such stains.

It prepares like this:

  1. Grind two tablespoons of rolled oats flakes into fine flour and pour this flour with a tablespoon of boiling water;
  2. Stir the mass and add lemon juice to it - about 1, 5 teaspoon and 20-30 grams of olive oil or jojoba;
  3. Treat brushes with the prepared mixture, put on gloves and do not rinse the composition for 6-7 hours from the skin.

A versatile anti-aging blend can be made with vegetable oils and oatmeal. Here is a detailed recipe for the composition. Pour almond, wheat germ and flax tea oil into a bowl. Add 78-8 drops of lavender, rosewood and neroli esters to the mixture of oils.

Stir the resulting mixture with diluted water with oatmeal, pour in a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and knead the mass until monotonous. Such a composition will help you cope with wrinkles, age-related pigmentation of the dermis and at the same time strengthen the marigolds.

Mixtures based on kaolin (white clay) will help to whiten the epithelium from age pigmentation. You can prepare them according to the following recipe: grind a tablespoon of rolled oats flakes into flour in a coffee grinder. Pour the flour into a bowl and add a tablespoon of kaolin, a teaspoon of glycerin and the same amount of lemon juice to it. Mix the mass and if it turns out to be too thick, dilute it with boiled water until the consistency of fatty sour cream.

Moisturizing recipes

A mixture of glycerin and cocoa will help moisturize dry brush skin. Take 30-40 grams of dry cocoa powder and dilute it until mushy with hot water. Stir so that there are no lumps in the chocolate gruel and refrigerate. In the cooled porridge, add one teaspoon of glycerin. Stir the mixture and treat the slightly damp dermis with it. Cocoa deeply moisturizes the epithelium, softens it, and, in addition, gives the skin a seductive and enchanting aroma.

The composition of aloe juice can restore the dermis of the handles to a healthy color. To prepare it, take a teaspoon of forest honey and heat it to a liquid state in a water bath.

Cut aloe leaves into large pieces and grind them in a blender or pass through a meat grinder.

Squeeze the juice out of the resulting mass and pour it into honey. Add a teaspoon of olive oil or flaxseed oil to the mass, mix and apply on hands and palms.

An effective scrub mask can be made with grapes and oatmeal. In a bowl, you need to mash 8-10 large red grapes so that the berries give juice. Pour a few tablespoons of oatmeal into the grape pulp. The amount of flakes is taken by eye - as a result of mixing the products, you should get a thick, mushy mass. This mass should be thickly smeared with hands and palms and hold for 30-40 minutes.

Use the above tools systematically, and soon your pens will be well-groomed and neat!

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