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Professional hair masks with keratin
Professional hair masks with keratin

Experiments with appearance often do not reflect in the hair in the best way. Even those women who are not prone to radical changes, after years of systematic painting, can notice the drooping appearance of their own hair.

And when the situation seems completely hopeless, the thought of getting rid of spoiled curls may visit another girl.

But others continue to fight, trying to even remotely bring their hair closer to its original appearance. However, shearing off the strands saves only if the damage was exclusively external. But if the hair has become thin and weakened due to the condition of the scalp or metabolic disorders in the body, then scissors will not help matters.

How do keratin masks work?

One of the known ways to solve the problem in your favor is keratin care. Professional hair masks containing keratin are actively used by women to restore and straighten curls.

Keratin is a protein that forms the basis of the hair structure. A professional mask with keratin creates a protective layer effect on the hair surface, as a result of which it is not damaged.

However, getting rid of frizz isn't the only good thing about keratin hair straightening masks.

Other effects of this recovery include:

  • the lost shine of the hair returns;
  • split ends are not so noticeable;
  • the structure of the hairs thickens, due to which the hairstyle seems much thicker;
  • after the procedure, the hair looks smooth, healthy and vibrant;
  • the number of hairs falling out is reduced.

The benefits of keratin recovery are hard to compare. The fact is that 97% of human hair consists of keratin scales. When, for one reason or another, the body does not have enough resources to independently produce this substance, the products of the modern cosmetology industry come to the rescue.

And if, in addition to using such cosmetics, you take care of saturating your own diet with proteins, the effect will be comprehensive.

Instructions for use

If you decide to try the miracle method of keratinization on your hair, follow a few rules so that the procedure has the maximum effect:

  • it is best to carry out keratinization with a course, because one or two sessions are hardly enough to completely restore the hair;
  • feel free to use such masks for damaged, dyed and bleached hair;
  • if you are going to dye curls, carry out the keratinization procedure after that;
  • refrain from using professional products with keratin on hair during pregnancy and lactation.

After applying a cosmetic product containing keratin, it is also worth remembering the nuances of daily care. So, after keratinization, it is advisable not to use hairpins and clips, so as not to form creases on the strands. Special care products in the form of shampoos and conditioners also help to consolidate the result.

Review of professional keratin hair masks

Modern brands create effective products based on liquid keratin, which can penetrate deep into the hair structure and "build up" damaged areas. By filling in the cracks in the hair cuticle, the material makes the curls smooth and strong. Such cosmetics are represented on the cosmetic market by a large number of names.

If you decide to undergo the procedure in the salon, the master will certainly offer you several products to choose from and tell you about the benefits of each.

Of course, only premium cosmetics will bring the best results. Therefore, it is important to decide whether you want to save money on the procedure or get the most benefit for your hair. However, having undergone a course of treatment with keratin, you are unlikely to doubt the correctness of your choice. After all, your hair will become not only straighter, but also obedient, silky and well-groomed.

One of the most popular masks is L'Oreal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill. This is a whole line of professional products, which include pro-keratin with 18 amino acids. This mask has a powerful and long lasting healing effect.

Another popular option is the Selective Ammino keratin keratin mask. This product was specially developed for severely damaged hair. It includes protein supplements, provitamin B5 and keratin itself.

Farmavita Back Bar Cream Plus with Keratin is an excellent combination of quality and affordable cost. This mask was formulated to strengthen, repair and nourish brittle, dry strands and split ends. It contains keratin, provitamins and natural oils, which provides a complex healing effect on the hair structure.

Before using a professional keratin product, you should understand that the straightening effect will not be the same on all hair.

So, if on slightly curly or wavy curls you can count on the promised effect of 90%, then with a head of hair with excessive stiffness and fluffiness, at best, the indicator will be 30%.

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