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We strengthen the structure of the curls with an oil extract of burdock root
We strengthen the structure of the curls with an oil extract of burdock root

People have used burdock oil for hair loss for a long time. The reason for the popularity of this remedy lies in its healing properties for the body and for protein structures separately. This remedy is made from burdock, or rather, from its rhizome. Its main difference from other oils is in the preparation method, which is also called extraction.

How does this preparation take place?

The root part of the plant is not squeezed out, but insisted in a vegetable-oil liquid. The plant secretes juice, which is mixed with the oily structure, as a result of which burdock oil is obtained. And although this method of restoring hair is not new, its effectiveness and popularity does not decrease from this.


The properties of burdock extract really have a beneficial effect on protein structures and promote regeneration.

The list of useful properties of burdock includes:

  • restoration of metabolism in the body and the establishment of general metabolism in skin cells;
  • strengthening the root structures of the hair;
  • acceleration of blood circulation in skin cells, which accelerates the growth of curls;
  • nutrition of the scalp and cellular structures, which heals dandruff, nourishes the roots;
  • strengthening hair roots, which prevents hair loss.


It is recommended to use this plant extract in the following cases:

  • if there is a loss of strands;
  • if curls grow poorly or this process is too slow;
  • if the scalp is dry and there are first signs of dandruff;
  • if the strands are damaged or weakened. Most often, this situation occurs after curling, frequent drying with a hairdryer or straightening with irons, as well as after coloring. In a word, in any case, when the curls are exposed to chemical or thermal influences.

The versatility of such a tool lies in the fact that it suits any type of curl. But it is worth remembering that if you have excessively oily hair, then the use of such a tool will contribute to even greater fat content of the strands. The abundant hydration of the scalp cells is aimed at adding nutrition to the weakened protein structures. But, as they say, the end justifies the means.

Therefore, if you decide to fight baldness or excessive weakening of the hair, then you do not have to choose especially. It is better to wash your hair more often than wait until half of the experienced luxurious mane remains.

Burdock oil for hair loss: methods of application

The fastest way for those who do not want to be confused with preparing a variety of products is to wash your hair, wipe the strands so that they are wet, but not wet, and apply burdock extract. However, it should not be applied along the entire length at once, but in stages.

First, divide your head with a comb into even partings, then rub warm oil into the roots of each strand. After each part has been greased, distribute the remaining product evenly over the entire length. It will be most comfortable to apply the burdock with a comb, not wetting the hair, but the teeth of the comb in oil. The product should remain on the head for an hour and a half.

In this case, it is necessary to create a "greenhouse effect": put polyethylene on your head, and wrap it with a warm towel on top. Rinse off the product in the same way as you would just wash your hair. But be careful, the grease may need to be rinsed several times.

You need to do this procedure for two months weekly, or even preferably twice a week. But you should not constantly envelop your head like this - take short breaks for several weeks, after which you can heal your hair again with the help of masks.

If the above method is for the lazy, then for those who like the preparation of cosmetics and personal care, below are some effective masks.

Homemade hair masks with burdock oil

# 1. We strengthen the roots, eliminate split ends, stimulate growth. An effective way to moisturize your hair is to make a homemade burdock mask

You will need:

  • a tablespoon of chamomile oil;
  • a tablespoon of burdock oil;
  • a tablespoon of wheat germ ether.

The ingredients must be mixed and massaged into the scalp. It is not worth applying along the entire length - just rub it into the roots a few centimeters. It is necessary to withstand the mixture for 40 minutes, then rinse.

When using such a mask, the oil has a very beneficial effect on the growth of curls, since wheat germ contains a large amount of vitamins and active substances.

Chamomile heals the structure of the strands, soothes irritated skin.

No. 2. We strengthen normal and overly dry curls. Together with the use of burdock extract, it is recommended to use other oils to normalize the condition of the curls

So, you need to take:

  • 20 g of burdock extract;
  • 5 drops of ylang ylang;
  • 5 drops of bey extract;
  • 5 drops of chamomile.

As in the previous case, mix everything, warm up before use, apply for half an hour, and then rinse.

If you have oily curls, then you can add grapefruit and lemon. The fruit must first be chopped so that only one pulp remains, the peel must be removed. Fruits contain an additional complex of vitamins and remove impurities from the sebaceous glands.

No. 3. We nourish and saturate with vitamins. In addition, various products can also be added to hair burdock oil to increase efficiency and additional nutrition. For example, everyone knows the healing properties of yolk, honey and fruits for the scalp. And healthy hair is, first of all, healthy skin, since hair follicles are formed in it

Cocoa beans also have a tonic and firming effect.

For cooking, you will need to take:

  • 10 g of chopped cocoa, if there are no beans, you can use regular cocoa powder, but note that the cocoa must be natural;
  • dissolve the cocoa in warm water, stirring occasionally. Water should be poured a little so that the consistency is viscous and homogeneous;
  • Beat fresh homemade yolk with a fork until foam appears;
  • pour in cocoa;
  • stir;
  • add 30 g of burdock extract and mix again.

Massage the mixture thickly into the scalp, and distribute the remainder through the hair, focusing on the ends. Soak for an hour and wash off with shampoo.

No. 4. We make the curls shiny. Mix a little warmed oil (no more than 30 g) with a large spoonful of natural honey (liquid) and fresh egg yolk (beat well beforehand). The mixture must be placed in a water bath, and when the honey melts, remove, stir and rub first into the roots, and then into all the curls. Soak for up to an hour and wash off with natural herbal shampoo

It is worth noting that if you have naturally oily strands, then you should not add an egg. It is good to add fresh lemon juice instead.

No. 5. Burdock hair oil extract can also be combined with fresh aloe and onion juice. Take a few scoops of each ingredient, mix and massage into the scalp. Wrap with a towel for half an hour and rinse

Combine hair oil blends in different ways. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve. The main thing is to remember that you should not wait for the expected result from a single application.

The recovery process is long, so apply masks twice a week. And your hair will be healthy and shiny again.

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