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Honey masks for lightening hair: blonde curls without chemicals and unnecessary waste
Honey masks for lightening hair: blonde curls without chemicals and unnecessary waste

How nice it is to drink tea with fragrant honey on cold winter evenings and enjoy your favorite book or movie. Needless to say, honey is a versatile and useful product for the body as a whole. It is used as a food, medicine and cosmetic product.

They also found application for hair. Sometimes it happens when the desired result does not correspond to the real one. You dyed your hair, but the shade does not suit you, you want to wash off the paint and partially lighten the color. You will find the solution to the issue in a honey mask, which you will make yourself, without resorting to chemicals and expensive salon procedures.

Why do we choose this product? What is its composition

The composition of honey is complex, containing all the useful trace elements and vitamins that are so necessary for a healthy head of hair. But the main component, thanks to which the lightening effect occurs, is hydrogen peroxide. As you know, it is included in all chemical dyes, but since lightening hair with honey belongs to natural cosmetic procedures, therefore, hydrogen peroxide in honey is not toxic to the body.

The important components of the product are:

  • ascorbic acid - strengthens the immune system;
  • group of B vitamins - accelerates the growth of curls, strengthens the roots;
  • vitamin E - heals, restores, regenerates;
  • vitamin K - coordinates the work of the bone marrow and the blood circulation process;
  • folic acid - is responsible for the growth and formation of subcutaneous cells;
  • carotene is an antioxidant;
  • glucose and fructose are sources of energy and nutrition.

In pursuit of beauty and attractiveness, many women take health and safety into the background, and in fact every housewife can reduce the harm of chemicals to a minimum and prepare a cosmetic product at home.

How does the clarification take place

If you are the owner of light blond or blond curls, it will be easier to lighten the tone with honey, because it lightens in a natural way. Can a honey mask make dark hair lighter? This question is interesting for brunettes in the first place. The mask gives a light shiny shade for curls of any type, but naturally, you will not be able to retrain from a brunette to a blonde with its help.

In addition to the above elements, the product contains iron. When oxygen enters into a reaction with it, oxidation of free radicals of iron and O2 occurs. Thus, hydrogen peroxide is released.

How to make a mask? Detailed instructions

There is no single correct recipe for a honey mask for lightening hair. Each recipe is designed for each individual hair type and product tolerance in particular.

But to prepare a cosmetic mixture with honey and distilled water, you should adhere to a certain sequence, because these two components are the basis for any mask with honey:

  • take honey and distilled water in proportions 4 to 1. Water can be replaced with apple cider vinegar - it acts as a conditioner. Mix everything in a bowl;
  • it is important to know what kind of result you want to get. By adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, you will intensify the process, but only on light curls. By adding a teaspoon of coffee, henna and cinnamon, you get reddish bright colors, hibiscus petals are slightly reddish. However, if you do not want to experiment, you can do with only two main ingredients;
  • the honey mixture is applied only to damp and washed hair. It is important. In shampooing, the moment of mixing shampoo and soda solutions is important - a quarter of a teaspoon. Rinse the head thoroughly, then dry it slightly and apply a mask on the roots and on the curls themselves;
  • the head must not only be insulated, but also to protect the eyes, forehead and other parts of the body from getting the consistency. Obligatory layer of polyethylene, warm woolen shawls or towels. If you did not add any other components besides honey, the mixture can be kept at least the whole night. In the opposite case - about two hours, in order to warn the occurrence of any reactions;
  • after a while, wash your hair very thoroughly and let the hair dry on its own. And then enjoy the honeyed result.

Other useful masks

Want to experiment? Then try making masks with honey to lighten hair, including other products.

Composition No. 1

You will need:

  • honey - st. spoon;
  • olive or any vegetable oil - half a tablespoon;
  • banana - half or whole.

Procedure: mix all products with a mixer or by hand. Let it brew for 15-20 minutes. Leave on curls for half an hour, then rinse.

Composition No. 2

You will need:

  • hair conditioner;
  • honey.

Actions: take a proportion of 1 teaspoon of honey for 2 teaspoons of conditioner, combine. Apply for 40 minutes. Rinse off and repeat in several steps. Lightening will occur after about 4 treatments.

Composition No. 3

For young ladies who dyed unsuccessfully and want to wash off the paint at home, the following composition is suitable: honey, cinnamon, oil and conditioner - all in equal portions of a tablespoon. Apply in the same way as all other masks.

What else should be added? Precautionary measures

It should be remembered that the constituents of the product are natural and do not harm health, like chemical oxides and bleaches, but you will feel the lightening effect on hair from honey masks after a while. More than 10 treatments may be needed.

When applying masks, make sure that all your curls are smeared with honey throughout. Also, pay special attention to rinsing after the procedure. If you are afraid of surprises, test the mixture on a single strand that you are going to lighten.

Now you know another harmless way to dye at home. Let it give you confidence and save money in your wallet in a pleasant way.

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