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How to make a saline hair spray at home?
How to make a saline hair spray at home?

On sale you can see a lot of different hair care products. Homemade sea salt spray is gaining popularity. It is easy to use, moisturizes, nourishes with useful microelements, facilitates combing, accelerates growth and protects against the adverse effects of external factors.

Subtleties of use

For the spray to give maximum results, it must be applied correctly.

Then he will have a beneficial effect on the hair and improve its condition:

  • The product should be sprayed only on clean, dry strands;
  • It is advisable to irrigate immediately after washing, when the hair is dry;
  • Shake the composition before use.

The technology for using a home-made salt spray for hair is simple: the composition must be poured into a spray bottle. The container should be washed and dried beforehand. Tightly tighten the lid and spray on the strands - 5-6 clicks will be enough for a wave.

Curls should not be very wet. When the sea salt spray is dry, the strands can be combed.

The benefits of sea salt

Sea salt has long been used as a main ingredient in hair care products. It is rich in iodine, vitamins, useful microelements. Crystals exfoliate well, remove dead particles, promote oxygen access to the bulbs, and accelerate growth.

Hair salt has a beneficial effect on the sebaceous glands, eliminates oily sheen. To soften the effect, you can mix it with other ingredients: kefir, essential and base oils.

If you treat the curls with a spray with sea salt regularly, they will become much stronger, stronger, the structure will be restored, a healthy shine will return and growth will accelerate. How to make a salt hair spray at home?

Best Salt Spray Recipes

Recipe number 1 nutritious

Pour one ampoule of vitamins B5, B12, B6, B1 into 50 ml of still mineral water, add an ampoule of aloe extract. Dissolve two tablespoons of sea salt in 20 ml of boiling water, pour in to the bulk. Mix well, pour into a clean bottle. You can add a little vanilla or flower water to add a pleasant scent. The sea salt spray prepared according to this recipe leaves hair healthy, supple, shine back and closes the scales.

Recipe number 2 for naughty curls

Cut the lemon into slices, put in an enamel container. Pour it with mineral water (170-180 ml), put it on a low heat and evaporate until the liquid is half as much. Then remove the container in a cool, dark place, cool and strain.

Dissolve 10-15 g of salt in a small amount of water and pour the solution into the lemon broth. Add 5 ml of alcohol and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can use it daily or before styling - the curls will be obedient, elastic, and you can easily make a complex hairstyle.

Recipe number 3 against fat content

Combine cognac with mustard powder in equal amounts, add two yolks and 17-20 ml of aloe juice. Dissolve 10-12 g of salt in 20 ml of mineral water. Stir, pour into a container with a spray bottle. You need to process the strands and scalp twice a week. After application, leave for half an hour and then wash your hair in the usual way. The spray is stored for no longer than a week.

After application, the curls will be kept fresh and clean, shine will appear.

You need to make a cool decoction of chamomile, add two tablespoons of sea salt to it and wait until it dissolves. Pour in 30 ml of flaxseed oil and a couple of drops of any ether. The spray can be used daily. It not only reduces the production of sebum, but also strengthens the follicles, stimulates hair growth processes.

Recipe number 4 for accelerated growth

Pour spring water (350 ml) into a deep bowl, dilute 20-23 g of crystals in it. Add 25 ml of vodka, juice from one lemon, 7 ml of rosemary and ylang ylang esters. The tool should stand in the refrigerator for a day, and only then can it be used. It should be applied in the morning and evening. The composition enhances blood flow to the follicles, nourishes and strengthens them, so the hair grows faster.

Nicotinic acid also promotes growth acceleration. Pour three tablespoons of salt into 60 ml of water, dissolve it. After pouring out the ampoule of acid, add 3-4 ml of ylang-ylang, thyme or sage ether. It is better to spray the mixture before laying.

Recipe number 5 against brittleness

Mash two yolks, add 60 ml of burdock oil and the same amount of olive oil to them. Add filtered or mineral water (50-70 ml) in which salt is dissolved (20 g). Irrigate the strands along the entire length, pay special attention to the root zone and dermis. After 30-60 minutes, you can wash off with cool water so that the yolks are not "cooked". The mixture strengthens, nourishes, restores structure, fights split ends.

Dissolve 30 g of salt in warm water, add a couple of tablespoons of hair gel and the same amount of coconut oil. Stir and pour into a bottle. The composition makes curls obedient, helps to keep styling longer.

Recipe number 6 for protection from adverse external factors

If you style your hair with electrical appliances or your curls are often negatively affected by external factors, this spray will help protect them.

Dissolve the juice of one large lemon in well or mineral water (20 ml). Put the mixture on low heat and wait until half of the liquid has boiled away. Add 30 g of salt to the cooled solution. When it dissolves, pour the solution into a bottle and use it after shampooing. Such a salt spray gives a dazzling shine, keeps the hair clean and fresh longer.

Recipe # 7 for easy combing

Pour 180 ml of water into a container, pour 15 mg of nettle, string, mint, chamomile, green tea each. Put on low heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Wait for the broth to cool, strain. Add 30 g of sea salt, 3 ml of any ether. Pour into a bottle, irrigate after each shampooing. The curls will stop getting tangled, it will be easier to comb and style them.

Before use, it is worth conducting a sensitivity test. Apply a small amount to the area behind your ear or wrist. If an allergic reaction does not appear after a few minutes, the strands and dermis of the head can be treated.

If after several applications the result is almost invisible, try changing the composition using other additional components. Finding your perfect salt spray will take some experimentation. But it's worth it - your hair will be smooth, silky, shiny and healthy.

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