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Scalp care
Scalp care

What we sometimes see - shiny hair to the waist, short, braids, squares, luxurious and "live" hair - these are all dead cells. And only the root hidden in the skin is alive. And in order for the hair to remain healthy, you need to take care of the skin underneath.

You can start with a simple massage, this is one of the scalp care products:

  • for the skin under the hair, exercises to stimulate blood circulation will be useful: with slightly apart fingers, we make circular movements throughout the head, starting from places behind the ears and ending to the crown;
  • the sebaceous glands, especially if you have dry hair, also need an appropriate massage: with the fingers apart on both sides of the head, we make slightly pressing movements, gradually bringing our hands together;
  • Various oils are useful for scalp care: almond, eucalyptus, orange, jojoba, lavender, rosemary. It is good to do massage with them. Do not rub your head too much, the skin should move along the skull with the help of your fingers.

How to find funds?

It is absolutely clear that healthy hair is influenced not only by the atmosphere, but also by the detergents that we always use. Foam plays an important role in cleaning the skin and hair from dirt and dust. A good product should foam abundantly, while the soapy "cap" should remain for quite a long time.

A high-quality detergent will not be like water in consistency, it will be thick, this will just allow you to measure the amount normally.

In addition to the listed requirements, a modern product must have a beautiful appearance, not exfoliate and have additional functions: antistatic, nourishing, conditioning, softening, and so on.

We take care of the scalp at home correctly

How often should you wash your hair?

This should be done as it gets dirty, depending on the amount of sebum. You can wash it even daily, or you can wash it once a week. For oily scalp, after washing, apply thermal water, thus, the sebaceous glands will work more slowly.

Use strengthening products as well. Taking vitamin complexes is a very effective drug, since when the hair grows, it becomes sensitive to certain components. Get ready for the fact that you will take away the result only after a month of using them.

However, an illiterately chosen detergent can cause pink spots on the skin under the hair. If you only get itching and redness when you use a certain shampoo, then you are most likely to have sensitive skin.

If this does not go away for a long time, and in addition dandruff and inflammation appear, it may be a skin disease.

What is a good shampoo made of?

Experts say that any detergent is a "chemistry", no matter how advertising convinces us that their product consists of natural ingredients. Many components actually have a natural origin, but so many transformations are made with them that it is simply impossible to call a ready-made detergent a shampoo "without chemistry".

Each product has a basis from a whole combination of components, since, despite all the universal and unique properties, its purpose is still to wash your hair.

Experts in this business call shampoos surfactants (surfactants). The combination of a basic surfactant and a special co-surfactant with the addition of a thickener is the simplest shampoo. This can also be done at home.

What is the danger of a detergent?

Unfortunately, each such product has an aggressive character, dries and irritates the skin. As a result of washing, hair can become tangled and the ends can start to split.

Such problems are solved by special additives that reduce the hardness of the main detergent.

But the catch, as a rule, is the price. Each supplement makes shampoo much more expensive than regular shampoo, but even worse when they save on such a product.

Some dietary supplements do not work with each other in shampoo. For this reason, the presence of more than three to four active additives in the composition is not the norm.

Adding essential oils to shampoo can cause allergies. Therefore, you must carefully choose the product.

How to avoid trouble?

  • a good shampoo cannot be cheap;
  • it is better to choose products of popular brands;
  • do not buy a product with 3-4 active additives, this is a lot for such a product;
  • composition of at least 13 components.

How to apply shampoo correctly?

  1. hair must be completely wet before application;
  2. the water should be at the temperature at which you will be comfortable;
  3. rub a small amount of shampoo into your palms;
  4. apply to the head and work from the top of the head to the ends of the hair;
  5. gently massage your head, taking into account all the hair;
  6. Make sure the shampoo covers each hair by running your fingers through the hair like a comb from the top of the head to the ends.
  7. washing off in this matter is more important than applying, which takes twice as long;
  8. rinse off the product for five minutes and do it well so that there is no foam left;
  9. at the end, you can rinse your head with ice water - this will give them a special shine.

When you want to towel dry your hair, do not overdo it, as it is too sensitive in this state.

Blot your hair and gently squeeze out the water from the ends, to your usual style. At the end of all the work, your luxurious hair will delight you and those around you.

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