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Get rid of frizzy hair with homemade masks
Get rid of frizzy hair with homemade masks

Owners of curly hair repeatedly in their lives have to deal with the problem when short hairs stick out in different directions and fit with difficulty, especially in a cold season or in a humid environment. Because of this, the hairstyle resembles a dandelion flower at the moment of fading.

It is very difficult to style such hair. Some girls abuse styling products and curling irons, which is harmful in itself. How to get rid of unnecessary splendor hair? Home proven remedies come to the rescue.

Fluffy hair reasons

If you follow and try to deduce the pattern of this process, you can conclude that hair is frizzy:

  • with a moisture deficit. Most often this occurs in winter, when the air is dry and electrified, or in summer, during heat and direct sunlight;
  • with the abuse of styling, hair dryers, irons, straighteners;
  • after a perm, dyeing;
  • from an incorrectly selected shampoo, with frequent shampooing.

There may be more reasons in individual cases. The very nature of curly curls, unfortunately, is prone to fluffiness and sticking out in different directions. It's like the other side of the coin.

Therefore, remember and follow some simple rules for hair care at home.

  1. If you use a shampoo on a daily basis, it is important that it is specifically designed for everyday use for curly and dry hair;
  2. Apply a leave-in, protective moisturizing balm. It will maintain moisture inside the hair root and protect it from the external environment;
  3. Do not get carried away with a hairdryer and thermo-styling. Dry the strands naturally;
  4. Don't go to bed with a wet head;
  5. When doing heat-laying, use protective equipment;
  6. To prevent curls from fluffing, straighten them only when dry;
  7. Do not use sticky curlers;
  8. Buy yourself a wooden comb with large teeth made from natural wood;
  9. Pamper yourself with a nourishing anti-frizz mask;
  10. Salon hair straightening procedures with keratin or biolamination will also help;
  11. Do not comb your hair immediately after shampooing;
  12. Go through your wardrobe, do not overuse clothes made of synthetic materials, they electrify strands. If this is not possible, spray the shoulders and hood of the outerwear with an antistatic agent;
  13. Review your diet. Proper nutrition will help get rid of the problem;
  14. Drink plenty of water. Balance the water balance in the body.

We fight the problem with improvised home remedies

To eliminate the "dandelion effect" on the head, you can use both professional and home methods.

If not every girl can afford expensive professional products, then anyone can prepare homemade masks. You just need to choose a recipe for a suitable mask for frizzy hair.

Some homemade mask recipes

Mayonnaise with yolk

You will need:

  • Art. a spoonful of mayonnaise;
  • Art. a spoonful of sunflower oil;
  • egg yolk.

How to use: mix all the ingredients in a separate bowl and heat them up. The mask is applied to the hair, distributed along the length. The head is insulated, the procedure lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours. After rinsing, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing balm.


You will need:

  • Art. a spoonful of onion juice;
  • Art. a spoonful of apple cider vinegar;
  • Art. spoon of honey:
  • Art. spoon of kefir.

How to use: peel the onion, chop finely, or scroll through a meat grinder, strain the juice through cheesecloth, separating it from the pulp. Now you can connect everything. This recipe follows an identical algorithm as the previous one: we apply it to the hair, insulate it, keep it for about an hour, rinse it off. Rinsing with vinegar or lemon water will help get rid of the onion smell.

Glycerin vitamin

You will need:

  • 10 drops of glycerin;
  • vitamin C capsule;
  • yolk;
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of a decoction of herbs (chamomile, oak bark, nettle).

How to use: apply the mask thoroughly, especially on those areas where hair is particularly prone to frizz. Keep your head warm for no longer than 30 minutes. This mask can be applied after every shampoo.

In order to wait for the effect of masks against frizzy hair, you need to be patient and treat the procedures as a course of treatment.

One, two, three times won't be enough. Only in a month you will feel the result of saving your money on salon procedures.

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