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Sandalwood oil for hair: how it is useful, how to use it correctly
Sandalwood oil for hair: how it is useful, how to use it correctly

Sandalwood essential oil was used by the ancient Egyptians about four hundred decades ago, but not as a cosmetic, but rather as a medicine. The oil was a part of embalming ointments, various mixtures for ritual ceremonies, and its aroma was used as a therapy.

Even in the Vedas, its healing properties are mentioned.

A little later, the secrets of sandalwood were discovered in Ancient Rome and China. Perhaps it was there that sandalwood oil was found to be beneficial for hair. What exactly is the benefit?

Why is sandalwood useful and when is it used?

Using sandalwood oil for hair, you nourish your curls and roots with additional nutrition, which is especially necessary for weak, lifeless and dull hair.

Here are some other functions of this indispensable remedy:

  • has antiseptic properties, relieves inflammation that occurs in the subcutaneous part of the head;
  • nourishes the bulbs, saturates them with energy and activates dormant follicles;
  • eliminates the cause of dandruff;
  • strengthens hair along the entire length, the ends of the curls do not split;
  • the use of the substance allows you to improve the general appearance of the hair. The curls become shiny and lively.

It can be concluded that sandalwood essential oil has a positive effect on the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, ensures their full functioning, and, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the strands in general. So the benefits of the product are doubly proven by the visual result.

The healing properties of sandalwood oil

What is natural essential oil?

This is the usual oily consistency, very dense and viscous. It can be different in color: from transparent yellow to red. The scent of sandalwood itself is very pleasant, has a delicate woody shade and an oriental exotic note, which fills with energy and tranquility. Perhaps that is why it is so used and revered in Eastern cultures.

Their usual meditation practice is accompanied by the aroma of sandalwood oil, which is carried from the aroma lamp, aroma sticks and smoking lamps.

The healing properties of the consistency are given by one component - santalol. Its content is about 90%. Thanks to Santalol, the product prevents inflammation, disinfects, regenerates and restores hair.

How to use oil for different purposes?

When purchasing an essential product, determine the goals you want to achieve with the oil.

And it can be applied in different ways.

  1. Sandalwood oil can miraculously influence your imagination and is a powerful aphrodisiac. Therefore, to add a touch of piquancy to your intimate communication with your soul mate, add a few drops to the bathroom or aroma lamp, and spend a romantic evening enveloped in the scent of sandalwood;
  2. The components repel insects and treat bites and combed areas on the body;
  3. For medical purposes, it is used in the treatment of angina, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, tracheitis, inhalations and baths are made with it for inflammatory processes;
  4. If you add 2-4 drops of sandalwood to 750 ml of wine, it will enrich the taste of the drink and add a certain oriental flavor.

This is not a complete list of all the useful properties of this product. How is sandalwood essential oil used for hair?

We do useful procedures for hair

Before you begin to heal your hair, determine if you have any contraindications and allergic reactions to sandalwood extract. Among the main contraindications are pregnancy, lactation and kidney disease. To check if there is an allergy to the components, anoint a separate area of the skin with oil and observe the reaction. As the drug manifests itself on the skin, such a reaction can be expected on the head.

So, if there is no redness, rash, itching and other uncomfortable reactions, you can proceed with the following procedures:

  • add a few drops of oil to the shampoo with which you wash your hair. Do this for several weeks in a row and the result will please you.
  • you can butter a hairbrush or comb and comb it overnight.
  • after using shampoo, sandalwood oil can be rinsed out hair, which will make it soft and silky.

When purchasing an essential oil from a store, check the expiration date on the packaging. It will also be useful to test it for volatility.

A high-quality product, if you drop it on a napkin, will evaporate in a few minutes. Beware of fakes, as we are talking about direct contact with the skin.

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