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How to get rid of pustules on the head in the hair at home?
How to get rid of pustules on the head in the hair at home?

Many are familiar with the problem of the appearance of pustular acne. They bring discomfort and painful sensations to their owners. Such acne can appear on the face, back, under the scalp.

Reasons for the appearance of pustules

It is easier to get rid of acne in your hair than on your face or back. If you know why they appeared, you can speed up the process of getting rid of them.

The causes of abscesses on the head can be:

  • Incorrectly selected shampoo;
  • Unbalanced diet;
  • Nervous stress;
  • Hormonal disbalance;
  • Disruption of the sebaceous glands;
  • Inflammatory processes of the scalp.

One of the reasons for the appearance of abscesses is the wrong shampoo. This is most often due to the fact that detergents dry out the scalp too much or do not sufficiently clean it.

An unbalanced diet can cause breakouts. Doctors in such cases recommend reducing the use of sweets. It is also worth limiting yourself in taking sugary drinks with dyes, fried foods, giving up alcohol and smoking. Alternating steamed dishes can be helpful.

It is recommended to eat a variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits. In addition to getting rid of acne, this way of eating will help improve the general condition of the body.

Many diseases arise against the background of experienced stressful situations. The consequence of a nervous shock can be not only inflammation and the appearance of acne, but also hair loss, loss of appetite, exacerbation of chronic diseases. There can be only one way out of this situation - to restore the nervous system.

Many girls are familiar with the problem of acne not only in the hair, but also on the face, back, shoulders, décolleté, which occurs shortly before the start of the menstrual cycle. This is due to a change in the amount of hormones in the body. In adolescents, as a rule, abscesses disappear after puberty. In adult men, acne may be associated with a change in testosterone hormone levels.

If the appearance of abscesses on the head in the hair is a consequence of disturbances in the work of the sebaceous glands, then inflammatory processes of the scalp begin, accompanied by severe pain. This is due to the fact that the amount of produced sebaceous fat is exceeded, which clogs the pores. As a result, the access of oxygen to the hair follicles is stopped.

Scalp acne treatment

You need to start the fight against purulent acne on the head with a visit to a dermatologist. He gives directions for passing the necessary tests. In some cases, you may need to consult other specialists, for example, an endocrinologist, therapist, allergist or neurologist. After finding out the cause of the rash and making a diagnosis, treatment is prescribed.

Antibiotics may be prescribed to get rid of. They can be used for external and internal use. When applied externally, the affected area is treated with the drug. Oral administration is generally recommended when internal infections are found.

It is important to remember that drug treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician. He can also make adjustments to the treatment process by replacing or canceling drugs.

Doctors can prescribe hormonal, antifungal or antiallergic drugs, various sorbents, lactobacilli.

It will be useful to take vitamins A, E, group B and a complex of trace elements.

For external use, ointments with a drying effect, for example, "Levomekol" or "Ichthyol ointment", can be used. It is also permissible to use alcohol-containing preparations, such as infusion of calendula, salicylic acid.

In addition to the drying effect, they have disinfecting properties, help to reduce rashes and relieve scalp inflammation. It is worth noting that improper treatment of inflamed areas with an alcohol solution can lead to burns, so you should consult a doctor before the procedure.

For minor inflammation of the scalp, the use of tar soap, anti-inflammatory or antifungal medicated shampoos can help. You can also carry out physiotherapy: cryotherapy or exposure to the head with ultraviolet rays.

Acne Recipes

Traditional medicine will help in the fight against acne on the head: masks, tinctures and rinses.

Recipe No. 1 rinse aid

To make an apple cider vinegar head rinse, dilute it with clean water in equal proportions. You need to apply it after washing the curls. A few minutes after rinsing your hair, you can additionally rinse your hair with clean water. This will remove any apple cider vinegar residue from your hair. As a result of the use of such a tool, not only the scalp is dried, but the curls also acquire a healthier appearance.

Regular use of the Yarrow Mouthwash relieves scalp inflammation. To prepare it, you need to combine 100 ml of alcoholic tincture with 180 ml of boiling water. Pour the finished solution into a container with a tight lid or into a thermos, leave for 3-3, 5 hours. Use as a rinse after washing your hair.

Calendula has many health benefits. The flowers of the plant help relieve inflammation, regenerate the sebaceous glands of the scalp. To prepare a rinse, you can use a ready-made alcoholic tincture of calendula, purchased at a pharmacy. Combine 45 ml of the finished tincture with 200 ml of warm water. Rinse curls after washing.

Recipe number 2 antiseptic

Tea tree essential oil can be used as an antiseptic, but not pure as it can cause burns. It is added to shampoo or to the composition of the mask for curls.

Recipe number 3 anti-inflammatory masks

The most common anti-acne mask under the hair is a cinnamon and honey composition. For cooking, you need to mix 50 grams of natural melted honey with 7 grams of finely ground cinnamon. After mixing, the product is ready to use.

The mask is applied to the inflamed areas of the head for 22-25 minutes. You can do this procedure before or after washing your hair 2-3 times every 10 days.

Anise mask can also help get rid of acne in your hair.

For its preparation, anise seeds need to be poured with water for 8-10 hours. Grind the seeds soaked in moisture with a blender, apply the prepared gruel to the inflamed areas.

To enhance the effect of the mask, you can put a bag or shower cap on your head, and warm it on top with a towel. After 50-55 minutes, wash off the product with clean water. Do the procedure 2 times every 5 days.

Recipe number 4 medicinal lotions

Treatment of the scalp for inflammation can be carried out without the use of masks and lotions. To do this, it is enough to wipe the skin with fresh aloe or strawberry juice. To enhance the effect, you can insulate your head. After half an hour, wash off the juice from the skin with running water.

Recipe number 5 medical shampoo

To prepare a medicated acne shampoo, you need to pour 15 grams of colorless henna with a glass of warm water. After an hour, add 1 chicken egg and mix. Apply homemade medicated shampoo in a circular motion. After a light massage, rinse your hair thoroughly.

Owners of dark and red hair can use regular natural henna. This will not only get rid of inflammatory processes, but also strengthen the hair. The use of colorless henna is recommended for blondes, as the hair can acquire a reddish tint.

It is important to remember that early treatment will help speed up the healing process.

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