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Choosing a baby carrier. At what age can you use the "kangaroo"?
Choosing a baby carrier. At what age can you use the "kangaroo"?

It is not always convenient to carry a stroller with you everywhere. It is heavy, takes up a lot of space, it is difficult to place it in transport, you can not go to every store with it. And a young mother should be healthy, happy and full of energy. For this, manufacturers of children's products have created a wide range of devices. It remains only to decide: which carrier for the baby to choose?

Baby carriers

Backpacks for carrying newborn babies can be of three types: "sling", "ergo-backpack" and "kangaroo". From what age each of these forms of carriers can be used, now we will figure it out.

The safest and most comfortable for newborn babies are "slings" - each backpack adjusts to the physiological position of the baby, allowing him not to lose bodily contact with the mother. This thing has been used since birth.

A kangaroo bag is a kind of backpack designed to accommodate and carry small children in an upright position. Many mothers are wondering at what age it is allowed to use a baby carrier-kangaroo? It is allowed to vertically place the baby only after 3 months of life, when he already holds his head, and then not during

all models.

The device is attached to the mother's or father's breast with the help of reliable belts and buckles that do not put a strong load on the child's back. The baby is pressed with his face to the parent, and sometimes with his back, so that he gradually gets used to the outside world. When buying a "kangaroo" for a three- or four-month-old baby, be sure to pay attention that the thing is suitable for age. Consult the seller, read the instructions for the device.

Starting from 6-7 months, the spine and back muscles of the child become stronger, and the child begins to sit down on its own. During this period, you can safely take a "kangaroo" to carry the baby in a sitting position.

"Ergo backpack!" similar to kangaroo, but it can be installed horizontally or semi-horizontally. It is very convenient for nursing mothers. The backpack can be fastened both on the chest and on the back of the parent. You can use the device almost from birth, but you need to choose the right model.

Car carriers for babies

Carrying chairs for newborns act as car seats in the car, and in addition serve as a means of transporting newborns to different destinations.

This chair can be used even while walking and at home. If you often move with a car, it is convenient to use car carriers so as not to disturb your baby, for example, when he is sleeping.

The seat is installed in the opposite direction to the direction of movement of the car, which ensures maximum safety for the infant. The carrycot can be used to carry it in the car, but it will only be suitable for up to 6 months. But it is allowed to use a special chair-carrier for newborns in the car for up to one and a half years. Then you will have to buy a new car seat for the older age in the car.

Modern 3-in-1 strollers combine a special chair for carrying newborns in a car, a carrycot and a stroller. This is very convenient when you are traveling somewhere with your child. You just need to put the chassis in the trunk, and when needed, take them out and attach the chair to them (this takes less than a minute), after which the child will already be in the stroller. Likewise, a stroller can turn back into a car seat.

Baby Carrying Baskets

Carrying baskets for newborns usually look like bassinets. The basket is purchased separately so that it is convenient to take out and put the sleeping child in the stroller, transport it to the points of destination. When purchasing a carrycot, check that it fits the width of your stroller box.

The portable basket is ideal for walking on the balcony. If the weather is bad outside, you just have to put the cradle with the baby on a stable support, close it from the wind - and the child will breathe fresh air. This basket is suitable for cold weather, because it has a special layer of fabrics and a hood.

The main task of parents at this time is not to leave the child alone, to check if the nose is frozen.

A real wicker basket can also serve as a carrier for newborns, however, for transportation it is not entirely safe, it is better to use it for motion sickness. Such a cradle has an aristocratic look, is environmentally friendly for a child, and it is easy for mom to swing it. Nowadays, many beautiful cradles are produced in the form of baskets.

Carrying bags for newborns

Carrying bags for babies are an indispensable option for active parents. The device of this device allows adults to travel and relax, go to the store, hospital, to work without any problems.

The most popular in our time are winter bags for carrying newborns. It is convenient to take them with you during the period of ice and slush, when it is very difficult to carry the stroller, and sometimes even impossible. The baby is very comfortable in such a bed, because it is warm there, there is a solid bottom with a mattress, the material is durable and does not allow water to pass through. It is easy for parents to carry and wash such a bag. If a mother lives alone with her child above the first floor in a house without an elevator, sometimes it will be more convenient for her to carry her bag outside than a stroller.

Another feature of the carry bag for kids is that it has a shoulder strap that can be slung over the shoulder, thereby reducing stress on the back. It is also important that this item is suitable for placement in a stroller.

One has only to lower the back of the stroller, place a bag inside it and fasten it securely with belts. Special straps for this are sold together with carrying bags designed for multifunctional use.

When can you start using the Carrying Bag? Features of the bag device allow you to use it from birth up to 6 months. For older children, the device will serve as a cover for the legs. It turns out that in its functions the bag is similar to a cradle or basket, but lighter in weight and cheaper in price.

How to make a baby carrier yourself

All the carriers that are sold in the store are very practical, but the manufacturers are overpricing. Therefore, you can try to make some types of means intended for transporting babies yourself. It will take time and certain skills to make a carrycot for newborns with your own hands. But a mother can easily make a "sling" with her own hands, even if she has never sewed anything in her life.

The most popular model is considered to be a "sling" with rings: they regulate the length of things, they look beautiful from the side and do not rest on mom's shoulder.

What you need:

  • durable canvas measuring 220 * 80 cm;
  • 2 rings with a diameter of 6-7 cm (they are sold cheap in the store), take not wooden, but

    metal - they are stronger;

  • threads, scissors.

Work the edges of the fabric so that they do not diverge: two sides of 220 cm and one of 80 cm will need to be sewn around the edges on a typewriter or by hand. Slip the fourth side of the fabric into the rings and secure it with several stitches.

Now the product that you have prepared with your own hands, you just have to put it on correctly.

Pass the tail section of the "sling" into both rings, then straighten it, turn it out to the other side and thread it again, but in only one ring. Slip your head and shoulder into the garment.

Make sure the baby bag is on the opposite side of the rings. Adjust the length you need with the tail and rings, straighten the bag and put the newborn into it.

Make sure that you are comfortable and that the rings do not dig into your neck. The back and legs of the baby should not be below the level of the mother's waist.

How to choose a quality carrier

There are criteria that a child carrier must have:

  • Environmentally friendly materials, cotton lining if in contact with the baby's body.
  • A firm, level and sturdy bottom if it is a basket, bag or chair. For babies

    you can not spend a lot of time on a soft, uneven surface.

  • All handles, straps and buckles are securely fastened and made from durable materials.
  • "Kangaroo" is equipped with a waist belt, hard back, wide shoulder straps.

There is a huge selection of carriers for newborns in stores now, it's just that your eyes run up. Consider your lifestyle and other factors (for example, you often travel by car or bus, go to the store, live without an elevator on the 5th floor). This will help you make a choice.

Whichever type of transportation you choose for your child, rely on the basic quality criteria to keep your child as safe and comfortable as possible.

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