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Bathing water temperature for a newborn, general recommendations for parents
Bathing water temperature for a newborn, general recommendations for parents

With the birth of a child, pleasant and exciting chores arise. The baby is born absolutely helpless, all care for him falls on the parents.

Bathing is an important part of hygiene procedures, so that the newborn feels comfortable, the temperature of the water in the bathroom should be pleasant for his body.

Basic rules for bathing a newborn

Water treatments are beneficial for the health and well-being of the newborn.

They contribute to:

  • removal of increased muscle tone;
  • maintaining the normal condition of the skin;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • relaxation of the nervous system.

For bathing children, they usually buy a baby bath, but you can use a shared bathroom, washing it thoroughly before each filling. Processing should be with baking soda. In the first month, the umbilical wound is vulnerable to infection, so bathing in boiled water is recommended.

Decoctions of herbs - chamomile, string, plantain help relieve inflammation, promote skin healing. An alternative to plants is potassium permanganate, its weak solution perfectly disinfects water. Do not overuse supplements, they are acceptable once a week. The delicate skin of a newborn is sensitive to any irritants; with frequent use of decoctions, it becomes overdried.

When bathing a baby, certain rules must be followed:

  • the air temperature in the room should not be lower than + 24º;
  • it is advisable to perform water procedures in the evening, before bedtime;
  • bathing time - 5-10 minutes;
  • during the procedure, the baby's head and shoulders should be supported;
  • it is necessary to thoroughly wash all the folds in which dirt particles collect - under the neck, in the groin, under the armpits, between the fingers.

What is the optimal temperature for bathing a newborn?

The body of a newborn is at the stage of formation, it is not capable of normal thermoregulation. Hot or cold water is bound to cause discomfort in a newborn. The stress of freezing or overheating will negatively affect your baby's attitude towards bathing.

What is the optimal bathing water temperature for newborns? Being in the womb of the mother, the child gets used to the temperature in the range of 36, 6-37 º C. Immersion in a similar environment will be familiar and pleasant for the baby.

What is the danger of overheating a child?

Due to being in hot water, the skin of children turns red, the temperature may rise, and breathing becomes difficult. When such signs appear, it is necessary to get the child out of the bathroom. In addition, the pores of the heated skin open, allowing infections to attack the child's body. In order not to make mistakes, every mother should purchase a water thermometer and carefully monitor its readings. The thermometer should not rise above 37ºC.

Cool water is used by parents as a way to harden the child. But this procedure requires a gradual decrease in degrees. Immersion in a cold bath will cause discomfort and the baby will cry. Hypothermia threatens a fragile body with a cold and problems with the urinary system in children.

The first bath is an important event for young parents

The first immersion of the baby in the bath becomes a small but unforgettable event for young parents. In order for it to leave only pleasant memories, you need to do everything right.

Pediatricians do not give a definite answer when it is recommended to bathe a newborn for the first time. Previously, doctors advised wiping the baby with wet wipes for the first two weeks, until the umbilical wound healed. Now it is recommended to bathe the baby after arriving from the hospital.

Buying a separate bathtub should make the life of a young mother easier. It is much easier to wash your baby by setting the container to a comfortable height. The baby will feel safer in a small space, and the mother will not have to bend low.

During the first bathing, boiled water is used, cooled to a temperature of 36, 5-37 ºC. If potassium permanganate is added to it, then it is better to wrap the baby in a diaper. The fabric will exclude contact of delicate skin with caustic, undissolved crystals. Special attention should be paid to the choice of a thermometer for water, because it is needed for daily use.

The temperature of the bathing water for a newborn is measured with a special alcohol thermometer. Unlike mercury, it does not have hazardous toxic components. The device is enclosed in a durable plastic case that does not heat up and does not break. Usually it is made in the form of a bright toy that pleases the child while bathing. So that mothers do not forget what the bathing temperature of the newborn is, there is a special mark on the scale of about 37º.

Some parents check the water temperature with their elbows. Despite the fact that the skin there is more delicate, the sensations of an adult are not objective. To be 100% sure of the safety of the child, it is better to use an alcohol thermometer.

When filling the bath, first pour cold water, and then dilute with hot water. The temperature should be measured after mixing. When the thermometer reads 36.6-37º, you can bring your baby.

The first bathing should take no more than 5 minutes; its duration increases every day. By the age of 6 months, the child is left in the bathroom for 15 minutes, and by the age of 40. The baby should be lowered into the water carefully, soothing him with gentle words.

The optimal way to wash your baby is a soft mitten that can be easily washed. You will not need shampoo for the first bath, if the baby has a light fluff, then you can wash your hair with baby soap. A towel for children is prepared in advance, it is immediately wrapped up, but not rubbed, but the skin is easily wetted.

Parents should choose the time for bathing, focusing on the characteristics of the baby. If the water procedure has a relaxing effect on him, then it should be carried out before bedtime. In the case when bathing stimulates activity, it is better to do it during the daytime.

Tempering a newborn - when can you start the procedure?

Hardening is beneficial for children, this procedure helps to strengthen the immune system. The child is less sick with colds, his nervous system is strengthened. A strong body can more easily cope with viruses and bacteria that attack the baby in the cold season. In order for hardening to be beneficial, not harmful, the procedure must take place gradually.

The temperature for bathing a newborn should decrease by 1º in 4-5 days. Do not forget that after 15 minutes of bathing, the water will cool down anyway. The gentle hardening mode will not become stressful for the baby. It will be active in cool water if it gradually gets used to it.

Special care should be taken when tempering weak children. It is recommended to start the procedure when the baby is in a good mood, if he cries and is capricious, it is better to postpone bathing in cool water.

During the first three months, the water temperature should not drop below 28º. The effectiveness of hardening is influenced by the systematic nature of the procedures.

In the process of bathing, the main thing is to listen sensitively to the mood and desires of your baby. You can not leave a child in the bath alone, even when he is already confidently sitting.

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