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Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs
Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins are a persistent and irreversible process in which the veins expand and lengthen. The wall of blood vessels becomes thinner, nodes are formed due to the development of a pathological process in the tissues, insufficiency of their valves.

The disease is common. Currently, many people of all ages and sexes suffer from this ailment. Moreover, it often develops at the working age of 30-40 years. A frequent cause of the disease is the constant and long stay of a person in a sitting position, a sedentary lifestyle, heredity, overweight.

Treatment for varicose veins is prescribed only by a phlebologist after the diagnosis, identification of the causes and diagnosis. As a rule, therapy is prescribed in a complex, which includes taking medications for varicose veins, gymnastics, and wearing special compression underwear.

Complex therapy may also include homeopathy.

Homeopathy for varicose veins of the legs - treatment

The use of these medicines is a safe method of treating varicose veins and strengthening blood vessels, however, the effect of their use does not come immediately, but after a while. Of course, they will not remove the disease, but they will help to relieve severe symptoms, pain syndrome, swelling, severity, and improve the general well-being of the patient.

Their individual appointment will help restore the elasticity of the veins, strengthen the walls of the capillaries. At the same time, the main task is to find an experienced and competent specialist in this area, because it is forbidden to combine the use of classical medicines with these drugs for varicose veins.

Homeopathic remedies for varicose veins

Today there are more than 200 names of medicines from this group, which are used in the treatment of this disease.

The most common ones are:

  • Calcarea fluorica (Calcarea fluorica);
  • Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo vegetabilis);
  • Fluoricum acidum;
  • Sepia;
  • Hamamelis;
  • Graphites;
  • Vipera

Calcarea fluorica. Calcium fluoride. Available in the form of drops and granules. It is prescribed for patients with weakness of the connective tissue and valve apparatus, for those who have a high tendency to varicose veins. Promotes an increase in the lumen of blood vessels, strengthens the walls of the capillaries, increases their elasticity and tone

Calcium fluoride is useful in vascular and heart diseases, and is often used in dentistry to strengthen teeth. Accelerates the healing process of scars, joint injuries, fractures, bruises.

A large dose can cause the development of an inflammatory process in the middle ear, destruction of teeth and enamel. Affects fibrous and elastic tissue (bones and teeth).

Method of application: used in 3, 6 and 12 dilutions. The specific dose is prescribed by the doctor depending on the stage of the disease and the characteristics of its development.

Carbo vegetabilis. Willow, birch charcoal. Eliminates venous bloating, blood stagnation, improves blood circulation, removes the blue tint of the skin in the affected area

Treatment is prescribed for blood stagnation, general loss of strength, and the development of gangrene. Helps with trophic ulcers. It has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, the work of the heart, and the respiratory system.

With an increase in dosage, weakness, decreased sensitivity or complete loss of sensitivity, weight loss, blue skin may occur. Involuntary discharge of urine and feces.

Method of application: 12 and 30-fold dilutions are used.

Fluoricum acidum. Hydrofluoric acid. Available in the form of drops and granules. Acts on connective tissue. Lightens the venous cobwebs, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces the feeling of itching in the area of the affected veins

It is prescribed for inflammation of the joints, injuries, loss of elasticity of the ligaments, the formation of keloid scars. Effective acid for varicose veins. In excess, it accumulates in the bone tissue, making it weaker. Has a damaging effect on bones and teeth.

Method of application: used in a 12-fold dilution.

Sepia. Cuttlefish ink. Contains liquid secreted by cuttlefish. Purely female medication. It is prescribed for severe venous disease of the lower extremities. Helps eliminate blood stasis. Improves the blood circulation process. Helps with problems with gynecology

At high doses, it can negatively affect the nervous system, causing excitement and depression. May irritate the respiratory system, mucous membranes.

Method of application: used in medium to high dilutions.

Witch hazel (Hamamelis). Available in granules, ointments, candles, impregnated napkins. It is prescribed for inflammation of the veins, blood congestion. Eliminates pain syndrome, inflammation, improves general condition

Allergies may occur with increasing dosage.

Method of application: The ointment is applied externally to the affected area twice a day. Course 2 weeks. Suppositories are applied rectally 1-2 times a day. The napkins are applied as an application to the skin 3 times a day.

Graphites. Graphite. Available in the form of ointments, granules, drops. Affects the skin, lymphatic system, blood vessels, mucous membranes, bones. Eliminates blood stagnation, edema, even with an overweight patient, improves the blood circulation process. Effective in the development of trophic ulcers

Method of application: used from 6 to 30-fold dilution.

Vipera (Vipera). The raw material is viper venom. It is prescribed for varicose veins of any origin, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, phlebitis. Helps improve blood circulation. Reduces the feeling of strong pressure and distention in the affected area, edema of the lower extremities

When the dosage is increased, there may be swelling of the extremities, headaches. Method of application: used in 6, 12, 30-fold dilution.

Homeopathy and varicose veins - results

Homeopathy, the treatment of varicose veins with these medicines, gives an effect, but not immediately, but after a while.

The funds help to achieve the following results:

  • improve the process of blood circulation and blood microcirculation;
  • to strengthen the walls of the capillaries;
  • relieve swelling and pain syndrome;
  • eliminate the inflammatory process;
  • eliminate cyanosis of the skin;
  • lighten the vascular cobwebs and reduce the nodes of varicose veins;
  • increase vascular tone;
  • eliminate blood stasis;
  • improve the general condition of the patient;
  • accelerate the healing of trophic ulcers.

Thus, treatment with these medicines gives an effect, but they must be taken very carefully, because exceeding the dosage can have the opposite effect and cause some complications.

Expansion of veins is an unpleasant disease, it can manifest itself at any age, give complications in an advanced form. Therefore, when the first signs appear, it is better to immediately consult a doctor, and not try to treat the disease on your own.

Preparations for varicose veins from this group can be used as additional therapy in combination with other methods. But they should be appointed only by a specialist in this field, who has experience of many years of practice and knows all the components that make up these funds.

It is impossible to independently select a treatment for yourself with their use, otherwise the risk of developing negative consequences will be much higher.

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