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How effective is the use of a patch for varicose veins
How effective is the use of a patch for varicose veins

The patch for varicose veins has recently been gaining quite wide popularity. But such a tool has its own rules of use and restrictions. Therefore, self-treatment is by no means worth it.

Popular products

If you look at the pharmacy, you can find a huge variety of plasters for varicose veins.

But today, only two types are especially popular:

  • Chinese plaster for varicose veins - 38 Fule Vasculitis. It is considered a great advantage that this remedy can be used for almost any degree of varicose veins. It has an effective effect on painful areas on the legs and is very easy to use. The basis includes only natural ingredients that do not cause allergies. In addition, this type of pharmacological agent can be recommended to anyone who has problems with varicose veins. Due to one sticky side, it is easily placed on the sore area, and soon it will be possible to feel relief. Such a patch can also be used as a prophylaxis, especially since it is inexpensive. Doctors themselves currently recommend such medicinal products for the treatment of varicose veins and consider it one of the most promising areas of the future;
  • Mathan is a plaster for varicose veins. This is a really powerful agent that has an anti-inflammatory, decongestant, analgesic effect on the body, improves metabolism and restores it. On the fabric base, a composition is applied, combined of 35 extracts of medicinal herbs and plants, essential resins and oils. The upper layer on the medicinal product does not allow the active substances to evaporate, and the lower layer contains all the healing components that enter the body through the pores of the skin.

However, when using patches (like any other medicines), remember that there are limitations:

  • pregnancy;
  • period of exacerbation of dermatological diseases;
  • allergy to one or another active ingredient;
  • a pacemaker or other electronic device to maintain certain body functions.

Each product also has its own contraindications and side effects, therefore, before buying it, you need to consult your doctor.

Effective components in the composition

In the production of the base, only natural ingredients are used. The composition of herbs is selected in such a way that it constitutes a single medical complex. It includes ten plants - sage, ligistikum, celzaginia, pseudo-ginseng, red beans, white mulberry, clematic, dye safflower, oak bark and Chinese angelica.

All selected components are actively fighting varicose veins, its causes and clinical signs. The composition also includes such special substances as Azone and Borneol. The first is used as an enhancer of the penetration of active natural components into the skin, and the second serves to improve the functioning of the heart and ensures normal blood flow through the veins.

How to make your own anti-varicose patch?

There are several recipes for making a drug similar to a pharmacy remedy for varicose veins.

They will have almost the same effect on the legs, but they will cost an order of magnitude cheaper:

  • Clay therapy. The clay is dried (in the sun) and then placed in a wooden or enameled dish. BUT! Under no circumstances is a metal bowl used. Next, the product must be poured with a small amount of water, let stand for several hours so that the clay is saturated with water. Use as an ointment over those areas where varicose veins are observed;
  • Mud therapy. Here you need sea mud (60 g), lemon oil (0.5 tsp), lemon juice (2 tsp) almond oil (10 drops). First, the mud is heated to 20 degrees, and then mixed with liquid components. The composition is applied for a quarter of an hour on sore legs, and then washed off with warm water.

Such mixtures can replace a patch for varicose veins, especially if cling film or linen is applied over the treated area. However, consult a specialist before use. Perhaps, in your case, a pharmacy is more effective!

How to use the patch correctly?

The package of the patch always contains instructions from the manufacturer on the rules of use. So, Chinese medicinal products are used only externally - first, the protective layer is removed, then glued to the area where the diseased veins are visible, and pressed tightly. At the end, smooth it well so that there are no air bubbles under it.

The strip is glued with the sticky side only on clean skin. After 15 minutes, as the patch is glued to the diseased vein, the patient will feel the physiotherapeutic effect of the drug.

The local effect of the patch lasts for 48 hours. And after the specified time has elapsed, it should be changed. If the skin is too sensitive, it should be given a rest break of several hours.

Action and contraindications

The positive effect of using a medicinal product from diseased veins can be characterized by the following factors:

  • valve operation is restored;
  • the walls of the veins are strengthened, becoming stronger and more elastic;
  • stagnation of blood stops;
  • vascular nutrition improves;
  • the skin becomes natural color;
  • blood clots gradually dissolve.

A quick therapeutic effect when using a medicinal product is achieved by the fact that all the ingredients that make up the product are crushed to the level of nanomolecules and this contributes to their rapid penetration into the bloodstream through the skin.

The patch should not be applied to areas of the skin where there are ulcers, dermatitis, or other skin rashes. Pregnant and lactating mothers can only be used after consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist. You should not use it for those who begin to experience severe itching when using or are allergic to the above composition of the patch.

Summing up

Usually varicose veins are not classified as dangerous diseases. Swelling and pain in the legs is perceived as a manifestation of ordinary fatigue, and not a disease. And only the first rather serious visual signs (the presence of convoluted enlarged veins) of an impending disease make us not only suffer aesthetically, but also consult a doctor.

A specialist, after conducting an ultrasound examination, based on the diagnostic data obtained, will give the necessary advice and recommendations concerning the patient personally. Depending on the severity of the disease, the patient can choose (if there is such an opportunity) for himself the most suitable method of treating varicose veins.

The Chinese plaster has been clinically tested in the best clinics in the world. Therefore, now this tool is used not only at home, but also in hospitals.

Its effect on the body is obvious: the products help not only in the fight against unwanted symptoms (soreness, swelling, swollen veins), but also give a chance to get rid of the disease for good!

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