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Compression underwear for men: how to choose and use the right one
Compression underwear for men: how to choose and use the right one

For vein problems, predominantly elastic bandages were previously used. They are not very comfortable and require skills to secure them correctly. The way out of the situation was compression underwear for men and women.

Today, there are various options for sale: knee-highs, tights, shorts, T-shirts, etc. Each model has its own characteristics and purpose.

Purpose and principle of operation

Compression garments are used for problems with blood circulation and muscle tone.

The indications for its appointment may be the following problems:

  • varicose veins;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • thrombosis;
  • lymphedema;
  • other pathologies associated with vascular weakness.

Also taken into account factors such as excess weight, sports, strong and prolonged physical activity, long-term stay "on your feet".

The main tasks of such golf and stockings are:

  • support of muscles, joints and blood vessels, restoration of tone;
  • normalization of blood circulation, increasing its speed;
  • pressure distribution;
  • preventing the formation of stagnant processes in the limbs;
  • prevention and treatment of vascular pathologies, in particular, varicose veins;
  • prevention of complications;
  • elimination of reflux, normalization of valves;
  • pain relief;
  • postoperative condition.

In addition, knee-highs and other models help relieve stress and fatigue, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of a man's legs.

Types of materials

Modern compression garments are made from a variety of materials.

Three main categories can be distinguished:

  • Natural materials. This includes cotton jersey. It is pleasant to the touch, perfectly breathable, does not irritate the skin, but at the same time it can accumulate moisture. It is also able to provide only lightweight compression;
  • Synthetics. More effective material, but not all types of it are breathable, can cause irritation. Distribute load and pressure well. This includes types such as polyester, polypropylene, neoprene, elastane, microdiving, polyamide, microfiber, multifiber, etc.
  • Combined materials. There are two options here. The first is the production of a synthetic base and natural lining. In this case, there is a full therapeutic effect, but at the same time, knee-highs do not irritate the skin and allow it to breathe. Second, linen is made from natural material containing synthetic impurities. Their ratio is different, as well as the number of components. Such knee-highs are great for increased physical activity, as they combine the properties of all their components. They allow air to pass through and at the same time provide support for the legs.

When choosing, it is worth considering the characteristics of each material, as well as the reaction of your own body to artificial stimuli.

Laundry classification

Compression garments fall into three main categories:

  • Preventive. These are mainly knee-highs. They have a minimal effect, and therefore are suitable only for preventing the development of diseases;
  • Therapeutic. It is discharged by a doctor upon detection of various pathologies of the vascular network and with exacerbation of diseases. Differs in different pressure levels;
  • Hospital. Designed for patients undergoing inpatient treatment and for the prevention of complications after surgery.

In addition, there are four categories of compression (in mmHg):

  • I - 18-22, with chronic leg fatigue, to prevent the development of vascular and musculoskeletal diseases when the first symptoms are detected;
  • II - 23-32, suspicion of thrombosis, phlebitis, development of varicose veins;
  • III - 33-46, vascular insufficiency, varicose veins of a trophic nature, surgery, PTFS;
  • IV - 47-60, lymphedema, congenital phlebodysplasia, other serious vascular pathologies.

The degree of compression is uneven along the entire length of the product. It is larger from below and gradually decreases upward. This ensures normal blood flow to the extremities. When using an elastic bandage, for example, without special skills in applying it, it is very difficult to achieve such an effect. In addition, you have to constantly rewind it, and with prolonged active use, the bandage completely becomes unusable. Specialized clothing is devoid of such shortcomings.

Among the many types of underwear for men, there are several main ones:

  • to the knee, that is, knee socks;
  • up to the thigh, that is, stockings;
  • to the waist, that is, tights and pants.

In order not to cause discomfort and evenly distribute the load, there are models with an open toe.

Sports Models

In addition to medical compression underwear, sports models should be highlighted. They are used in active sports, as well as for the purpose of losing weight, which does not exclude physical activity.

Such underwear is in great demand among men who run, cycle or go to the gym.

It provides this effect:

  • supports the musculoskeletal and muscular system;
  • prevents stretching of muscles and ligaments;
  • protects joints from overload;
  • reduces energy consumption;
  • provides thermoregulation.

Combinations of cotton with elastane, microfiber and other high-quality synthetics are mainly used. Not only knee-highs are on sale, but also T-shirts, leggings, shorts, T-shirts with different sleeve lengths and other elements of a sports wardrobe.

Such clothing is good for air permeability, wicks moisture away, creates compression and protects against injury.

For weight loss, products with neoprene are used: pants and T-shirts, belts, knee-highs, etc.

They create a sauna effect that speeds up the slimming process. However, it should be borne in mind that this does not consume so much fat as water, so you need to drink more fluids during your workout.

Limitations and contraindications

Since such underwear has a specific compression effect, it is necessary to take into account some restrictions regarding the use of such socks and stockings.

It is not recommended to wear such knee-highs in the following cases:

  • heart failure;
  • pulmonary insufficiency;
  • skin damage (eczema, ulcers, etc.);
  • infectious pathologies, inflammation;
  • diabetic leg injuries;
  • bedsores;
  • acute thrombophlebitis.

In such cases, knee-highs against varicose veins will have the opposite effect and cause a lot of complications. That is why it is not recommended to purchase medical underwear without first consulting a doctor.

Selection recommendations

Many men find it difficult to choose the right type of lingerie.

To facilitate this task, it is recommended to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the type of problem you have and the severity of it;
  • localization of the disease;
  • material;
  • density (den);
  • manufacturer;
  • the presence and type of seam (you need to choose seamless or with a smooth seam).

All this will allow you to determine the required degree of compression and select a high-quality suitable model: knee-highs, stockings or tights. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is advisable to clarify all questions with a doctor, as well as purchase products in specialized stores, where qualified sellers can advise you.

Terms of use

It is very important not only to buy correctly, but also to use compression knee-highs and stocking models. Please note that wearing different models for certain diagnoses requires a specific amount of time. This is often 10-16 hours, that is, all day. Sometimes knee-highs and other similar clothes are worn only for times of increased stress (sports, walking, work).

In order not to damage and put them on correctly, you need to collect the golf with your hands, and then spread it over your leg. If it is not possible to gently stick the leg in, especially with strong compression, special expanders are used.

To ensure the outflow of blood, it is recommended to lie down with raised legs for a few minutes, and then put on the product, if possible, remaining in a horizontal position. You can ask someone from your family to help you cope with this task.

If, after prolonged wear, you do not experience cramps and swelling, and the symptoms of the disease have decreased, then the underwear was selected and used correctly. This will improve the quality of your life, speed up your recovery and save you from a lot of complications!

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