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Treatment of varicose veins with nettle
Treatment of varicose veins with nettle

Varicose veins are a common disease that affects the veins and blood vessels. It is accompanied by disturbances in the blood flow and affects the condition of the venous valves. The main signs of varicose veins are enlarged veins and changes in their shape.

Additional signs include the appearance of pain and heaviness in the limbs, as well as swelling.

In especially severe cases, ulcers appear on the veins and blockage of the arteries begins - this provokes thrombophlebitis, which in turn can lead to death.

Despite the large number of ready-made pharmaceutical preparations, many are fighting varicose veins with folk remedies. One of the most effective natural helpers is the common nettle, which will not take long to find. Consider whether it is possible to drink nettle with varicose veins, and what other formulations are recommended to use on its basis.

Nettle for varicose veins: a general description of the benefits and harms

Only two types of plants are suitable for treatment: stinging and dioecious. Harvesting is recommended during flowering from May to July. It is done as follows: the leaves are carefully torn off and dried in the fresh air.

Nettle is a scalding plant that contains a large amount of substances such as plant acids and flavonoids.

Additionally, the composition contains the following substances:

  • vitamins A, C, E, K, group B;
  • calcium;
  • copper;
  • iron;
  • chromium;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • organic acids;
  • mineral salts.

Such substances have the following beneficial effects: strengthening and toning. Thanks to this, the condition of the blood improves and its stagnation is eliminated, which leads to the expansion of the veins.

In addition, regeneration processes are activated and the walls of blood vessels are strengthened.

  1. Nettle is a natural concentrate of vitamins such as ascorbic acid and carotene; it contains more of them than other well-known products.
  2. Silicon and organic acids increase the body's natural immunity to harmful effects, and also protects against oxygen deficiency.
  3. The leaves contain a large amount of proteins, thanks to which it has a stimulating effect on metabolic processes.
  4. Vitamin K has a powerful hemostatic effect, increasing blood clotting.
  5. The leaves of the plant contain chlorophyll. It has a high stimulating and tonic effect, improves metabolism, increases intestinal tone, and also provides wound healing action.
  6. The secretin in the composition normalizes the metabolism and stimulates hematopoiesis, cleansing the blood of harmful impurities.

In general, nettle not only makes it possible to return the functions of important organs to a normal state, but also to bring the body back to normal.

Despite the large number of useful qualities, nettle has some limitations for use.

These include:

  • period of pregnancy;
  • individual intolerance;
  • thick blood;
  • hypertension.

Nettle for varicose veins: recipes for treatment

With varicose veins, ready-made medicinal formulas or preparations prepared independently are used. For the compositions, juice, extract of young shoots, leaves and seeds of nettle are used. In the summer, fresh ingredients are used, at other times, pre-prepared raw materials, namely leaves. They are used to prepare a decoction, tincture, or extract an extract.

Consider what recipes you can use for varicose veins.

  1. The simplest way to treat varicose veins with nettle is nettle therapy. It involves light blows to the legs. After the session, redness and itching appear on the treated skin, but after a few hours all the unpleasant sensations disappear. It is important to remember that the movements are carried out from the bottom up. This treatment can be performed no more than once a week.
  2. The juice is extracted from young shoots or fresh leaves. To do this, the selected parts of the plant are passed through a blender and squeezed. Freshly prepared juice is taken, 10 g 3 times a day. It helps to strengthen the body, improve blood composition, and also has a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect. Also, having soaked cheesecloth with juice, apply such a compress to wounds, trophic ulcers and even inflamed veins. You can store fresh juice in the refrigerator for no more than a day.
  3. Nettle extract for varicose veins. The product is prepared as follows: 1/3 of the glass container is filled with pre-dried leaves and poured with vodka. Then they close and insist for 14 days in a dark room. After the time has elapsed, filter and take the resulting composition 2 times a day, 10 g each, having previously diluted it with water.
  4. Tea with nettle and mountain ash. They are consumed in the autumn-winter period, as it includes a huge amount of vitamins. For cooking, take 3 g of dry nettle leaves and 7 g of dried rowan fruits. Raw materials are thoroughly crushed and mixed. For tea, 20 g of the mixture is enough, it is poured with 1 liter of boiling water and kept in a water bath for 10 minutes. After insisting in a thermos for 2 hours. It is recommended to drink the composition of 150 ml several times a day.
  5. Tincture from young shoots. Raw materials are cut into pieces and poured with vodka in a ratio of 1:10. Placed in a closed container and kept in a dark place for 11 days. Then they filter and lubricate the sore spots with the resulting composition.
  6. Nettle seed oil. Treatment of veins is carried out as follows: ripened seeds in the amount of 40 g are collected, ground in a mortar and poured with any oil in the amount of 80 g. Then they are placed in a closed container and insisted for 14 days in a dark place. After a lapse of time, filter and use to apply to the inflamed areas of the body. Store the resulting oil in the refrigerator.
  7. Treatment of varicose veins with nettle can be carried out using another ointment: it is prepared from pre-dried and crushed nettle leaves, annual pepper herb and ghee oil. All components are taken in the same quantity. Any fatty substance can be the basis. Such formulations are well absorbed into the skin and act on the entire surface. Store such compounds in hermetically sealed containers, placing them in a cool place and leaving them for several weeks. Vein treatment is carried out 2 times a day.
  8. To prepare a medicinal broth, take 140 g of fresh or pre-dried nettle leaves, grind them well and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Insist for at least 2 hours, filter after time. Take this medicine 3 times a day for 1/3 cup. The course of treatment is 31 days. Then take a break for 14 days and repeat the course.
  9. Baths from the greenery of the plant for cramps that can accompany varicose veins in a neglected state. For the procedure, take a basin, fill it 2/3 with leaves of a fresh plant and pour boiling water so that they are completely covered. We leave for a while, until the temperature becomes acceptable, and lower the limbs into the pelvis. The procedure takes up to 10 minutes. Rest between sessions should be at least 2 days.

It is important to remember that vein treatment brings many benefits, you need to take into account all the warnings, do not violate the proportions and do not get carried away with self-medication. Only in this case can the disease be overcome and at the same time not harm an already tired body.

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