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We fight for men's health and treat varicocele
We fight for men's health and treat varicocele

Varicocele is a common condition that affects more than 15% of males. Basically, it is a varicose veins in the testicles in the spermatic cord. This disease has serious consequences, so it is worth detecting it as early as possible and starting treatment.

To protect yourself from the occurrence of such a problem, you need to know the main causes and preventive measures.

Varicocele symptoms

Since the veins are damaged, the following signs of the presence of the disease are observed: varicose veins, an increase in the diameter of the lumen, depletion of the vessel walls and the formation of nodular ligaments. Success in treatment depends on the speed of determining the presence of the disease.

That is why doctors recommend conducting an independent examination, since the problem can be easily identified by external signs. In the part of the scrotum where there is a disease, it will be possible to notice swelling of the veins, which will stand out against the general background.

It is necessary to palpate the scrotum to understand how aggravated the situation is.

Pathology is often accompanied by the occurrence of pulling pains, which are localized in the groin area. If a man is wearing tight underwear or is constantly sitting in an uncomfortable position, then the discomfort may increase. After 2-3 weeks, a slight sagging of the scrotum is already noticeable and asymmetry is visually noted.

There are situations when varicocele is asymptomatic and a person learns about the disease only when he wants to have a child. If you have the first discomfort, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Given the degree of manifestation of symptoms, there are several stages in the development of the disease in medicine:

  • Stage 0 - the presence of the disease can only be determined using an instrumental diagnostic method, for example, ultrasound or Doppler ultrasound;
  • Stage 1 - you can feel the dilated veins only if the sick person is in a horizontal position;
  • Stage 2 - enlarged veins can be identified in any position;
  • Stage 3 - the problem can be seen with the naked eye.

It should be noted that rarely one stage passes into another.

Varicocele causes

The disease occurs when the valves located in the veins do not perform their function, which leads to an increase in pressure, and this already leads to a slow increase in the veins. The reason for the development of varicocele may lie in the increased pressure on the veins of the small pelvis.

Certain diseases can provoke the problem, for example, prostate adenoma, chronic constipation, hormonal disruptions, etc. Violations can be caused by strenuous and difficult work, exercise in the gym, prolonged standing or sitting. Not to be overlooked and getting injured.

Varicocele treatment

To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor must diagnose, so he prescribes ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound. In addition, the doctor will conduct a spermogram. To get rid of varicocele, surgical intervention is necessary, which is prescribed for pain, cosmetic defect and poor analyzes obtained after spermatogenesis.


Surgical treatment of men with varicocele can be carried out in several ways:

  • excision of the affected vessels. During the operation, the problem veins are ligated and removed while the patient is under local anesthesia. This option is used only at stage 3 of varicocele. The disadvantages include the ability to ligate the testicular artery, which can cause impaired spermatogenesis. It is also impossible not to note the high risk of relapse;
  • endovascular blockage. In this case, the affected vein is blocked with a balloon, tissue glue, or a spiral. This option is used if the renal vein is not narrowed and there is no plexus hypertension. The probe with the drug is inserted through the femoral vein. The risk of recurrence is 10-15%;
  • microsurgical method. This variant of the operation is the most progressive. With its help, you can remove all affected veins and carry out vascular plastics. The advantage of microsurgery is that after that, blood circulation is completely restored, and the risk of recurrence is minimized.

Alternative treatment of varicocele

Since ancient times, people have been using various recipes that can be used in parallel with traditional treatment, but this only needs to be agreed with a doctor.

Most often, various tinctures are chosen, which are taken orally, and also used for compresses.

  1. From an apple. Take two apples to be put in water and boiled. After that, close the container for 3 hours. Drink the finished tincture in the morning and evening.
  2. From herbs. To prepare the tincture, you should mix in equal proportions chamomile, willow and raspberry leaves, and horse chestnut. Pour the collection of boiling water and insist throughout the day. You need to drink 2 times a day.
  3. From milk. Traditional medicine is prepared from 200 ml of milk and 50 ml of juice obtained from St. John's wort. Mix and drink in the morning. The course of treatment is a month.
  4. Horse chestnut. Take 10 g of horse chestnut leaves and roots. Add alcohol to it, keeping in mind that there should be 20 ml per 1 g of grass. Stir and leave in a dark place in a sealed container for 12 days. Consume the ready-made tincture before breakfast, lunch and dinner, 15 drops for a month.
  5. From white acacia. Take 4 tbsp. spoon of flowers and grind them, and then, mix with 1 teaspoon of salt. Pour everything onto cheesecloth and apply a compress for an hour for 5 days. After a month, repeat the course again.

It is also worth figuring out whether varicocele can go away on its own without treatment. So, the answer is categorically no. If everything is left to chance, then the situation may worsen and then infertility cannot be avoided.

Varicocele: consequences if left untreated and prevention

Many men consider the disease to be frivolous and this is a mistake, since there are a number of dangerous health consequences. As the veins are dilated, blood accumulates in the testicular area, which negatively affects the process of semen production.

Another dangerous consequence is an increase in body temperature in the groin area. Stagnation of blood does not allow the genitals to be saturated with oxygen, and this sometimes leads to oxygen starvation and the death of nearby tissues. All the above-mentioned consequences lead to the fact that the doctor makes a disappointing diagnosis for a man - infertility.

Varicocele can be prevented with prophylaxis. First of all, it is recommended to lead an active lifestyle and it is best to give preference to athletics or simple walking. Since cycling and lifting weights affects the groin area negatively, it is better to avoid such loads.

An excellent prevention of varicocele is regular sex, as it resists congestion in the pelvic area, and also promotes the renewal of semen.

We have presented to your attention basic information about what constitutes a disease in men such as varicocele. You will be able to find out how to determine it, treat it, and such a health problem can also have such consequences.

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