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Varicocele after surgery: stages of the recovery period
Varicocele after surgery: stages of the recovery period

Varicocele is a serious male disease that leads to infertility without professional treatment. It is a varicose veins around the testicle and spermatic cord.

The main symptoms of the disease are heaviness in the scrotum, dull pain, swelling of the veins, and discomfort. At a later stage, varicocele reveals testicular atrophy, sagging of the skin of the scrotum. This leads to poor sperm quality and discomfort in personal relationships.

Doctors call heredity, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disorders, lack of vitamins and much more as the reasons for varicocele. However, these are only provoking factors, doctors have not exactly figured out the mechanism of this disease in men.

Varicocele treatment

Treatment of this problem is a complex therapy at the first stage of development. The problem is treated with medication using various procedures, but surgery is considered the most effective method.

There are several options for performing surgery, including surgery using microsurgery. In any case, a recovery period for the treatment of varicocele after surgery is necessary.

Postoperative symptoms of varicocele

  1. After surgery, the scrotum becomes bruised. The hematoma will resolve over time, do not worry about this. Cyanosis of the seam is more often observed if the incision was made in the scrotum.
  2. Puffiness and swelling is another postoperative symptom that scares many patients. This resolves over time, usually in three to five weeks. Pay attention to the wrinkles in the skin. If they are visible, it means that the tumor is kept within the permissible range.
  3. Pain is another normal part of the healing and recovery process and can be troubling for a month and a half.
  4. Discharge of pink fluid at the incision site. Do not be afraid, it turns out to be a ichor.

What can and cannot be done after surgery for varicocele: rehabilitation

What not to do after the procedure:

  1. Lift weights. The maximum load that a patient can lift should not exceed 4.5 kilograms. The female half of humanity will have to endure, but what cannot be done for the sake of a loved one. This ban is lifted in a month.
  2. Physical exercise. Of course, during this period no physical activity should be performed. Men who went to the gym or played sports before surgery will have to endure. You cannot ride a bicycle, do athletics, or skate.
  3. A hot bath is a taboo for the first five days after surgery. Sauna and bath are prohibited.
  4. The bandage that was applied after the operation cannot be removed. This will be done by the doctor during the examination. Also, it is not recommended to wet it.
  5. The main question is when is it allowed to resume intercourse or masturbate. The ban on sex is lifted five days after surgery.
  6. Without the appointment of the attending physician, ointment containing antibiotics is not used.

Of course, in many respects everything depends on the method of the surgical intervention. For example, microsurgery practically does not affect the usual way of life, while treatment with the classical Ivanissevich method requires long and painful rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation: recovery from surgery or healing period

Surgical intervention brings changes to the daily routine. The patient will be on sick leave for the first few days. If the work is connected with physical activity, then the sick leave is extended for the required period by the decision of the attending physician, so you should not worry about this.

What is required of the patient:

  1. Maximum rest for the first two days. Try to lie down more.
  2. On the second day, it is recommended to walk at a slow pace. This pastime allows you to quickly restore blood circulation in the pelvic region and legs.
  3. During the first days, the patient may have to wear a special support bandage, which is placed on the scrotum.
  4. Medicines are prescribed at the discretion of the doctor, depending on the method of surgery. With the Ivanissevich method, the veins are seriously tested, therefore, a course of antibiotics and pain relievers is prescribed. With other methods of surgical intervention, you can "get off" by taking anti-inflammatory drugs.
  5. To relieve pain immediately after the procedure, a cold compress of ice is applied to the incision site for 15 minutes. This not only relieves pain, but also prevents swelling from developing.
  6. Special exercises will help to quickly restore blood circulation in the scrotum. To do this, you need to stand on your toes and transfer your body weight to the entire surface of the foot. These exercises are done two to three times a day. They are very simple and can be used as a warm-up in between sedentary work.

As you can see, you don't need to do anything special. Please note that after the operation, you must come to the doctor for a secondary examination, take additional tests, and undergo an ultrasound examination of the vein.

Diet after surgery for varicocele

During the recovery period, it is important to observe proper nutrition.

The basis of such a menu is:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • a fish;
  • lean meats;
  • low fat dairy products;
  • eggs.

It is forbidden to eat fried, salty, spicy, fatty foods.

It is not recommended to eat marinades and smoking. A special taboo is imposed on alcohol.

Operation for varicocele: consequences

Any surgical intervention is already harmful to the body, but sometimes you cannot do without it. The patient should be aware of all the consequences of such a procedure.

Pain relief in the case of varicocele is local or spinal. General anesthesia is rarely used. However, before the procedure, you should make sure that the patient is not hypersensitive to anesthesia or allergic reaction.

There is a risk of inflammation. The inflammation is caused by an infection that can get during the operation.

What other risks can this method of treating varicocele cause:

  1. Poor sperm quality. Sometimes their insufficient activity or a small amount in the semen is observed.
  2. Testicular atrophy. The size of the testicle decreases, it seems to shrink.
  3. Hydrocele or dropsy. This is the most common complication after varicocele surgery. As a rule, the hydrocele is removed with medication or with the help of procedures, however, hydrocelectomy is required in 10% of cases.

Pros of the operation

Despite the small, but for many, a frightening list of consequences after such treatment, it is worth noting that surgical intervention today gives the most effective result. This is evidenced by the facts. After the procedure, 70% of men have a positive sperm test result.

Six months later, half of the men who had previously suffered from varicocele and underwent surgery became fathers. Perhaps this is the best indicator of the success of this treatment method.

The operation for varicocele requires a minimum of time and effort. However, you need to carefully choose the method of carrying out the procedure. Recovery, the risk of relapse and complications depends on this.

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