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The reasons for the enlargement of the scrotum, treatment methods
The reasons for the enlargement of the scrotum, treatment methods

Inside the scrotum there are testicles with appendages, parts of the spermatic cord, so when it grows in size, we can talk about inflammation, damage in these organs, about the accumulation of fluid inside it.

For different ages, the appearance of such an ailment is characteristic, caused either by sexually transmitted infections, or by intestinal pathogenic bacteria in adult men, or by complications of rubella, mumps in children. The inflammatory process can occur first in one testicle or spermatic cord, and then spread to the entire scrotum, affecting other external organs. The acute stage of inflammation is accompanied by swelling, pain, and fever. The chronic form of the disease can be determined visually by compaction, redness of the scrotal tissues, pain on palpation.

The developing disease can lead to the loss of one testicle or both, infertility.

Scrotal enlargement: causes

Various reasons can lead to an increase in the size of the scrotum:

  • An imbalance between the production of fluid and its absorption by tissue cells contributes to the appearance of dropsy, the occurrence of which is possible in children and adults. The scrotum increases in size, but there is no pain;
  • An increase is possible with injuries between the testicular membranes as a result of the accumulation of blood;
  • The ingress of a part of the small intestine or omentum into the scrotum causes a hernia, which develops as a result of the weakness of the anterior wall of the abdominal cavity, the inguinal ring. In a child, a hernia is possible due to violations in the closure of the process of the vagina;
  • Twisting of the structures of the spermatic cord leads to a disruption in the blood supply to the testicle, which leads to necrotic changes in it;
  • Dilation of veins, varicocele in the groin area is the cause of an increase in the size of one testicle or two;
  • Inflammatory processes in the testicles, their appendages are usually associated with the ingress of a bacterial, viral infection into this area or develop as a consequence of mumps;
  • For adolescents and mature men, an increase in the size of the genitals can be a symptom of the development of a malignant tumor;
  • A benign, painless mass that is filled with fluid in the area above the testicle is known as a seminal cyst or spermatocele.

The risk group of the pathological process includes patients with congenital anomalies of the testicles, penis, kidneys.

The use of therapeutic methods for an enlarged scrotum

The correct choice of method in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the genital organs of a man is very important due to the severe consequences of pathological changes. Many people opt for surgery when the epididymis is inflamed, leading to abscesses. In milder forms of the disease, combined conservative treatment is effective.

Effectiveness from medical procedures

Laser irradiation has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, resorbing effect. Thanks to the therapy, a bactericidal effect on microorganisms is exerted, defense systems are activated, and damaged tissue cells are restored. The energy of the laser wave goes to the focus of the disease, causing positive effects. The procedure is carried out daily for an average of ten minutes, the course of treatment is a week.

An enlargement of the scrotum due to the formation of tumors inside it can be treated with chemotherapy methods, when the neoplasm is exposed to poisons, toxins. The procedure consists of dripping drugs or taking pills.

To accelerate the recovery of body functions, treatment with an ultra-high-frequency electric field is used, when the energy absorbed by the cells turns into heat, irritating the nerve endings in the lesion focus, changing the biological and physicochemical processes in it. Plates, located at a short distance from the human body, act on the inflamed area and, after several procedures, bring the painful area back to normal.

In severe cases of the disease, if absolutely necessary, orchiectomy or castration is performed, when one or both testicles are removed.

Usually it is performed with severe injuries to the groin area or torsion of the spermatic cord, which leads to the death of the organ. Removing the affected part does not make a man disabled, the reproductive system works normally, especially in cases where one healthy testicle takes over all the necessary functions.

Pharmacological agents in genital therapy

Drug treatment is selected in accordance with the reasons that led to the enlargement of the scrotum:

  • Oxacillin is prescribed in case of damage to the body by infections caused by staphylococci. A single dose for adolescents, adults weighing more than forty kilograms is up to one gram every six hours. Do not recommend the use of the drug simultaneously with other types of antibiotics;
  • Erysipelas of the groin area can be treated with Biseptol, which is taken after meals, two tablets twice a day, but not more than 960 milligrams with five days of therapy. At an increased dose, it is necessary to monitor the state of the peripheral circulatory system;
  • Pain in the scrotum is removed with Markain, which blocks the passage of nerve impulses through the fibers. Anesthesia with the drug is carried out only by a doctor who determines the dose individually for each patient;
  • Inflammatory processes are effectively removed with Indomethacin in the form of tablets, ointments. The drug soothes pain, reduces swelling, erythema. The ointment is applied to the affected area with a thin layer for ten days;
  • To completely eliminate the pain syndrome, Novocaine blockade of the spermatic cord is used. Such therapy is carried out in cases of ineffectiveness of drug treatment, physiotherapy.

Traditional medicine against inflammation

Prescriptions of folk remedies are mainly aimed at treating dropsy of the testicle in the initial stage:

  • Compresses made from gruel of crushed freshly picked chamomile flowers, applied to a sore spot, effectively treat edema, hematomas;
  • Mix half a glass of peas with a half-liter bottle of light beer, after an hour darken the mixture over low heat for thirty minutes. Moisten a napkin in a cooled solution, apply it to the inflamed testicle for twenty minutes;
  • Make a hole in a large radish by placing a spoonful of honey there. A day later, the juice begins to be consumed half an hour before a meal, a tablespoon. After two weeks of admission, excess fluid will begin to be excreted from the body, and the dropsy will pass;
  • Onion juice, obtained from two large onions, cut into pieces and sprinkled with sugar, are taken in the morning before breakfast, two tablespoons;
  • A compress from a turnip (1 pack of raw materials), poured with white wine (one liter) and heated over low heat to a boil, is able to remove excess fluid from the scrotum, remove testicular edema, remove organ enlargement.

Folk remedies will not help if the scrotum is enlarged as a result of a viral, microbial infection, cancer.

Prevention rules to prevent genital inflammation in men

Any disease is easier to prevent. By avoiding injuries to the groin area, being careful when doing exercises in training, hard physical work, you can keep your intimate sphere in a normal state.

A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition has a special role in strengthening the body's defenses so as not to expose it to attacks from viruses and bacteria.

If you catch a cold, then you need to start treatment right away, do not wait until complications begin.

The ideal breeding ground for harmful microorganisms is diaper rash, abrasions in the groin. Compliance with the rules of hygiene is necessary for both boys and mature men. There are special requirements for underwear: it should not tighten the scrotum, fit close to the body, absorb moisture well, which is typical for cotton fabrics.

Severe hypothermia or, conversely, overheating for the genitals of a man is harmful, leads to various inflammations.

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