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Why there is a delay in ejaculation, how to get rid of the problem
Why there is a delay in ejaculation, how to get rid of the problem

The emergence of problems in the process of ejaculation is always unpleasant for a man, he reacts to it painfully. With a delay in ejaculation, when a man after a long sexual intercourse cannot finish it with dignity, additional mental and neurotic problems may appear.

If this happens once or twice, then it's not scary, but with a constant violation of ejaculation, it is necessary to take therapeutic measures.

Delayed ejaculation: a description of the problem

A small number of men suffer from a delay or complete absence of semen ejection with a full erection.

With this dysfunction, the partner has the desire, the ability to free himself from the semen, but he either cannot do this, or ejaculates only after a long time with additional stimulation of the penis. This pathology must be distinguished from the delayed ejaculation regulated by the male consciousness. It is difficult to diagnose the ailment of delayed ejaculation, therefore, it is necessary to undergo urological, sexological, neurological, andrological examinations.

Pathology can manifest itself at the very beginning of a man's sexual life, and it may appear over time.

There are several types of the disease. In one case, ejaculation may be completely absent despite the attempted stimulation of the penis, in the other, ejaculation occurs after a long time, after the sexual intercourse with the help of additional arousal measures - petting, masturbation.

What are the symptoms of delayed ejaculation

It is quite difficult to determine the signs of a developing pathology characterized by difficult ejaculation. After all, this delay in ejaculation can be planned by a man in advance in order to give his partner multiple pleasures.

But in a permanent relationship, when it is impossible to complete intercourse and it is necessary to stimulate the penis additionally in order for ejaculation to occur, the ailment can develop into mental problems for both men and women. And then the relationship with a loved one can collapse, and intimate relationships stop due to pathology.

With the autosexual orientation of a man, delayed ejaculation excites him, he gets more pleasure from masturbating than from sexual contact with a woman.

Why does long ejaculation occur?

There are several factors by which a man suffers from a pathological delay in the ejection of seminal fluid:

  • All problems associated with the defeat of the male genital organs lead to a delay in ejaculation of an organic nature;
  • Pathologies of the nervous system, stroke, neuropathy in diabetes also lead to difficult ejection of semen;
  • Decreased production of thyroid hormones, functional disorders in the work of the gonads, in the synthesis of hormones can also cause long ejaculation;
  • After performing surgical operations in the pelvic region, abdominal cavity, as a result of which damage to some organs has occurred, the patient often discovers a slowdown in the ejection of semen:
  • In the case of constant stress, depression, when a man does not feel any feelings for his sexual partner, or, on the contrary, his sadomasochistic tendencies provoke such problems, there is a delay in ejaculation;
  • Slowing down of ejaculation can occur due to alcohol, drug abuse, the use of diuretics, antihypertensive drugs.

Delayed ejaculation: ways to treat the problem

Treatment of such an ailment as difficult ejaculation is directly related to its causes.

Pharmacological agents for the normalization of sexual function

Depending on the cause of the disease, drugs are also selected in the treatment of sexual deviations:

  • Cyproheptadine is used to block histamine H-1 receptors, weaken the spasmogenic effect of serotonin on smooth muscles. The drug is prescribed two milligrams after meals three times a day. Necessarily the first reception should be at night in connection with the pronounced sedative effect of the drug;
  • Amantadine, which is administered orally in the first half of the day, has a strong antiparkinsonian effect. The daily dose is one tablet every 12 hours with a course of therapy for five days. The drug has a positive effect on neuralgia, fights against influenza viruses;
  • Yohimbine is assigned the role of restoring potency, increasing sexual desire. The tablets are taken two at a time with meals, washed down with plenty of liquid. The drug should not be used in conjunction with antidepressants;
  • To eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and fear, Buspirone is prescribed. The dose of the medicine is selected individually by the attending physician, but at the initial stage it should not be higher than 15 milligrams, after three days it can be increased if necessary;
  • Bupropion lowers the seizure activity of the brain, is effective in the treatment of depression of varying severity. The tablets are taken whole, without chewing, no more than 450 milligrams per day. The remedy has a persistent effect with prolonged therapy for six months or more.

Traditional medicine recipes in the treatment of ejaculation abnormalities

Traditional methods include the use of such herbal preparations that help relieve nervousness, mental anxiety, and relaxation.

  1. Tincture from a mixture of herbs relieves depression, strengthens the general condition of the body. It is prepared by taking a tablespoon of wormwood, valerian root, angelica, chandra herb, pouring all this with two liters of heated white wine. The mixture is brought to a boil, insisted for seven hours. The filtered drink is consumed twenty milliliters a day.
  2. To relieve spasms of smooth muscles, 15-20 drops of alcoholic tincture of calendula, which is prepared in a ratio of 1:10, helps three times throughout the day.
  3. Stressful conditions can be removed with an infusion of meadow clover inflorescences, which is prepared as follows: three teaspoons of raw materials are poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for an hour. Take a solution of a quarter of a glass every six hours.
  4. Nervous excitement is reduced with the help of baths, in which they add an infusion of herbs of peppermint, oregano (100 grams each), hawthorn flowers, white mistletoe leaves (50 grams each), filled with five liters of boiling water. After two hours of preparation, the solution is added to the bath, which is taken for twenty minutes. The procedure is carried out daily or every other day.
  5. Eleutherococcus extract, thirty drops half an hour before meals, will help restore the nervous system.

Physiotherapy for sexual dysfunction

  1. Hardware puncture with needles is performed using safe devices that act on biologically active points. The result of the therapy will be the accumulation of energy in a relaxed state of the body. This is a good way to normalize the ejaculation process. The same effect is achieved with a laser beam, electric current.
  2. Neurological problems will be removed by electrosleep, in which weak current discharges affect the patient's brain, increasing the inhibition processes in it. The centers of the brain are resting while the recovery processes are activated in them.
  3. Good results can be achieved with the help of transcranial electrical stimulation, which has an antidepressant effect, stimulating the body's own opiate system, which consists of nerve receptors.
  4. Electrophoresis is as follows: the first electrode is placed in the form of a collar in the clavicle region and above the shoulders, the second - on the lumbar region. Galvanization is carried out with direct current, first two minutes, then increasing the duration of the session.

Preventive measures for male genital dysfunction

To prevent the appearance of problems with ejaculation, you need to think about how to make your lifestyle healthy, which will include not only physical education, sports, proper nutrition, but also observance of hygiene of the genitals, limiting disorder in the intimate sphere.

The support of the partner plays an important role in solving the problems of sexual recovery. If you need to visit a sex therapist or neurologist, then this is done in pairs.

Rest after physical or mental work is required, since without sufficient relaxation, the body can malfunction.

Stress, depression are not for a strong man, you must carefully bypass them.

If violations in the eruption of semen occur sporadically, then you should not panic, strain, or dwell on failure.

Every year, preventive examinations by specialists will help to diagnose and start treatment on time.

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